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  1. Not sure how one of those work, but the drop kits work easy. Watch the decimal points though..... there's a lot of difference between 3% and 0.3%.. The decimal point is a killer.....
  2. Sorry to read about Putters Fuzzy! Yes, sometimes they can be aggressive, but its not just Oranda's either that can do this. I had a onery Blue Oranda and I ended up seperating him from the others for awhile before I could put him back in tank permently. But the onery ol guy would eat anything in front of his nose short of the driftwood too! And I wouldn't have been surprised had he tried to eat it also! The salt and a bit of mela fix should be ok. My chubby fish alway's got into under or knocked scales and got himslef into things he should not have and thats what I used for him and he alway's seem'd to heal up just fine until the next hair brained stunt.... <read fishy version of mega clutze looking for a place to happen>
  3. And I havn't had a problem one with mine with a ph of 7.6! Go figure! You might try useing peat instead to soften up water for them, but I wouldn't put them in with Betta's either! If you really want some, why not go for a same size tank just for them?
  4. Iris, Varigated Sweetflag, Lizards tail, corkscrew rush are some I have that fair well! Bog plants so to speak. I do have lily's in my pond and my koi leave them alone! It is normal for Koi to scrounge in the gravel though so mine are covered with flat large rock pieces also like a puzzle around the tubers so they can't dig in the pots. I've also had anacharis in the pond without them messing with it. I have picky koi though, and havn't found much they bother as even the duckweed is still floating around and the small water lettuce I put out last week. Plants should be potted though, I get some of those pepsi flats and use a piece of liner in them and just pea gravel! Pea gravel is easier to clean up and easier to get into when its time to divide and repot plants.
  5. I keep netting on my pond raised with shepards hooks for now, but they are long enough to drape to the ground where I have them staked and rocked down. But when we rebuild, it will have a pergola over the top, and be 2 feet above ground with mostly striaght up and down sides, and I'm considering making removable screen's for the pergola. Some folks use fishing line criss crossed as this fouls the heron from wading in. Their legs work the opposite of ours so anything they have to step over they get hung up on. Raccoons are pretty smart though and can move a hefty size rock even, so staking close togetherlike 6 inch's with heavy duty long stakes they can't pull out or up and a heavy net, not the light "bird mesh" stuff. That light black stuff rips to easily! My Dh made me stakes of rebar he bent the tops over (no easy feat) and they are drove in ground with a sledge hammer! I also have a sensor light so night maruaders have a good scare as soon as the light comes on, they have me and 3 dogs chasing there furry hinney's Night shifters do have some fun and I'm sure the one and only raccoon who ever tripped the light is still wondering what the heck that awful racket was chasing him! I had a shovel whacking the ground behind him as I chased him....
  6. It may or may not go away on its own. A UV light installed in line would be good to stop it though..
  7. Pea, green beans, Zuchini and yellow squash. Blueberry's (I have the real buses so thats as fresh as they get) Oranges, Pineapple, Kiwi Fruit. They just have to develope a taste for it. Some never will! I have a friend who has one Koi that swims away across the pond and turns it back on her when she feeds shrimp to the others, he detests shrimp that badly! As for lettucs, it should be leaf lettuce like romain and spinach is good also.
  8. I have cherry Shrimp, they seem to be pretty hearty. They have a bn pleco and two albino cory's for company and I just counted some 50+ baby's in the tank! I'm sure there is probably more then what I could actually see to count..... So far so good though! They seem fairly hearty though, nitrates should not be high though. But the ph range and temps are fairly versatile.... :thumbup:
  9. Yes, its a thing the chinese have done for years.. but we keep in mind that the first three years of growth are the most important ones, these are the fastest growth spurt years, then it slows down. A lot of folks have more trouble with trying to use AQ tanks though, if its possible, Koi are even more messy then goldies! The risk of stunting them back though through the rapid growth period is not something one really wants. A stock tank is pretty neat though, and pond filters can be switched over for use. A basement or a garage is feasible for overwinter. I just picked up a second stock tank, 300 gl's for a round one and it was only 169.00 for that. My other one is 750 gl's and I've used it to overwinter with.
  10. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, things have been crazy here! With Koi its kinda like goldies, trial and error with the different fruits and vegies. Each has a individual personality as well so some can be finicky or picky eaters while others will eat anything you toss out. However, its just getting them to take a taste of some things. Offer them more then once, give em a chance to get a taste or two. Both stores are online, Dr.s Foster & Smith, and PSKoi, You have to email Russ & Kari for current prices and orders. Nice folks there. F&S can send a catalog out also. I usually get both for AQ's and Ponds. Well, as for the fruits, I couldn't get them to touch the fresh fruits at first, but started giving them the fruit treats and started slipping in real blueberry's as I have blueberry bushes in the yard, so then I slipped in real oranges pieces on them. Pineapple, watermelon, Kiwi fruits are some other folks have gotten theirs to eat. Zuchinni and Yellow squash, green beans and peas are favorites.Spinach, leaf lettuces (not iceburg).. Cauliflower and broccoli are loved as well. You can also get some plain knox gelatin and make a vegie gel food. Shrimp, sardines, tuna any of the fish is good for them also. I make my own gel food for the goldies so the koi get gel food treats once in awhile. They go nuts for that. I don't call myself a expert though, I believe we learn more and new things everyday, so a student would be a apt description, LOL!
  11. My 10 Koi get 6 handfulls in the am, and fruits, vegies or other things in the evening.
  12. So sorry to read this Andrea! A lesson for all and shows even the best of us have problems and accident's and loose a few sadly! Big hugs my friend!
  13. Hi Fuzzy, I have mine in with a BN pleco and two albino Cory's. They are versatile in PH range and water temps. I would not put them in with large mouthed type's of fish though. The adults are big enough to go in with Tetra's (neons or like sizes) but the tank should planted or have lots of fake plants and baby's would of course be a issue as fish could eat them. Best to keep a few off to one side in a tank of their own I was told, at least two females and some males. They are fun and yesterday I counted some 27 babie's.
  14. I think I recognize that species! Felinas Boxitus Relaxus! I have a rare white one, a Black and white one and one tabby.
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