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  1. Is it possible? would it harm the goldfish, will it stagnate? I have been seeking to "re-do" the landscape of my tank with plants and all but I was curios to see if this was possible. ~Thanks~
  2. I have had a Clown plec for 2 months now and I have been feeding him 1 Hikari algae wafer each night (occaisionaly the goldfish may get one) How can I tell if he is underfed? he shows no signs of sickness and always keeping his dorsal fin high and proud, and is very skiddish. he also doesn't mind the Goldfish and he does not show any signs of aggression to them. All Answers Welcomed
  3. Yeah for that! I think Pope Benedict XVI should have intervened, wouldn't that have been interesting?
  4. *note* there are some instences where clown plecs have been bred on algae foods that will induce algae eating (mine does anyway) mine is not very active during the early part of the day, but its fascinating to watch these guys go around in the late afternoon and scavenge for rotting plant matter and eat algae but during the day they are pretty inactive. Mine likes bogwood to rest on and its also an essential part of their diet
  5. Ha.....fish slippers who would have thouht of that
  6. Wow, that blue pompon is impressive. What site did you find it on?
  7. Ora pro eo~ errrika1979 I would hate to lose a panda
  8. Pandas are adorable! my butterfly has thankfully developed no orange, but she is now gaining more white, which leaves her "telescopes" and fins black; although Ive heard it takes a goldie a very long time to lose color in its eyes. don't you like how the tail fans out like a butterfly? I think its awesome :duck
  9. I just bought a clown plec and he does not appear to be eating or touching the bogwood. Is this natural? (right now I am seeing him devour the algae) I just purchased him last sunday, since monday I have put a steady stream of (2) algae wafers a day. I've noticed the goldies occaisionally find one in the dark, (he is about 1 1/2' [ 5 cm] ). although otherwise he seems fine. he rminds me of a pickle so i named him after one
  10. Ack! fishnapper! guard that panda!-Anyways pandas are wonderful I can't imagine not having one to look forward to when coming home. great panda! keep us informed
  11. Indeed the mereor was a failure...Canada Goldfish Society was trying to make it happen but they dropped that and now they are working on the canakin
  12. ? this one looks compatable, its an ancistrinae(d) it should be compatable, here- http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/loric...istri/223_f.php
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