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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I will keep you posted! Anita
  2. Thanks sooo much, daryl!! I'm about to level and add water so I am very thankful of your quick reply! Thanks Anita
  3. I am doing a major re-organizing of my tanks, right now!! I have a problem that I need an answer to quickly as I have fish in buckets as I type! My new to me bow front tank (20 gallons) is going to over hang the front of the stand by about 1 inch. Now this is only in the middle front of the tank,not the whole length! Will this be OK? As I said, fish are in buckets! Please help! Anita
  4. Touchofsky, I have tried many things to rid my tap water of ammonia! I've pre-filtered in a seperate container using a cycled filter, I've used ammonia chips, I've yelled and screamed (which didn't work at all but made me feel better ) then I found Prime at my LFS! I have live plants in all my tanks, I use Prime and many small water changes per week instead of one large one. On the bright side, I can fishless cycle a tank just by doing water changes! Nitrite from my tap is between 0.5 and 1ppm! Needless to say, we drink bottled water at our house! Anita
  5. I don't know about "Jungles fungus clear" but I will call my LFS. I also have a nooppee near by, would they have it? What is the active ingrediant that we are looking for because I still have "Fungus Cure" that I wrote about earlier. ""Fungus Cure" from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. It says for treatment of fungus and bacterial diseases such as cotton mouth disease, bacterial body slime and fin rot. Each capsule contains 1.5 mg Victoria Green B and 15 mg Neutroflavine. The dose is One capsule for 5 gallons." Thanks again for your help! If I can get a good shot of the swordtails (and if I can figure out how to post it ) I will post it. Anita
  6. It just might be your tap water as touchofsky said. The tap water at my house reads ammonia at 2ppm!! Good luck! Anita
  7. Thanks toothless! There fins are not getting any worse, and they are much better than before they came to live with me. Two of the males have "tufty looking strings flowing in and out of their mouths." Two of the females are having swimming issues. One has trouble getting off of the bottom and the other wobbles when swimming and that isn't very often. Water changes water changes water changes! You should see my biceps! Any more ideas? Anita
  8. Well, I have just started round two of maracyn on these poor swordtails. This is also day 6 for the medicated food. I do not see any improvement in these fish at all! Two of the females and two of the males are still all day until I feed them. They all still eat, but what do I do now? I think this round of maracyn I will do a 50% water change before the addition of the meds. The newly formed bio-bugs crashed with the meds so I hope the water changes will help. I will work on pristine water condition with the meds and hope for the best! I guess I just wanted to vent! If you have any ideas for me, I'm all ears! Thanks Anita
  9. Oh how funny is that!! I got some very nice pictures of Percy! I'll see if I can post them tonite! Anita
  10. It isn't a common pleco but that is all I know about it! The water temp is 75*F without a heater. The bio-cycle is messed up already because of meds so I am not going to worry about messing it up more. I am worried about stress on the fish. He is a 6-8 inch common goldfish and is in a 10 gallon tank!! He is not happy and is showing me by splashing water out of the tank! I just got a 20 gallon bow front (so a bit more than 20 gallons) that I would like to put all of these fish in. The goldfish, a 6 inch dojo/weather loach and a 3 inch not-common pleco. I have an AquaClear mini, an AquaClear 150 and an Aqua-tech 200 HOB canister filter that I can dedicate to this tank. Planning on some gravel for substrate for live plants (and hope the goldie won't eat them ) and the loach. Basically, I have way way way to many tanks going. I need to simplify so I can take good care of these fish until I can find them a new home. (1100 sq ft house, me, DH, 3DS, 1 dog, 2 cats, 5 tanks!! Not enough room! ) I thank-you all for your advice and please keep it coming! (Any one want some fish? ) Anita
  11. I want to move a goldfish, who has been at 0.3%, salt into a tank with 0.0% salt (with a dojo and pleco.) Can I do this or should I slowly reduse the salt like I added it? Thanks for the help! Anita
  12. I love pleco's too! I wish I could keep them but I really need to cut down on the number of aquariums I have. I would love a 100 gallon tank just for pleco's! It is great to watch them soar through the tank. I am excited for you! He is a great fish! Great personality! He likes to play in the bubble wall and he is out all day! Thanks for looking for all this info! It's great! I am still if-ie about the mail but we will work something out! My brother use to work for Canada post and he told me fragile means "don't through more than 10 feet!" Eeeek! Anita
  13. I am very nervous about sending Percy through the mail but I know he will have a great home when he gets there so I think we will do it. I still need to talk to my mother about it because she brought him over here 9 months ago but there shouldn't be a problem. If you would please price out the shipping that would be great. Now, how do we do this? How do I pack him? Also, I am going to be shuting down my tropical tank in a few months (we are going to be moving) so I will have another common pleco who is in need of a home. He is 6 inches long as well and his name is Marshie. One for your cichlid tank and one for your oscar tank. Let me know! Anita
  14. Maybe it is the meds themselves not totally desolved yet and floating about! Anita
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone! I myself have been leaning towards the 33 gallon because of the plants and the ground area. I would do the tub thing but I just do not have the room or a spare filter. This mornig I happen to have aquired a 20 gallon bow front tank (with hood and lights but no filter) for $25! Now I don't know what to do. I think I need to wait for these fish to get healthy before I can do much of anything. (I have set-up a corner filter in my goldie tank using gravel from this tank and floss. I am hoping to get it "seeded" with good bio-bugs then I have my filter.) Meg_Carroll, I'm in Alberta. How's 'bout you? I would love it if you could have him. He is a common so he's going to get BIG. He is only about 1 year old and 6 inches long. His name is Percy and he loves cucumber! Anita
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