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  1. Hello everyone!!! It feels like I have been gone forever. I've been busy with my new job and running around after my two year old I thought I would drop by and post a link to a video of my Tandanus Catfish - Mr Tinky in his tank that I got him for xmas. I took this video in Feb this year. It's hard for me to decorate his tank cause he wrecks everything I put in there so it's pretty plain looking. I'm thinking of getting a background for the tank to make it look a bit more interesting.
  2. I have lots of driftwood for them. I will try the cucumber idea. That's a great tip. I will post an update on how it goes
  3. Thanks for the reply Liz. Yes, I think feeding at night is the only option. Hopefully they are getting their fair share of food
  4. I keep 2 x Bristlenoses in my GF tank, but I think they are getting limited food as the GF eat their algae discs. I bought large discs so they cant fit into their mouths but as soon as they go soft, I am sure they gobble them up. I have a lid on my tank so placing a divider in the tank every night for feeding time isn't an option. Just wondering if anyone here expereinces the same thing and has come up with some solutions to ensure their BN are getting enough food.
  5. Your tank looks great. I like 'Wood 2' the best
  6. What type of sand is that in the last shot? I noticed that the sand doesn't bother your snails. I've heard from some people that snails don't like a particular grade/type of sand. Just curious to know which one you use as it's snail friendly
  7. Those are very nice pics. Your clown fish is gorgeous
  8. Those are great pics. I'm surprised that you were able to take pics of UDC. I never even saw mine. I would forget he was even in the tank until I did my water changes.
  9. What foods do you feed him? I only feed my bristlenoses algae pellets, but with large plecos, do they need more meaty type of foods?
  10. Plecos are so stunning. Yours is a beauty...Congrats!
  11. Your floating plants look great! Do you have any problems with them flying around due to the filter current?
  12. Our Australian Native fish have to compete with wild godfish, hence the decline in our native fish populations in some areas of Australia
  13. Some filters come with an adjustment to regulate the flow. If it doesn't you can try placing an ornament or plant infront of the filter outake
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