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  1. Do you think this will definately help my fish?
  2. PP, needed. plastic bins, check. aerator with a t fitting for dual aeration, check. thermometer, check. ammonia and ph test, check. digital gram scale, need. why is htis necessary? cleansing tools, check. area to scrub and clean, check. 2 weeks available...check. I'm doing independent study (school at home) and i just landed a job at a fish store. So what is PP. What does it do, where can i get it? also, my fish just spawned so they can't be too sick, right?
  3. Okay. Salt dips and PP.... How does this sound? I strip the 60 gallon down and the 40 gallon down too. (it's almost cycled but unfortunately i used a filter from the infected tank.) I put the fish into the 40 gallon with all new water, cleaned out everything including filter. Up the temperature to around 80. Salt the tank to .7 or so gradually. Salt dips for each of them and PP baths for 20 minutes every other day. Yes? now where do i get PP?
  4. Okay you're right. They are oligochaete. No fish have been added for....about 8 months. They've been in there by themselves. The only way i could see that something got in the tank would be plants that were added temporarily a few months back, but those are now gone. My ryukin was really really bad for awhile and would do nothing but sit on the floor and yawned constantly and had really bad streaks on his fins so I quarantined him in a 10 gallon. Salted it to around .7% over the course of like 2 weeks. I also medicated it with Parasite Clear. He seemed to get better, eventhough he still yawned and darted and the streaks were there, but at least now he was active again. The Moor and Oranda spawned while the ryukin was in quarantine and i figured the tank conditions couldnt be too bad if they spawned. So i put him back in there. but they are all still darting and yawning. What do you mean areas of whitish haze? and there is nothing coming in and out of their mouths. and nothing externally attached to them. Also, i'm moving them to the 40 gallon that is just almost finished cycling and using the 60 they are in for other fish. Should I move them now and start the 60 fresh again?
  5. I have found out that the worms are nematodes and are harmless to fish, but they still have the tattered fins, the yawning, the darting, the blood streaks on fins, resting on the ground, and my oranda often floats to the top. What do i do? Should i switch the tanks?
  6. Also. the fish yawn and dart around sometimes. and the worms are not attached to their bodies.
  7. My fish have been acting very lethargic for awhile. The water was always perfect 0 nitrite/ammonia and 10 nitrate. They often sit on the floor. Their poop is white and there is frayed fins and red streaks on them. Now today i have found small white worms!!! These worms are very small. the longest would be under a centimeter. There are a lot in the tank, but not enough to make it obvious that they are there. i put one in a small cup and looked at it closely. it has tentacle type things coming out of its body in pairs, all the way down. it wriggles around and moves but it doensn't swim in the water. it fell to the bottom in the cup. I have another tank (40 gallon) that i can put the 3 goldies in and start medication and stuff...what medication? what is this? help. should i empty this tank and disinfect it? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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