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  1. uff this is so hard to explain... So imagine if we tap the ceter of a tub we will see waves that will bounce back in a circular manner. if waves are constantly pushed up ward in a circular manner it can cause the pushing of other objects in the water, like a tidal wave. So by a constant movement and pushing of a tail it will execute a nature of the skin, which is constant pulling or pushing will cause the skin to be grown in a certain way, much like certain type of earings that cause execessive weights to pull on the ear which causes larger ears. It's almost no different to the tosakin bowl idea, the semi circle the constant wave pushing the tail will cause the skin to grow in a certain way. I think that explains a good deal of things...
  2. bigger bowl already? 527362[/snapback] nope, just changing the water 2 times a day I'm going to shorten the experiment to 2-3 weeks. The progress is coming along better then expected, since it seems that the micro bubler is making a good constant amount of waves for the waves reflecting off the tub.
  3. heh way ahead of you, I just did a 100% water change just before.
  4. uff so many comments like these... but I'm doing this for 2 reasons... 1) I'm trying to see the potential of the future fries this pair would produce. 2) I wish to see if this type of grooming method would work, so not only I will benefit from this project so would everyone else who reads the journal I keep. I don't see what's the big fuss here... as long as the goldfish isn't stressed which is my number 1 priority.
  5. "missing" or single anal fins are not uncommon at all. in fact the original goldfishes had on anal fin.
  6. np I'll try to give weekly updates for anything noticible
  7. thnx, but I wanna do this to see the future fry's potential not just to "perfect" another person's fry I think that's a calcium build up... BTW I wonder if anyone would think that this type of grooming would show progress within a weak... never tried anything like this
  8. yeah the tosakin systems are good in spreading out the tails, if you recall the ideal wave reflection. Cooler temps would cause the slow down of metabolism hopefully, and when muscle movements are slower I was hoping that the tail would too move less then the small bones may also stiffen up. I'll probly do water changes at 90% every 3 days... I'm hoping you can give me some advice if you have any. Thnx~ I'm using the red tub in my photo gallery. the sink was only use for photos since a red goldfish in a red tub may be hard to see
  9. So I decided to get 2 new low quality butterflies from me LFS since I'm sick and tired of waiting to get that perfect specimen. So now I'm gonna try to groom them to their fullest potential . here they are: from this photo it's clear that they need more work on having a fuller spread tail, and it wouldn't hurt if their back bones were a bit shorter and raised, their eyes also need work in growth since it's rather small. The other photos can be found here New butterflies Heh so here's my plan: I'm going to raise them in a low 4 gallon water tub for 3 weeks to 1 month. I'm lowering the temperature of the water as to lessen amonia production and stiffin up to tail. Progold would be their main diet, and miniscule amounts of fiber in their diets. Using low aeration. My goal is to have them both in a more often pose like this one Any comments?
  10. uff... why are you feeding the goldfishes califlower to begin with? I don't want to start jumping into any conclusions so it'll help to know what purpose you're making in the use of califlower...
  11. uff.. no offense but I suggest you stop raising goldfishes all together with such a small container since it'll most likely lead to more dissapointments.
  12. Uff I was too late, but for future reference: Try a salt dip. I recently did it to my red and white ranchu who was acting much like your bruce. soon afterwards she was eating normally and was much more active.
  13. if you're changing such a small amount of water try aerating the water with an airstone for about 15-30 minutes. Chlorine is gas and it should dissolve into the air rather quickly, no drops of chlorine removers needed.
  14. With so many viewers in such a short time, this might be one of the best threads ever!~
  15. U would need the purest luck possible it would be great to have a TVR just by pure luck from SVR parents but the truth is the TVR standard has been perfected for a looooong time under strict conditions that it would be impossible to have a TVR from random pairings. Btw does the store u bought them from labelled them as TVRs? 526329[/snapback] I know about the TVR Kai (40 year direct bloodline etc etc), the store owner said they would be good in top view so I guessed I assumed a bit too much, any case I guess it's still enjoyable from a top view. heh if that type of pure luck I think you're trying to mention is possible I wouldn't mind getting a dolphin to hatch from one of those eggs
  16. Lol Let's compare your red ranchu to my bad-quality TVR (but still shows the basic characteristics of a TVR): Big difference in wen shape, head shape & length, body shape & length, backbone shape, and tail shape & size. 526323[/snapback] uff I always thought TVRs needed thicker backs... btw in my study I found out wen is only out of character if it's no longer in a sort of rectangular shape... and that characteristic is nurturable... In any case out pure luck would it be pausible to get a TVR class if I cross my red + white with my black ranchu? the Oza and length of body seems to be correct on the red and white ranchu although the oza is white and a bit unclear... Then again I can er... "borrow" my cousins edo nishiki for a desire cross with my red and white...
  17. that's so intriging, what's your grooming method if you don't mind
  18. So lemme try to recall everything that makes a good TVR from memory Large oza Thick long rectangular back ... and that's all I remember
  19. lol if you try to sex a goldfish that's small you're in for a ride. Some of the members here was so confused that they thought their goldfishes were gay. Until they realized that the male was chasing a chick~
  20. Mmmm really sorry to say this mate, I know u r quite a connoisseur of quality goldfish especially dragon-eyes, but there is no way that those two are TVRs. They are clearly SVRs. I could point out obvious things to prove that but I think it's better if u post their pics in the "other" forum and I'm sure all of the guys there will say that they're SVRs. 526293[/snapback] you're probly right so I'll just wait until they're out of quarintine, my eyes for ranchu just tells me about tail types. I always thought that a large oza is good for TVRs only. BTW I was hoping to see if anyone thinks the red and white ranchus is a bit filled with eggs, her right side is a bit big... and because of it she's a bit uneven...
  21. For any quetions about oxygen, and filtration I should mention: In a tub with so much surface area I would say you do not need an air pump, and with a continuous drip method no filtration is required.
  22. the red one and the red and white one are both top view ranchus.... perhaps after a while I'll take pics of the black one from the side when he's out of the quarantine bath tub no joke I find the bath tub to be the best area to nurse a goldfish to full health since it's possible to utilize the continuous drip technique there and it's really easy to clean up a goldfish's mess by flipping on the release valve. It's hard to see but one of them are a bit scratched, and it really helps to have 2 bathrooms.
  23. It would be awesome if this is pinned, and btw it's also nice to expand on the grooming methods you guys used.
  24. You know what?~ I'm going to take your advice!~~ thnx for noticing~~
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