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  1. Question about the Chinese Algae eaters..... So they might go after goldfish, but would they go after small, quick tropical fish like neon tetras or zebra danios?
  2. Well, yesterday I went to the pet store and got two bunches of java fern and an anubias plant! I tied one fern and the anubias to an ornament, and the other fern to a modified miniature fake palm tree (The 'trunk' of the tree is a small plastic rod and has a suction cup on the bottom to hold it down, and I took off the little green top). Hopefully these plants do better in 1.9 watts per gallon. One last question: Do the roots of these plants need to be covered/buried in substrate? Because right now I have the roots exposed, above gravel.
  3. Oh, okay... So java fern, java moss, and anubias would all do alright with my 19 watt bulb? That's good news! I was worried about finding a bulb that had enough wattage but would still fit in my fixture. I guess I'll just scratch the anacharis. What about fertilizers? From what I have read, java moss shouldn't need it, but what about the other two plants? I'd like to have a variety of plants. And if these plants do need fertilizer, what kind would you reccommend?
  4. Or, as I'm doing a little more research on these plants, a 30 watt bulb.
  5. Thank you for the link! It's very helpful. So it appears I need a higher wattage bulb... probably need to upgrade to at least a 40 watt. What about fertilizers? I'm probably going to choose from java fern, java moss, anacharis, or anubias.
  6. Aww, celestials are such funny little fish Good for you for giving advice and helping that family out! And good of them to take your advice. And yes, pictures, pictures!
  7. I had some anacharis in my tank, and I had them in small pots with the bottoms of the stems stuck down in between gravel/river rocks. They did well for a few days to a week, then turned brownish and went limp, and presumably died. Leaves and small sections of plant broke off after they turned brown. I took the brown ones out and threw them away. I thought that the cause could be that they were stuck down too far into the gravel, so I lifted the remaining plants up and set them on top of the gravel in the little pot. These aren't doing well now, either. I thought that some of them might be doing OK because they had grown many little "roots" and sent out new growth, but eventually the bottom-half of the leaves would turn brown and limp, and eventually spread upwards. I'm not using any fertilizer or plant food, and my light is a standard hood lamp (19 watts). It's a cycled 10 gallon tank with 3 guppies in it, and the tank is in the basement, so the plants don't get any sunlight or much other light except for the hood lamp. So now most of my anacharis is gone, but I still really like the look of live plants, and want to keep some in this tank. Any suggestions as to what I did wrong, what plants to buy to re-decorate, and how to properly care for them? Much appreciated!
  8. I recently got some anacharis, and needed a way to anchor it. I didn't have anything good to tie it to, and I don't have enough gravel at the bottom of my tank to bury the roots, so I decided I needed to pot them. Well, I didn't have any cute little glass vases or any appropriate-sized terra cotta pots laying around, so I made my own pots! I cut the bottom fourth or so off a clear disposable water bottle so I was left with a little cup for one "pot", and I cut off the bottom portion of a heavier plastic water bottle for the other "pot". Then I simply tied the plants together with some fishing line to make a nice bunch, set them in the cup, and filled with gravel! The disposable bottle is nice beacuse it's clear and all you see is the gravel, so it looks more natural. But the opaque water bottle does the job too, and could be cute if you used different colors. The whole tank (please excuse the algae, lol): The clear bottle: The clear bottle again: And the opaque bottle:
  9. Hey everybody! I finally took the plunge and got live plants for my guppy tank: 3 bunches of anacharis! I'm just so proud of 'em So anyways. I've had these plants for one week today, and I've noticed some odd string-like things growing out of the stems of the plants. Some of them are growing straight down, much like roots. Here are some pictures to help explain: Sorry about the sideways-ness. Are these roots? Or possibly new growth....? Should I do anything about these? Is it a good sign? This is my very first experience with live plants, so any information is welcome!
  10. I like the idea of a school of neon tetras with a bunch of live plants OR of shrimp with live plants. I think I would go for the neon tetras.
  11. Wow... HUGE fish! That's fantastic to be able to have a pond like that. It looks really nice, especially the brick wall/ledge thing.
  12. Seconded! That would help a lot. Even if it was a drawing/diagram and not a photograph.
  13. Cichlids probably wouldn't be very good for a 5 gallon. All the pages about cichlids on this site [Fish Lore] say 20+ gallons each or per pair. I also read other things about 55+ gallons, so I think a 5 gallon is way too small. Here's a thought: a live plant(s) and some shrimp in your tank. Ghost shrimp or cherry shrimp. I dunno, I've always thought that'd be cool to do if I had a small extra tank laying around. I'm not sure I would even recommend fancy guppies for this tank. I have 5 males in a 10-gallon, and they make enough poo to earn weekly waterchanges. I suppose 3 males would be alright, though, if you kept up on the maitenence. Good luck, and I hope you can find something to do with your tank!
  14. Like this? ---> I think the kind above would be OK. The burning type of incense, probably not such a good idea.
  15. Ew..... That's odd, I've never had a problem with my freeze-dried bloodworms, and they've been open for way more than a week.
  16. I guess if you really want to know what happened to your guppy, a picture might be good. I would post a link to it though, instead of imbedding the picture in the post, just in case somebody doesn't want to see it.
  17. And in any case, 30 liters (about 7 gallons) is too small for even one goldfish. I suggest very frequent waterchanges, about 3 or 4 times a week. How many fish will be in the 55 gallon? Because you shouldn't have more than 5 in a tank that size. (10+ gallons per double-tailed goldfish.)
  18. I would say get another smaller filter, and have two filters on your 29 gallon tank. I've been quite pleased with my Whisper filter. I think it's very quiet, and I've had no problems. One thought though: Why are you going to buy another filter if you already have a spare TopFin 20? Why not just put that on the 29 gallon tank? I think either way you go would be fine, honestly. One advantage of having two different filters is that you get a variety of filtration, and it moves the water more by having two currents instead of one.
  19. I think that's too many fish for a 5 gallon tank, especially since guppies make so much poo. It might be OK to move all the fry temporarily to the 5 gallon (5 gallons is too small for 7 adult guppies), or to move the molly, tetra, a couple guppies, and the algae eater to the 5 gal. After the guppies get to be adult size, 7 guppies is is kind of a lot even for a 10 gallon tank. Weekly waterchanges would be essential if you kept them in there. So, I guess I would just move the 5 gallon tank to the living room, and the trop tank to the bedroom. Because I wouldn't want to move the fish if they are all getting along well in the tank they are in. If you do decide to switch fish, there's not really a need for 100% change and cleaning. A large water change, yes, but not 100%. What I did when I moved tropicals to a new tank: I got the fish into a large vase (any large container would do), and then about every 5 minutes I would scoop out a small amount of water out of the vase, and replace it with a scoop of water from the new tank. I repeated this process for about 45 minutes. That helps the fish get acclimated to the new water, if there is a difference in chemistry. I hope this helps!
  20. Here's a professional website that might give you some ideas: Aquarium Design Group The tanks on there are pretty fancy, but may be kind of what you are aiming to create in your tank.
  21. I agree with above posts-- a goldfish tank would be a lot for just on a desk. Plus frequent waterchanges, the upkeep of the thing... A smaller tank (5 gallons?) or a biorb with a betta would be cool, and easier to take care of... or a tank with shrimp and lots of plants. Some tall live plants, add a few ghost shrimp or cherry shirmp, and call a tank! If I had a small tank, I think that's what I would do with it.
  22. I never have gone by those instuctions, I just put in the amount that I think is right, regardless of how long it takes my fish to eat it. The container also says to feed their food 2-3 times a day, and that is a no-no with goldfish. (And what I mean to say is that, for instance, you shouldn't feed flakes/pellets 2 times a day, but maybe flakes/pellets once, and fruit/veggie once.) So anyways... It sounds like your fish are getting enough food, so I think it's OK if they don't seem interested. I would put in a little less food if there are leftovers hanging around in the tank. If there are leftovers, scoop them out since it's just more waste accumulating at the bottom.
  23. I just read the whole thread, and what an awesome fish with such a lucky, lucky story! Kismet sure is a beauty, and incredibly unique!!! Hurrah for such cool fish, and Huzzah for their safe delivery to your house! Now, pictures, pictures!!
  24. Oops! Sorry, here's more information: 10 gallon tank, 5 male guppies, Penn-Plax Cascade Filter that does 100 gph. I don't think I would want to put another filter on there because that would make a lot of current, and they seem to not like strong currents (I had a 4-inch airstone in there, but they seemed bothered by the bubbles and moving water). I will test the water this weekend (when I would ordinarily do a waterchange), and see what the nitrates are at.
  25. I've noticed that my fancy guppies are poo-making machines! I do weekly waterchanges of 30%-60%, but may be going to changes every other week because of school starting again (and of course the homework and activities that come with it!). So, is it OK for me to feed my guppies every other day to help keep their "waste output" lower? They seem to constantly scavenge and nibble on algae around the tank.
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