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  1. I say common X oranda, since they're often the only goldfish people will choose to have in ponds in the west.
  2. sud you say~ how interesting can you do me a favor and scrape some of this sud off and stick it under the sun for a day, then tell me the color of it. it'll help me in a great deal in my research. Now I need data on the color change of waste from other foods...
  3. Saki hikari is formulated to give weight on a fish, that is the most notable aspect of saki hikari on kois. however I'm not too sure about the color enhancers, and I'm more then positive bloodworms as a growth enhancer would do better so don't rely too much on saki hikari as the only feed.
  4. smartest coment I heard so far. of course it won't be painful to carry, it's like having large boobs on a girl she might say her shoulders are a bit tired but she is in no way hurt. That's the best analogy I could think of
  5. certain medication requires that the medication is active in a designated spot like say the intestines. they were made to activate after soaking up a certain amount of water. mixing liquid gel will lower this time and cause the active ingredient to dissolve either too early or too late once in the water.
  6. hmm I don't really understand. I just feel if u say to an experienced TVR keeper that your ranchus are TVR then u'll get laughed at. I meant I was gonna hand breed them with many different ranchus just for fun and see what I get. And in any case I chose the ranchus based on the tail, good head growth and wide backbones were seen with the other ranchus in the same tank. hopefully by breeding them I get a better selection.
  7. take extra care of them they're actually one of the pretiest goldfishes when seen from above. looking like they're carrying lamps. As for the goldfishes feelings I'm sure it won't be a problem as long as they're well taken care of.
  8. nah more of my fault, I automatically thought you were one of those from peta (the same guys who said animals should not be exploited for amusement) or something so I took an extra step to offend you as much as I can to cause you to give up on your argument first. You have no ideas how many of those guys were posting about breeding fancy goldfishes as a cruel act to "nature" last year.
  9. I wonder what would happen to this topic now...
  10. I thought you were arguing for how we should abolish standards. in your post about not wanting the distinguishment of high quality and low quality. Ugh I guess I mistakened you for one of those anti culling guys who would nag me to death if I were their son. they're in green water and the summer light rays are in fact dangerous in the way that it will cause green water to over process amonia so I'm positive it's not amonia burns.
  11. My argument is based on why one would want to keep mother nature's rejects.
  12. certain strands of food crops are infact culled also in agriculture the fruit that will be small are snipped away as they will decrease the minerals going to the fruits that would be large. this is the same aproach to manipulating evolution. Now I agree with your idea, chasing perfection is meaningless these are also living beings, however who ever said it's not something we should try? imperfects are great for pets indeed (I've seen telescopes with huge wens they're funny to keep but for only about 2 weeks after that they're just another fish) but as for a hobby having them will impede progress. I have my goal which is to start my own goldfish bloodline although it sounds silly I don't think anyone would suggest an "imperfect" "specimen" BTW my future dream is to retire young and start my own goldfish farm
  13. most species going extinct by human are infact mistakes made by very uneducated people. For example the case of the dodo bird they didn't go extinct because people wanted to eat them, they want extinct because people brought over other animals that wanted to eat the dodos. they didn't know that would happen. people are manipulating goldfishes. indeed they are but they're only manipulating a small fraction of the global population of goldfishes. goldfsiehs are plentiful.
  14. By all means we are not the ones who plucks the fins of a fish, that is mother nature's fault we only decided to help these new life forms in living as they are. if you want go argue with the clouds and heavens. Remember there is nothing unnatural about a human invention. Humans still abide to the laws of physics and biology. i think this is a very narrow minded thing to proclaim. the laws of physics and biology cannot be broken. they can be manipulated or made easier, but we have no choice but to abide by them since we cannot do otherwise. im pretty sure humans would if they could. every invention made needs to work with those laws or else quite simply, it doesnt. an animal is not a human invention, it is the product of a lengthy evolution. humans may step in to distort this evolution, which is as i mentioned, manipulating the laws of biology, where nature breeds animals for the strongest and the fittest to survive in their enviornment, whereas humans are taking this element, and breeding them to to their preferences. and essentially, yes, we did pluck the fins of of that fish, because it may have been born that way naturally, but with the law of biology, it would have died soon in nature, and its weak gene would not have lived on. our breeding of this specific fault, is taking the fins of newborn babies persay. argue with the sky, there is no bigger manipulator then a natural disaster. you see survival of what adapts is by all means perfect like a family of beavers that survives a hurricane will replicate more identical beavers. now in a case with Fancy goldfishes they survive because they are fancied by humans no different of how humans fancy food. if we didn't fancy lets say corn we would have no need in manipulating the fields to grow yummy corn. PErfecting a strand of corn and a strand of goldfish is by all means inventing.
  15. You forget hobbies are all about perfecting one's craft. the hobby for fishing makes good fishermen the hobby for sailing makes good sailors and the hobby of fancy goldfishes makes good fancy goldfishes if we all wanted to help preserve life maybe joining charity conventions is the thing for you. We all forget that evil is done to animals by humans, evil is done to humans by other humans. Caring for something as plentiful as a cat, dog or fish who is in no mean of being endangered is almost meaningless. I rather spend my will earned resources in time and money on an honest charity then to rescue a fish.
  16. heh all we really need to know about these ranchus are the genes, nothing more if you know what I'm saying
  17. By all means we are not the ones who plucks the fins of a fish, that is mother nature's fault we only decided to help these new life forms in living as they are. if you want go argue with the clouds and heavens. Remember there is nothing unnatural about a human invention. Humans still abide to the laws of physics and biology.
  18. Pretty sure these are TV back profiles though... and I don't have any container for SV in my backyard
  19. In any case here's the new ranchus I think the middle one might be stunted... They're all extremely energetic for some reason although the green water is still green so I don't think it's a sign of illness no they're not raised in a bucket just used it for a clearer camera shot, also for future reference to check noticeable growth based on the fish size to bucket size ratio
  20. you take a very good guess you just needa have ALOT of experience and anything is still possible
  21. didn't mean to be harsh... just noting the stuff for reference it'll be scary to see new members turning the classified section into a link page. also I think we need to make sure 1 has tried the service from a website before noting it to others.
  22. mostly red, and 1 in a really bad sakura color type. btw I chose most of the good ones out so good luck on finding sum...~ btw I dun mind if this part is ruined too badly... maybe I'll make a summary...
  23. cheap, 6 bucks each, and yes they have had goldfishes on display on there windows. heh this diary might be interesting to see in 2 or 3 months seeing as I bought some of the cheapest fancy goldfishes
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