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  1. OK- the PH level is reading 7.4 both out of the tap and the tank. I don't have a KH test. My husband did a big water change last week when he got the medicine. He also got a new filter pad thing and new rocks and everything- I was kind of upset with him for doing that much to the tank and worried the cycle would crash but it didn't. The light bulb on the tank had been out for about a week before he went to the store and loaded up on all that stuff. The reason he did that much was that he thought she needed better, cleaner everything to get well and figured that was the best way. more info on how the fish is acting? I don't know how much more info I have. She mostly lies on the bottom. When she does swim around it looks weird because of her clamped tail- it is more on one side than the other and seems to make her curl that way a bit. She is still eating. I believe the other fish (Rick) is a pleco, from looking at pictures on the web. I wasn't the one to buy him and I am not a fish expert, but I am pretty sure that's what he is. I don't notice any change with him- he has always moved little and stayed hidden- I think that is because he is nocturnal. I hope this helps. I'd appreciate any advice on what to do for Red Sally. I will stop the medicine immediately- should I do a water change to dilute what's in there now? Thanks!
  2. Hi- I know septicemia is from bad water basically. I know that it's symptoms are clamped fins and red streaks. I do not know how it is treated though. Can someone explain to me? By the way, here are the stats on my fish- I only know some of the questions. I am not a fish fanatic but I do not want our pet to die. I've already heard that I should have a bigger tank, no need to repeat that at this time. Please tell me what I can do for the clamped fins and red streaks- thanks in advance. Ammonia- zero nitrite- zero nitrate- 10 or so ph- unknown, but unchanged in past year, had not done a water change in quite a while either. tank size- 10 gallons filter- unknown water changes- not very often to be honest. But water stats seem good. Maybe every 6-8 weeks we do a 25%-40% change?? fish= 2 inch red capped oranda (Red Sally), and 4 inch sucker fish (Rick) Water additives- Amquel+ or sometimes Start Right (Jungle), Aquarium Salt (water changes only) Medications- PimaFix for the past week I believe. Have not removed filter carbon because was told I didn't have to No new fish- have had the algae eater for several months without problem food- flakes, dried worms, algae wafers findings- Red Sally has a clamped tail and red streaks in her tail. Pimafix has not had any affect. behavior- Though she sometimes will swim around the tank, most of the time she lays at the bottom. She seems to be eating, she tends to try and eat the algae wafers we put in for Rick.
  3. Thank you!! I guess I just expected higher nitrate readings now that nitrites were gone. So if it's only at 20 do I need to do a water change or anything? I think that is a safe level in there. This is all new territory to me now, lol! Thanks again!
  4. OK. I need some help reading my nitrAte test. This is my first time using the Aquarium Pharm. NitrAte test kit and what I need to know is how do I compare the color to the chart- do I look at the tube straight on, or do I open the cap and look down into it (like the nitrIte test from Red Sea)? If I look at it straight, it only reads maybe 20 at the most, but from above looking down into it, it's much darker looking- maybe 80. So obviously I need to know which is correct. Oh, and the directions just say to compare color to chart but don't say how (how many inches from a white background, etc., nada.) my ammonia read zero and my nitrItes read zero too (first time for that and they were still pretty high 2 days ago). Thanks!!
  5. Is the nitrogen cycle still involved in setting up a marine tank? How long does it take compared with Goldfish? Are there other things you have to put in the water besides conditioner and salt? I'm interested on behalf of my husband in this as well.
  6. So, it had less effect on ammonia than stated... what about the claims on detoxifying nitrites/trates? Any tests on that? That is what I would most be interested in because the only thing I know of to help nitrite spikes (esp. during cycling) is salting the water. I'd really love it if this product actually detoxified it instead.
  7. Hi. I don't have a tropical tank and in fact I am still working on my first goldfish setup, but my husband has it in his head to look into tropicals. So I am here to find out what is involved with a tropical tank- setup, cycling and maintainance, etc. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks! ~Mochashello
  8. Just curious, are you referring to nitrItes or nitrAtes? I think you've referred to them interchangeably and they are two different things. I think you mean nitrItes because that is the harmful chemical of the two. Not sure if anyone else picked up on that or not so thought I'd raise the question. ~Mochashello
  9. Ack- well, I already bought a stick-on one before reading your post that I should get a floating one. Oh well, maybe next time. I'm getting nitrites pretty high again already... I was hoping I wouldnt' have to do water changes as much with the bigger tank (and only one fish now). Oh well.
  10. I use amquel+ in my water so if my kit goes from yellow to green/blue it should be a true result right? That's very good if that's the case- it will be the first time I try a liquid test and I'm kind of excited/nervous to do it.
  11. I don't *think* it fluctuates much but I forgot to get a thermometer for the new tank. I'm going to be out that way today and will probably pick one up.
  12. hmm.. how can you find out if you have a salicylate-based test or not? I have the Red Sea Fresh Lab kit for pH, Ammonia,and nitrIte and I read through the paper in it (directions) but didn't see any reference to the chemicals in their regeants. ??? ~Mochashello
  13. airation is good- no heater on the tank. Is that a problem? I didn't know I should get one.
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