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  1. I only have two goldfish in the tank right now. Spice and Bows. The other two are in the pond. To green to see right now. lol Also one of the dojo's. The other two look just like it.
  2. I do a 90% once a month or so. Never had a problem. I just have to remember in the summer time I can run straight cold but during the winter I have to fiddle with the water temp. lol Come to think of it I don't do 90% as often in the winter but I should cause that is when the pond fish are inside.
  3. Today I moved my two oranda's to my little pond. Hope they like the green water.
  4. Me too I am down to three now. One goldfish, one tropical and one saltwater and some days I feel like that is too many. But don't wont to give any up. I dont really count the pond only up in the summer and I may not do anything with it this year but catch some minnows to keep the bugs out of it.
  5. Sounds like to much fun. NOT. lol Hope your goldfish love it.
  6. No more snow for us. I even have flowers blooming.
  7. Thank you for looking and taking the time to post.
  8. Hey all. No humming birds here yet. Maybe in March but not holding my breath. We are having a long cold winter. WOOT. But I have tons of all kinds of birds at my bird feeder.
  9. I over doses the 29 gallon with algae killer. So took out the rock and moved any corals that look alive to the 16 gallon 3 weeks ago. Some stuff is starting to recover.
  10. Walstad planted tank. Needs more plants. Only been up a couple week. Can't order plants till spring. So mostly bulbs and a few from the goldfish tank. And best of all I have an angelfish again.
  11. Thanks. Its the other side of the planted tank one I was using. Its growing on me.
  12. I am so thrilled to see it in the living room.
  13. I moved all the plants to the middle. One of the light fixtures stopped working. Still need to get a new one. I lost Sugar (one of the new fantails) last week. Tank got to cold even running heat in the house. Now have a heater in it. Have not used one in years. We have some more really cold weather coming but the heater should do the trick. I have 6 goldfish in the tank right now cause the pond fish are in the house. Their pond is still a huge block of ice. It melts some then refreezes hope that plastic does not crack. If so then the pond fish well just have to live in the house tank. Not a problem. Might do that anyways.
  14. I have a toy a lot like that one. You have to teach them how it works. I put dry dog food in mine and rolled it around myself. Soon as they figured it out I just stepped back and watch them go. Only problem is my dogs fight over it. So most the time I have it put away.
  15. Let Justine know everything was perfect and thank you.
  16. Ok I did it. (I hate to wait for anything.) My partner was Koko. Got wonderful stuff for my critters and a plate I think she did the art work on herself. Lovely. Put the bird treats to work weaning my baby budgie. Going to break up the dog treat so everyone gets some Christmas day. Thank you so much Koko!
  17. We will be opening gifts Christmas. Will post that evening.
  18. Me too but mine says not to open till Christmas. I hate to wait on anything.
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