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  1. jcohrs


    He's doing a lot better today- actually acting normal! Happy and over excited.
  2. I've had my fish in a 10 gallon alone for 1 year. My tank has been set up and normal for a LOOONG time. I do not have a test kit but the algea in my tank is green and I change the water ever week 20%. My fish is hanging out at the bottom of the tank- his fins are erect except the left one which is clamped tight even when he's swimming around. I put about a tsp of salt in thinking it might be swim bladder issues and I did a water change but things seem worse not better. Any thoughts?
  3. Hey all I'm a broke college student whose filter has suddenly given out on her 10 gallon fish tank. What can I get that's semi-cheap (like 40sih tops) that would not die within a year! I currently have a broken topfin (I think) carbon filter. Thanks so much!!
  4. jcohrs


    She's up and about this morning- I guess she was just sleeping... I heard that salt was 3 tsp for gallon... it's not like I'm putting it in for the first time- i'm replacing the water change. I'll try and break out my kit today and see what's up. Thanks!!!
  5. jcohrs


    side note- she doesn't look sick... She's breathing normally and there are no abnormalties... Well, that may not be true... she had extremely thick poop today- I think it was because of the algae- she's been eating it- so I wasn't too worried!
  6. jcohrs


    I just moved and I can't find my kit for the levels... But I ususally put about a handful of salt in 2 gallons (that I change weekly). I have a 10 gallon that I've had for about 5 months. There was a lot of algae but it was mostly green- I've heard that the brown stuff means there's high nitrates- but it was 90-95% green maybe more. She moves whenever she knows I'm in the room it's just she's resting on the bottom! My tank has been cycled for months and I have no idea why it would have spiked...
  7. jcohrs


    Hey all- I don't know if this is a HUGE problem but I have never noticed it b4. My baby is just sitting at the bottom of the tank w/ her dorsil fin clamped down! I changed the water today so she should be fine- bu tI might have put too much salt in! please help!
  8. Hey all! My baby is sitting on the bottom of the tank! I know it's bedtime and stuff but I've never seen her just sitting at the bottom w/ her dorsil fin sunk down! I changed the water today- might I have put too much salt? please help ASAP! Thanks
  9. They may just need a break- have you ever fasted them? I mean if nothing else is wrong don't feed them for 3 or 4 days and see if they get hungry. If there is something else wrong or they are acting funny as well as not eating then post in the disease forum.
  10. How long have they been off their feed? Do you have plants in the tank? Do they look munched on?
  11. jcohrs


    I would be afraid to get a snail in a 10 gal. I don't have very many decorations in mine and I have a bare bottum tank with an extra curious fish who pokes her nose into EVERYTHING! I'd just be worried that the snail wouldn't last too long...
  12. Congrats on the newbies! I have a moore- and she's RIDICULOUS! I could pick her out of a tank anyday. I named her Mushu (back when I didn't know it was a she) after the dragon in Mulan! When I upgrade my tank I'm going to get one named Cricket!
  13. I have a flat top ornament that I use a straw to put sinking pellets that I feed in the morning and then I feed peas the rest of the day- which she ATTACKS! but when she sees the straw she goes nuts! she starts sucking on the end of it as soon as it stops moving!
  14. When my cousin was 4 she did something very similar to her cat... She was standing on a chair in front of the fridge... with a fork in her hand... She cutely turned to my Grandma and said, "Grama can you help me get my friend Tink down????" She's soooooooooooooo lucky that her folks had declawed that cat...
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