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  1. RIP little Tiny. Man..... those eyes can really get to you huh?? I lost my celestial about a year ago, and that broke my heart. They are such characters, but seem so fragile when they arrive at the LFS, sometimes they are not fit enough to make it. I only had mine for 8 months, he never seemed to grow much.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. So so sorry about Nigel, he sounds such a character fish. I can really understand how upset you are feeling. I am the first to admit that I cry buckets over any that I lose, they all have little characters, some a little more than others, and they can really hurt you when they leave us. Hope you feel bette soon. RIP Nigel

  3. Just scrolling the obits, and read yours Laurie, made me cry, cos I can understand how sad you must be feeling. I am trying to come to terms with the loss of Mable 2 days ago, but losing all your fishes my heart truely goes out to you.

    Hope you feel better soon and can find the strength to have a new family sometime soon. I lost 5 all at once 3 years ago, and couldnt keep the tank the same, had to change the gravel colour because it depressed me to see everything how it was before their illness.

    All the best Laurie. *hugs*

  4. so sorry to hear about your fish. I am not in any way an expert, but my fish recently died from what I would describe as looking bend around her tail end. I still dont know what it was, but have read that electricution can cause this. Are all your heaters, filters etc safe? Mine seemed to be, and none of my other fish carried any of the symtoms. I doubt if this is the case with yours, but I just want to offer my sympathy and support. Also curse the pet stores who constantly think its acceptable to overstock a tank!

    I am sure someone here will give you further advise, if you are continuing to keep him serparate, you must change the water constantly, a bucket without filtration wont be doing him much good.

    Best of luck. Hope he pulls through.

  5. How are things going?

    Mable is still with us, but still in the same pityful state. She did swim around yesterday and look for food on the gravel. I checked the water again and again and it has zero nitrite and ammonia, nitrate is 20. I change her water 20% every 3 days. I have just laid some food by her this morning and she gobbled it up, but she still seems lethargic. I have seem poop on the gravel which is good, and it looked normal, but one cant tell unless its coming from her bottom!! She isnt clamped. I will keep you updated if she improves or gets worse. I absolutely ADORE this little fish, and its breaking my heart everyday I see her like this! Thanks again for your support!

  6. Well I suppose you should feel the current if you are sticking your hand in without unpluging the stuff. BTW that isn't a good thing to be doing.............be careful.

    I hope the fish gets better, keep us updated.

    Yes wil be careful. I am bad doing things when stuff is switched on. Some fish I hand feed and its a pain turning stuff off. I must do this......more of a pain to die I guess!!

  7. She seems realy curled up now. She is not clamped, but seems to be nose down and tail curled over her. I think she is a male btw, but I have always called her a she! I am helpless as to what to do. She just sits there. I fed her some pea today, but this is hard as I dont think she could feed on her own, I had to rest her in a net at the top of the water and hand feed her. I just KNOW she is going to die, I almost wish she would because it cant be a life for her at the moment, but I cant bring myself to assist her to die unless she clamps up. aaahhh I dont know what to do. Still trying to get a good photo!

  8. If you can try and find out if she is a female may be a good idea.

    By looking at the rectum you can see if it "sticks" out a bit, called an outie or if it is smooth and no "bump" where the rectum is, that is called an inie.

    Females have a little protrusion where their rectum is.

    If it is a female you could have some egg issues going on. NOt a good thing. THey often get egg bound or impacted. This usually requires medicated foods, warmer water and so forth.

    Could you take a look and see what you think the fish is?


    I cant see any protrusion, so she must be male!!! I have starved her for 3 days, and gave her some orange today which she ate happily. Trying to give her some C vits, then will feed her peas. Tail end still twisted to one side, have read electricution or C vitamin deficiency. Cant be electricution surely......... the others are ok and surely I would feel a current in the water?

  9. Just got 2 goldfish yesterday. they are in a tank that is 36 x 22 x 26.5cm and I was told that it would take 2 fish. I got the tank from pets at home and is called goldy's starter kit. Filter came with the tank and the instructions were rubbish, should pipe be pointing up or down. (just incase we have it wrong way round) tonight fish are on the bottom 1 has hardly moved and other one does move but is acting very strange and swimming then going back to bottom. they were fed fish flakes this morning. PLEASE help as these are my sons fish and will be devastated if anything happens to them??????? Tank been running since last sunday

    Happymum (who is not very happy but worried)

    Just on my experiences, NEVER take any advise on how many fish you can keep in a tank from PETS AT HOME!! They..I am sure would be happy to cram as many fish into one tank for the sake of a sale. That tank is tiny, and pets at home should have their wrists slapped for advsing you could have 2 fish. Keep up with water changes...very regularly, and perhaps get them a bigger sized tank, else you are left with a lot of work. Fish are hard work regardless if you plan to look after them well. PETS AT HOME should have advised you on other things you should buy which are vital to the fishes wellbeing. Water test kits are vital, especially for a newly set up tank.

    goodluck with them, and I hope they will feel better soon.

    If you can afford it, get another tank and ask to be refunded for the useless tank they provided you with in the first place! BEST OF LUCK to you, I mean that!

  10. will try to answer everyones questions in on go!!

    DOnt know if she is female or not!! Just kind of thought she looked like a girl!! probably male!!! she does bottom sit most of the time, nose down. on occasions she will have a wobbly swim around.

    she came out of a mature tank, although I had to move in the eraly summer and took them on a 4 hour trip which they survived without any problems at all. The tank didnt show any problems from the move, I tested every 3 days for a month, and now test weekly for nitrite, ammonia, nitrate and PH. I dont test for GH.....is that the other test? *shows ignorance*!!

    the other fish seemed to nudge into her since she was bottom sitting, and I was worried they might start nibbling her tail.

    I have 3 other fish and her in the tank, but she is now on her own in a hospital tank. I change the water daily in her tank.

    feed once a day, good quality pellets, bloodworms, watercress.

    nitrate number 20

    will try to get a photo soon.

    thanks for your help everyone!!

  11. Is she pooping at all? What colour is it?

    Any redness anywhere on the body?

    Does she still have her appetite?

    What are the parameters of the tank you took her out of? (especially the ph)

    When you say her eye is swollen, how long has it been like this?

    Please post back soon :)

    PH in tank she came out of is 7.5 and the tank she is in was the same. I am lucky where I am, the PH seems to remain stable.

    When I said her eyes are massive, I mean its normal fr her type. She has always had these monsterous eyes, sad that they make fish this way. I rescued her from my local fish shop 2 years ago, where she was riddled with white spot. I took pity and made her well. I dont understand this bent back end, I am certain she didnt have this before.

    There are no red marks on her, a few black marks, but this is due to her recent colour change from black to orange, the remainders of her black days I think.

    I havent noticed her pooping, and I have checked her often for this, another reason I fed her peas. She has never really grown well. She was about half inch in body when I got her, and is about 1 1/2 or 2 inches now, not including head and tail.

    She is feeding normally, but just has problems swimming so she kind of gives up and sits on the bottom a lot. So so so so worried!! thanks so much for replying so quickly!!

  12. ammonia 0

    nitrite 0

    hosptial tank 40 litres

    fish 2 inches

    I have had mable for about 2 years, she is very disabled with the biggest eyes you have seen. I imagine she is blind and I have hand fed her daily.

    A few weeks ago I noticed she stopped swimming around, and when she did she was all over te place, up side down and lop sided. I thought maybe swim bladder, and fed her peas.

    I moved her to my hospital tank as sme of my other fish were bothering her.

    I have noticed that her tail end of her body seems to look twisted. I am wondering if this could be causing her balance problems.

    I have really bonded with this fish, and love her dearly. I really dont know what to do.

    She is not clamped and her dorsal fin is always erect.

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated, I am scared she will die.

  13. My Ryukin has the same problem, but the other one has never had swimbladder problems. I think sometimes this cant be helped due to their rather deformed interbred shape.

    I have tried EVERYTHING with mine. Starved for 3 days. then fed nothing but peas. He was exactly the same!! Changed his food from sinkers to floaters, still didnt work. My water is tip top.

    He doent seem ill, and was a recued fish from about 2 years ago. He seems happy, and this only happens afetr food. He is fine until fed!!! I guess sometimes there is nothing we can do!!

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