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  1. well heres my fishies pebble (red cap oranda) and rocky the common when i got pebble the tank was labled mixed fantails but im sure its a red cap oranda he has a small red patch of colour just on the bottom on his tail and is rocky a common ? they constantly follow each other ...so sweet ive had them a few weeks now
  2. i was wondering if a orange spotted pleco could live with goldfish ? ive seen some realy nice ones x
  3. i hand feed mine to let the flakes soak but they come and eat out my fingers anyway lol
  4. my lovely oranda(nemo) died a few days ago of dropsy he was my fav fish how upsetting
  5. sorry to hear bout ur fish
  6. i dont realy know wot it is but my betta also did the same thing ?? maybe some1 else will know
  7. cool im gonna try that soon sounds awsome
  8. wow thats a real nice fish and it has such bright colours
  9. sorry bout ur fishie i hope u feel better soon
  10. um i dont realy know but maybe when he eats he sucks in air with the food then comes out
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