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  1. Hi Angelle, I hated that waiting game and going to aqautic shops and just window shopping. It shall be worth it at the end. Cycle sounds as if its coming along nicely look forward to seeing the finished product with your fishes in their new home. I had no idea you could use ordinary cooking salt. I wouls still think that if using salt for a tonic rather than treating ich the sea salt would be better. Could be wrong there though. Controling the algae blooms seems to get better the maore mature the tank gets. I get the odd one now and just clean off with a toothbrush. Keeping nitrates low with regular water changes helps and I resolved my nitrate issues alot by switching to pellets rather than flakes tio control decay. Remove dying or dead leaves off plants asap also helps. according to some research I have read plants can help with nitrates. In particar Anacharis and Hornwort ( the bunched plants have a great capacity to absorb nitrates. I have a 20g tank planted with Java Fern Vallis Anacharis Ambulia and Amazon swords. There are a few others I don't know exactely what they are. The Java is great I started off with one and it had so many babies growing off I removed these and attached onto bogwood there are abouit 15 in all. I still need to plant up more. I had some Ludwigia but they soon devoured taht and there have been others that were either eaten of overtaken with dark algae the turned them black. although I was able to wipe this off in the end the plants were just not coping with the rigourous wiping. Where abouts are you?
  2. Hi Angelle, Sometimes the biggest issue with the cyling is the waiting. I have minimal nitrates out of my tap but sometimes have issues with them rising quite quickly. It took two months for my tank to cycle without fish and I tried loads of different things , regular water changes , full changes and just leaving it. I wiould be patent and do very regular checks monitoring the results. Once you are sure there is no ammonia and nitrites you should be safe to add with a low reading of nitrates. I am quite heavily planted in a 20g with two fancies. For me it has been trial and error as to which plants they eat. The pretty much seem to be leaving them alone at the moment. I'll try and remember what the plants are called and let you know. As Sands says Java's are pretty hardy and they have always left those alone. They have also never touched the broad leaved ones. As you tank goes further into the cycle you should naturally start to see algae blooms. Mine started with brown and then bright green. Although I need to keep this under control as it will make my broad leaves black. Also with the salt you say cooking salt , what kind do you have and are intending to use in the tank. I had to buy some to treat ich (sea Salt DR Wellmans)and like to use it as a tonic.
  3. Hi Kat, This is what I use, my plants seem pretty healthy with new growth ect. I find it easy to use and econonical compared to other products. I have tried a few other more expensive brands and couldn't really tell any different. I believe they have the same sort of igredients. ie iron. Where did you get your anubia's, I want to grow some on a piece of bogwood but apparently the IFS near me are having trouble getting hold of them. To buy on line is a bit too expensive. I went through the same thing as you when I first ventured into the fish keeping hobby. I had a 10g and bought 4 goldies being told I could have 6. Two couldn't cope and died within a couple of months but the other two have thrived and moved into a 20g last august. They are getting huge now.
  4. Poor little guy didn't make it. He passed away as peacefully as he possibly could have. The stress maut have been to much for him but at least he died loved and he a decent tank.
  5. Thanks guys, I intend to hang on in there. Using Melafix not to support fin repair. Only putting the airstone on for short intervals as he does spin aroung when he gets near. Still no poo. He does pop his dorsal fin upright now and again. Keep everything crossed for him.
  6. Thank yyou, I'm going to get him a small low pwred air stone today. I am also concerned about his fins, may have been nipped at. Unsure if its fin rot . Here's a pic to seee what you think
  7. siansy


    Hi Alistair, I would also go along the lines of soaking the pellets. Now and again if I'm in a rush to go out I will just pop mine staight in and have not had a problem but I think its better to be safe by soaking.
  8. siansy


    If you do fancy having a go along the pure Spirulina lines and making your own food with it, although the pot from the Health food shops may look expensive its highly concentrated and you only need a tiny bit to make heaps of gel food. Mine is in powder form.
  9. Thanks Devs, Already he seems like he has a bit more life. Moving his fins about a bit and sort of rolling to the side a bit. If I can get him through tonight I think I will have a better chance. I am concerned though about the oyxgen as he can't get his mouth to the surface so I think I'll put the airstone in. Any idea's of when I may start to see a change in his position to know I'm doing things right?
  10. Right, he is in the 10g with the filter and I've salted the water to 0.1%. He is so upsidedown his belly is out of the water. Shall I take the air stone and bubbles out of my other tank until I can get another one tommorow to give him oxygen as his mouth cannot reach air in the position he is in. Also they had still been putting unsoaked flakes in the tub he was in so is a fast best and then try some pea's? Also I have a spare heater, should I add this?
  11. Hi, In urgent need of advice, I have just rescued fancy Goldie. I work only one day a week in an eldely care home and in the activity area was a small fancy that to be honest looked dead. I wiggled the water and he tried to swim. He is contantly upside down and was in a small plastic food container, poss a couple of litres. According to one of the carers he had been there 4 days (how he has survived so far I do not know) I asked for a straw and kept blowing in air at regular intervals. He had been bought about 3 weeks ago and went in a hex tank with another fancy and some minnows. When he started going upside down the other fish was bullying him. I have bought him home and put in in a large container with my Fluval 1 filter which runs contantly in my other tank. I have just added some water conditioner so far. I need to set up the 10g hospital tank ASAP. As far as I know he was being overfed and there was no poo in the container which had not been changed since he went in there. He is staying still floating upside down at the top of the container. I want to give him the best chance of survival as he has beeen through such a stressful and tramatic few days. Please help Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, when I feed oranges or this type of citrus fruit I take the segment and spilt it then pull ott the juicy bit from the inside. I just pop these into the tank.Mine love it and will eat this off my fingers.
  13. siansy


    I use pure Spirulina and add to homemade gel food.
  14. siansy


    So if cooking, I imagine Steaming is the best way to hold all the minerals and vits. It its boiled then you would lose most of the goodness.
  15. siansy


    So have you tried the cabbage? Interested to know how it went
  16. Now that looks like good stuff, I've not seen that before in th UK , I'll have a little browse round for it.
  17. Oh you have just reminded me I haven't given the boys their orange treat for a while. Its one of their favs. When I feed this (a bit messy) but I pull out the tiny orange bits and poop those in. withing mins there's nothing left.
  18. OOOh yuk I only did that once before I got a syphon and used a bit of hose. Never again.
  19. Congrates on the new fishy family, 120g lucky you. Look forward to the pics.
  20. I would like to do more water changes each week in smaller quantities but its always seems go get to a week and I have to do the bigger change.
  21. Love the painting. The Blavk moors look stunning. I love the way you have created depth to the picture with the different sizes of the Moors. Not easy to do with just using black media. I also love it how it is. Very talented.
  22. ooo some of you have sooo many fish, just the two for me Pablo ( Black Moor) and Dylan (fantail)
  23. Thats great, what a great experience for the kids, are they studying them?
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