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  1. Hey guys, Sorry I haven't replied back for days, we're having issues with our internet a lot lately. BUT I have good news! The red from my Panda's eye has gone away, along with the swealing of my calico!! I'm not 100% sure what they hit, but I took the rocks out just to be safe. Thanks sooo much for your input and help. I was just freaking out that day. Thanks again!
  2. Yea, They both eat. Haven't checked the poop. I will as soon as possible. I'm sure It's just one eye. One is large while the other is normal.
  3. Oh!, and thank you so much for fast replys. It means alot.
  4. The calico is sitting on the bottom, he's been there quite a while.
  5. No, but It's a possibility. I tested it all before I posted. I thought maybe it was something with water, but it checked out ok, .
  6. Nope just one eye. i have plants and this: http://www.vvvv.com/global/product_det...D=1101686517266
  7. Amonia - 0 Nitrate- 5 Nitrite- 0 Ph- 6.8 Ph tap- 6.5 Tank - 20 gal, running for about a year and half Filtration- 40 Whisper Weekly 30 percent water change I use Kordon water conditioner, Occasionally Kent's Freshwater Essential and Aquarium salt The panda telecope, i'd say 3 inches, calico telescope around 4 inces, which i added in august. I feed them Hiakri mini pellets, peas, veggies, some fruit. Well the telescope i bought in august, one of his eyes is swelling, and now my panda's eye has a red spot of sorts in his eye. I'm nervous this is something awful. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. HA...nevermind must have been a glitch.. everything is back to normal..
  9. what happened to the chatter box etc? did something happen?
  10. hm... check the types of goldfish section on the site! http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/ftypes.html hope this helps!
  11. whew, excellent i was worried i bought the wrong kind! thanks!!
  12. aww! thats so sweet! i bet he is really happy !
  13. hmm there were just a TAD bit more expensive at the petstore... i'm wondering what is the difference, and can the gold ones be added with gf?
  14. hey that was pretty cool... but you know... i have an even number of fish... i think that means it's ment to be that i go buy that pearlscale i've been watching for 2 weeks now!! lol
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