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  1. you really did a nice job. Congrats on the new tank
  2. I really like it. Koko does such a great job.
  3. THat was wonderful. I had to send that to all my family and friends that think I'm nuts with my 140g goldfish tank!!!
  4. Thanks for the laugh, RanchuGirl! How old was your daughter at the time?
  5. They are very cool. My son talked me into one for his birthday last May. I was very hesitant because I knew they could get up to 2ft if it grew to full size. But the fish store owner ( yea...I know!! ) said they grow slowly. His daughter has had one for 6yrs and it still hasn't reached the 20in mark.
  6. lcwinne

    Green Poo?

    The color of their poo may very well be from the plants they have been eating. I'm not an expert but depending on what I feed mine...pea's = green poo, ProGold = a brownish color, etc. It's usually what they are eating that determines what color their poo is. But it doesn't hurt to keep an eye on them to see if they start acting funny.
  7. Thanks Koko, Maybe I can get more time off work to go. I'd really love to see one of these shows.
  8. I would love to go and meet everyone. It would depend on when the actual dates are. We already have a vacation planned in June. We should be out that way. I wonder if the dates will correspond?
  9. Here is a picture. I had a hard time getting it to lay against the glass to get a good shot
  10. My son has a banjo catfish and has for about 2-3 months. It's in the tank with his black ghost knife fish. There is also 3 dwarf gorami's, 2 cory cats, 3 kuhli loaches one rubber pleco and 2 small botia(sp?) It's in a 55g corner bow tank w/ 2 emporer 280 filters that have been an that tank for over a year. The tank is also planted. I clean the gravel once a week, changing at least 30% of the water. Will give parameters later since I just did a 30% water change. While I was cleaning the tank I noticed it's belly looking pretty bloated. I read where a female will have a rounder belly, but this is more rounded than I think it should be. It looks quite distended. The fish in that tank are fed frozen prime reef with either frozen bloodworms or frozen brine shrimp. Another question that comes to mind is ...... can it be a female with eggs or do I need a male for the female to be able to produce the eggs? ( I really don't think it's an egg thing though)
  11. :alc Congrates again. More babies!!!! :monkey
  12. I have two. One polka dot and one emerald.
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