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  1. thanks so much, I have a black moore in a ten gallon, people are telling me I should buy him a friend, I keep telling them no, and that they need room to grow and that they are very messy fish, then they tell me that I am paranoid. how do you deal with such comments? I put the ruler up to my tank and saw where 8" took me lol. anyhow, thanks for all the replys, I know I am doing the right thing, but people are telling me that he shouldn't be alone and that moores are schooling fish. Can Moores live alone?? I got Morris at vvvv, he has tiny holes in his dorsel and other fins, that is his only flaw, I figure that he would clear up when he grows up, hes very active and when I siphon his stones he comes up to the tubing, I was afraid I hurt him thanks again..
  2. Does anyone know how large Black Moores get? Do they run about the same size as orandas and lionheads? thanks in advance
  3. This has been a great forum and I hope that someone can pinpoint what Morris our black moore may have. I have a 10 gallon, with 1 black moore and a bristlenose. My water params are Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 Tank has been up for over 2 years Morris is about an inch long. I woke up this morning to feed morris and noticed what looks like a silver type mark on the side of his body. He's acting normal, actively swimming about and eating, always searching for food, he doesn't have it anywhere else, he was laying beside the bristlenose "whiskers" I have never seen whiskers go after him or anything, he hides all day unless he sniffs out an algae wafer that I drop in and Morris hasn't sniffed it out yet. Any ideas? Can they lose there scales? as tho they are shedding? this is only one piece, like it could be his scale, the rest of his body is clear. thanks in advance
  4. can't thank you enough for your help thanks
  5. tank is cycled when you begin to show nitrates your nitrates are 0 sometimes it could take 2-3 months to cycle with my system I changed enough water to bring down the ammonia level, also if your fish looks like a pine cone, thats dropsy, with the scales all popping out someone will be along soon to help hang in there
  6. ok my levels are 0 ammonia and nitrite my nitrates are 5 once again, I didn't know it did that, I honestly thought I messed things up and that it would mini cycle, am going to upgrade in the future to a 30, would it be ok to put in a 3% salt solution upon adding the new fish, lately any new fish I get come down with ich. thanks
  7. It will be a week this Thursday, so then, change out water again on Thursday? then when can I start taking out some of the salt? how many changes does it take to remove the salt? sorry for so many questions. thanks so much touchofsky no, I don't have any live plants in there, just morris
  8. my nitrites and ammonia are 0 I will keep the salt in then for another couple of weeks, then do a water change? I am so glad he is doing fine now, I couldn't get any sleep worrying about him wonders then if it was the jungle ick free meds. I am going to test the water again today, the other day my readings were fine meaning 0 ammonia and nitrites other than having 0 nitrates, I thought you always should have low Nitrates.
  9. Morris is doing great! He has no more signs of any parasite, he is swimming happily and meets me in the corner of the aquarium when he sees me coming The jungle buddy product was a tablet that you put in the water, after two days of Morris lying around, I thought he was dying, so I did a big water change, the 6 gallons, then added salt. After the salt treatment Morris perked right up! so maybe only a couple of days, I should have just used the salt from the beginning. I would have to say that the treatment was maybe for 3 days, I still have the salt in the tank and was going to leave it in there for about another week. Currently Morris is doing very well. I just hope I didn't mess up my filter. thanks again
  10. I have a black moore in a 10 gallon, an established tank that has been set up for 2 years. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate used to be 5 but I did a large water change, 5 gallons (milk jug kind) and added salt 1tsp per gallon. My nitrates are now 0 I did the water change so that I could add the salt, my water params were excellent. I don't understand whats happened. A few days earlier I DID use "Tank Buddies Ick Clear" my Moore would not move, I was afraid I killed him! he just hid for 2 days, thats why I did the large water change and replaced the carbon, I think maybe it could have been too much for him. I have the book "Fancy Goldfish" and did what he said to do in there, about the salt, but I only did one dose of the salt not 3. After the first dose of salt, "Morris" was his ole self swimming around and looking so much better Any ideas what happened? my nitrates are still 0. I hope I didn't ruin the bio filter, the book said something about that. Please help. am now concerned about the tank maybe is going to recycle again. I feel so dumb and want to just kick myself for messing things up thanks for your time and help
  11. is it ok to use warm water to dissolve the salt??
  12. yes yes! that is the book! I love it! I refer to it all the time thanks for the pic
  13. I am going to be upgrading to a 30 gallon for goldies, now let me get this right, ten gallons per fish, so can I have 3 goldies and a pleco and snail in a thirty??? or is this an overload? also, any suggestions on the type of filter? I currently have an aqcua clear and haven't had any trouble, I have one black moore in my ten gallon with a bristlenose, I would continue to leave the ten gallon up for one fish. Unfortunately I can only accommodate a 30 gal but it should be a lot more fun to see them grow to their potential. Any ideas or suggestions??? Also, is there any easier way to cycle a tank??? I lost so many fish last time trying to cycle the ten gallon plus not realizing that the ammo lock was giving me false ammonia readings am open to any ideas or suggestions, I don't want to kill any fish this time thanks in advance
  14. has the book fancy goldfish and love it but not sure if its richard hess's, must check it out am going to call barnes and nobles to find out am always looking for updated info on fish
  15. my fish love the tetra exotic, I also feed bioblend goldfish sinking pellets, I change back and forth between them to give them variety
  16. how long can a snail survive in a bowl?? I like to quarantine new critters before putting them in a tank and thought I would try having a snail Any suggestions?? I saw an apple snail, I think, looks like the pic above this forum, they look pretty cool he has like a golden color shell, and his body is like a peach color. whats the difference between a mystery snail and an apple snail?? thanks
  17. sorry for so many questions, then if you will still test for ammonia from your test, then how will you know for sure that you don't have ammonia, am just trying to understand sorry for so many questions, then if you will still test for ammonia from your test, then how will you know for sure that you don't have ammonia, am just trying to understand
  18. I had a shrimp that dragged a goldie accross the stones I removed him immediately, bristlenose pleocs are sweet to have in the tank
  19. does prime get rid of ammonia? is this right? unlock ammolock, I had terrible results with that. ammolock was giving me false readings on my ammonia tests. does prime cover up the test results?? thanx
  20. to regularly salt as a preventive medicine thing, didn't know it was not good to have in the system for a long period of time, can you explain why?? thanks
  21. are bristlenoses sensitive to salt? also, is it ok to use salt in the tank as a regular routine after water changes. thanks in advance
  22. is cucumber ok for bristlenose plecos? does it need to be cooked as well? has the same problem here with goldies
  23. The moore is an inch and a half and yes the bristlenose lived through it all Yes its correct my ammonia and nitrite is 0 nitrate is 5 I feed him once a day with Bioblend goldfish sinking pellets. Water changes are done every week, I keep nitrates between 5 and 10 My goodness 9" in a year??? thats hard to swallow, have any pics?? thanks devs
  24. thanks so much Daryl, it helps me to know that there are fish lovers out there. I will definetly keep an eye on this one. At the present hes very active and comical I just wish I knew what went astru when I wasn't here. I also wonder if maybe they were overfed, but don't know and probably will never find out. I get teary eyed talking about tangerine and rory, some people don't understand that you do become very attached to your fish. thanks for your post
  25. My water params have always been great! We had them as I said 2 1/2 years, we went on vacation last year and had no problems, I did a large water change before our trip this year too. We left on a Thursday and the water change was done on a Wednesday. Checked my water params before we left, they were great! We returned the following Thursday, I think it has to do with the fish that had swim bladder problems. Spike was being more belly up a couple of weeks before we went on vacation, I probably should have removed him then but the thing was, was that he always ate his breakfast. He lived for 2 1/2 years. These guys are also small, an inch and a half, I was waiting for them to get a little larger to upgrade. A 10 gallon for 1 fish rule is when they are grown I thought. I think when the swim bladder one died he wasn't removed and was allowed to decay, evidently the person I had watching them didn't pay enough attention to them. Nor probably knew much about fish. My water params are still doing well. My water does not go undetected I make full use of the test kits. My question tho, and still is, being I had no fish in there and now I added one, am I going to see an ammonia spike, as in a mini cycle??? Don't want anything to happen to this one. Thanks for your replys
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