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  1. Erm. ... I think you can almost see it's mouth in the 2nd pic ... It's hard to see I know but you cant even see it's face by naked eye, I can only see a blob head and black little body, so I think that's the best look at it we're gonna get!
  2. Well I still have no idea what he is if he isn't a platy, but he is starting to venture out into the tank now and his head seems a bit less orange! 20292: Is he VERY different from your platy babies?
  3. at Sharon!!! Hmmm, well you would know nothing would go easy with our venture over to the dark side!!! Also, to make it even harder, we've had/ still got to a degree, computer problems, so not even able to post as we were cycling/ getting the fish etc ...so it's all been a stumble in the dark really. had to rely on LFS!!! Anyhow, we also have a couple of catfish (corydora, Sandy advised, and we love those little guys so much!! They are the cutest!) ... the guppies died, but he dont look like a catfish either. Nope, no live plants ... so I cant see where he's come from .... like you say though, be interesting to see how he turns out! Shark maybe?
  4. awww Sharon, I was hoping you would have platy's and could recognise this baby! He's such a cutie! Kristy, we are talking tiny here. I had the camera on macro and I was on the glass taking this pic. The baby has to be mm's in size ... he's not even as big as one CM yet! Yes, his head is rounded, and that's the bit that makes me unsure, but his tail is like the platy's tails and we have a platy with an orange head and darker body. Infact it's in this next pic I want to post .... the platy on the bottem is the one we think might be pregnant ... what do you think? (s'cusy the glass reflections!)
  5. Kristy, it's funny you say that because we had come to the conclusion it must be a platy baby, and the reason is the shape of it's tail .... this is the picture that convinced us, but you have to really look as you can see the camera reflection in this shot too!! I'm pretty much convinced this other platy is pregnant too ... it's the same shape as the others but it has a rounder fatter tummy and it keeps going over to the filter in the same place ~ it just acts funny ~ but not like it's ill. Anyhow here's the pic .... look at it's tail .... isnt it like a platy? I will try and get a picture of the 'pregnant' platy later too!
  6. Sorry, cant add to my other post ..... but anyhow, I think we've worked out what our baby is!!! Only problem is, I really dont know what to do to keep him alive ... he's so tiny, I'ld never catch him ... I dont want to move the filter incase I disturb whatever else is going on under there!!! (read my posts above to know what I mean!) I also think we have a pregnant platy!!! I am soooo not prepared for this ... I have no experience of tropical fish at all!!! SANDEEEEEEEEEEE ....... HEEEElllppp!!!!!
  7. Awww, thanks for trying Della! Be interesting to know what he is though ...he's got such a cute little face!
  8. Tink, I think he's so cute ...but he just doesn't look like any of the fish!!! I'm hoping Sandy or sharon or someone will recognise him Della, I dont know if I'm looking at the wrong page? That link takes me to an adult cichild and it's fry? I dont think he's a cichild
  9. kristy, I've never had fry before and dont know what to do! Also, it's kinda a bit more complicated. I originally saw two zebra danio's under the filter and so we blocked it off, but one of the danio's still kept trying to get under there .... next thing was that we had two neon's going behind the filter, and they got trapped ... so we moved the filter to get them out, but then they went behind again!! Well this time they got stuck on the side! I got one out and the other went into the filter!! I got it out and put it in a bowl, in the tank still ... it was just upside down but fluttering ... well I had to try and save it. poor thing. The one that I got out first was obviously injured but then I saw two babies come from under the filter... and I thought maybe I had killed any others unknowingly by moving it to save the neons Well next thing is that the damaged Neon (not the one i put in the tub) has disappeared again (under the filter I assume) but I daren't move it to see if the neon is alive incase I squash or kill the babies (maybe the neon is having babies under there??) .... oh, but the other neon, in the tub has now been able to rejoin his friends, we saved him, but he doesn't go near the filter. So what do i do ????? I would love to keep/save the babies.
  10. lol, thanks Della, but he's def tropical!! He just doesn't look like anything I can recognise! I'm hoping Sandy, Sharon or one of the other 'tropicals' might have seen fry like this at sometime and can tell me what he is.
  11. I started a new thread because I'm hoping these two pics might help to identify the babies. I've only seen one today though, so not sure if there are any others now. Anyhow, this is as clear as I can get and remember this baby is millimetres big only .... can you recognise what it is??? Thanks!
  12. yeah, I did think about that, but they are really tiny, so I dont think it would be too easy to see them, plus not easy to pick out against the black filter. I was just hoping if someone else has had fry from either Neon's or Danios that they might recognise my descriptions. I will see if I can get any pics of them though ... and if I do, I'll post them.
  13. Thanks Kristy! Yep, i didn't think they could be guppies as they dont like our PH, but our actual water qualty is good at the moment, and I've seen Zebra Danio's under the filter and also we had problems with some Neons getting under it too ...and that's where the babies are lurking ..... so I'm not sure who has had the babies!
  14. Well Tom and I went with the tropical tank in the end ... it hasn't been up and running (with the fish) too long, and we have had 3 casulties (Guppies, we weren't told they aren't happy in low PH water) BUT .... we have seen some tiny babies hiding round the filter!! What a shock! We had no idea!! They are so tiny it's hard to get a good look at them ... they are like tiny orangy coloured heads and black bodies?? or that's what they look like. I am suspicious of them being either Zebra danio fry or tetra neon .... Can anyone recognise the description and guess which they might be? Thanks!
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