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  1. I have no goldfish but I used to have 4 comets and 1 fantail. The comets were named: Wanda, and Cosmo, and then 2 unnameds (shame, had them from 2 years and never named them). The fantail was named Wally. Our water went to poo and slowly killed all but 2 of my comets. Right now I have a 5 gallon with a few tetras that aren't doing so well. I have added extra filtration and have been doing water changes but jeez, our water is killing them.. (or some other factor...) Kim
  2. Does this mean that my 2 I gave you are still alive? They are hardy guys and now about 3 years old. I've been having no luck with fish lately so I'm glad you have them in your care Kim
  3. Naw, no biggie. I just got them as decorations at first. (They were orange and matched my orange bedroom theme). Then I found a really good deal on a tank ($50 for a 55 gal with stand and hood) and moved them into that. Then 2 died and I am giving the remainder 2 away to someone who will actually care for them and not let them die like I did. I seem to be great with mammals and keeping them healthy, but fish are so easy to forget about that mine get ill and die. Best to keep the fish away from me. Not as bad as some though, a person in my class said she went through 1 fish every 2 days. She got them from different places and only had 1 in a ten gallon to see how it would do and they always died. I told her that her water was probably bad. She says she went through 27 fish until one lived a week, then they gave up. Kim
  4. Not sure.... Might get 2 small fantails. Kim
  5. I understand her point of view on the bunnies because I love my rabbits waaaaay more than my fish. But to each his/her own. I have a 55 gallon tank (degus), 40 gallon tank (nothing right now), many 10 gallon tanks with rodents (about 11 tanks currently I think..) , 1 with goldfish, and a 5 gallon with a betta. Kim
  6. I moved my 2 comets from their 55 gallon back to a 10 gallon. They seem fine. I had to because my rodents need the 55 gallon and rodents have priority over fish (to me, at least). I put a 20 gallon filter in there (made for a 20 gallon tank) with one plant and a bubble wand. I might be giving them away soon, especially if they make it through this. Kim
  7. 2 commons, e-mail me privately @ kimsgerbils@yahoo.com to talk more about my fishies. Kim
  8. I don't know if they will live to this fall.... They are in a 55 gallon tank and I had to turn off the filters because they spray water and make too much noise. So right now it's like a huge fishbowl that I just keep topping off. My friend who is building a pond might take them as well. We'll see. Glad to hear from another fishy person in Alaska. Woohoo we're up to 3! Kim
  9. Hey 2_commons.... Are you interested in 2 comets? Mine are slowly dying sadly and I have no time for them because water changes were driving me insane. If you want them, you can have 'em. I have other uses for my tank they are in. (I raise tons of rodents, if you ever want gerbils or a hamster, let me know!) Kim
  10. Hey 2 Commons, I'm from Palmer, Alaska.... the northern "south". Kim
  11. My goldies are 3. These comets are hardy. I had to turn off the filter because it's too noisy and they are still ok. I can't wait to use the tank for my degus
  12. I do NOTHING with my fish. Just occasionally watch them if I'm walking by.
  13. Yours are larger than mine!!! If you go to the link to see my goldfish tank in my signature, the pic of them in the ten gallon is about how big they still are. Mine are much more slender in body than yours... yours look almost like a common with a comet tail. Kim
  14. Oh... I want a plant that can be clipped somewhere or be in a tiny dish type thing. I don't want to alter my whole tank though. Kim
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