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  1. Hi there.

    It has been awhile since I have been here, I hope you all are doing well.

    I recently got back into goldfish after a two year break. I simply couldn't live without one anymore.

    I bought a red cap oranda... The tanke is cycling nicely.

    however, I gave all of my research papers to my firend about two years ago. Just things I printed off from here at koks and on the internet. Regardless, she lost it, and now years of my research is gone.

    So, I want to look some of this important information up again, so I will have it handy in the event my new fish becomes sick I will be ready.

    I was looking for information on:

    A) Can someone teach me about the salt solutions again?

    how do I make a .01 versus a .02 versus a .03% salt solution. I just cant remember how many teaspoons/tablespoons equals what. I do, however remeber that the salt will not evaporate with the water and that it must be added slowly as not to kill off the good bio bugs.

    B) There used to be a web page out there that explained in VERY SIMPLE terms how one test KH and does math in order to alter the tanks PH with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). can any one give me this link?

    thanks very much to all of you.


  2. I am trying to find an article that was shared here at Koko's from time to time. It was a very interesting and rather funny piece on the new line of veterinary science for fish.

    It brought up Koi, and I believe it was the article that explained that one can get fish spayed/nuetered.

    Does anyone have a link to that page?

    I'd appreciate it very much.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. It's black! It is a little Black moor. He/she is lovely and is not named yet.

    Eventually I will get only two more-- One of which MUST be a ranchu! I have always wanted one but can never find them in my area. Perhaps one of the LFS around here can special order one for me. But that will be a few months from now.

    I think my third will be an oranda, not sure yet though.

    Hopefully I can get a pic soon!

  4. One more thing:

    could you also give us a quick rundown on how you care for your tanks water? what types of products you use, how often you change the water, how much water is removed, etc.

    Except, I bet you have at least two different answers based on whether or not each tank have plants. So could you, would, you {please} at least tell us how you care for your tanks that dont have plants? Or both if you ever have the time.

    Because I want to make sure I get results like you! I have LONG admired your gorgeous fish in your signature. I remember even telling you before that I would like to steal your orange telescope in the pic. I think I remember you telling me that one of his/her eyes dont protrude out as far as the other one. I dont mind, its still one gorgeous fish!


  5. I know money won't bring your fish back, but I think that jerk should reimburst you. SERIOUSLY!

    SO meany people use nasty poisons not caring what "side effects" they have. Sure, they kill the rats.... but then your fish die.... and then a fox eats the rat and dies. or a hawk might die.

    GAWD, I wish people would evolve and stop using posion!

  6. I was wondering how many in here have hermit crabs? I now have two little one of the purple pincher variety. Tomorrow they are going into a 29 gallon glass tank.

    Does any one know how many gallons are required for each hermit crab of adult size?

    I am having trouble finding out just how many I will be able to have in the long run.

    Oh, I also need to find out how often I need to change the substrate. Other than that, I have everything else figured out.



  7. I used to always keep my Betta's in five gallon bow front acrylic tanks.

    But to save time, I now have one of my Betta's in a large gallon bowl.

    I know this can be a controversial subject, but he seems to be doing just as well after about a month. He is still really active, unlike the depressed Bettas who live in those TINY plastic cups in the store.

    I was wondering what the main thoughts are from all who frequent this section of Koko's.

    Do any of you think this is a bad way to go as long as the bowl is not too small?

    And another question:

    Currently I just have black polished river rocks in there. If I bought a plant at the store that would fit for the time being, do you think this would make him even happier? Or would the live plant take up too much oxygen in a 1 gallon bowl?

    Thanks for your thoughts!


  8. Sorry it took me awhile to get back in here. She died after I wrote that post. I had been feeding her metromeds the whole time.

    that was my favorite gf of all time. The tank is not the same without her. I still have two smaller telescopes.

    I will miss her so much. and oh my gawd, she was one stunningly beautiful oranda. she wasnt bulky like the show quality ones. she was very feminine in appearance. vivid vivid orange. she will be missed. To me, she has a place in my heart just like that favorite childhood dog of mine....

    I buried her in the garden. so she will live on in nature, because nature will recycle her into plants. and when a bunny eats that plant, and so on and so forth. so she will always be with me.


  9. Yeah, I was changing it alot. it is hard to read but it is, in my opinion, lower that 20 ppm now.

    She is still alive, but I dont think she will live. she just lays there on her side, barely breathing.

    her tummy looks messed up too. I held her in the water, she didnt even try to fight me (she would eat out of my hand but she would never "sit" in my hand like I have seen pics of some fish doing). I gently pushed on her belly with my finger, and it was soft and not firm like normal..

    What causes that?

    I thought about putting her in the freezer, or using some of the clos essential oil I have, but...... that is soooo hard.

    All of the white stiff is off of her tail now.


  10. Last night about two hours before bedtime, I fed my oranda vivre... She acted fine and ate like a pig. I noticed she had fin rot/fungus (?) on her back tail fins. I couldnt do a water change and add meds right then, because my friend Somer came over. she lost her fiance last thursday in a snow mobile accident. She was all broken up, so I figured I'd do it today.

    I just finished changing the water, (75%) the only thing wrong with the reading was nitrAte, at I'm guessing (?) 80 ppm. All other readings were FINE!!!

    but whatever Vivre has, it has brought her down fast. last night she acted normal but now she is laying on her side and breathing real slow. every now and then, she will correct her self for a few minutes, only to lay on her side again.

    How can I tell the difference between fin rot and fin fungus? before I always assumed it was fin rot... but I think I was wrong and they are two different thing.

    In the past up to the present, her tail was frayed because even though I put a plant basket on the filter it would still suck her tail in when she swimmed by it.

    So now her tail looks frayed but with white on the tips. the white ISNT patchy like cotton.

    Should I do a salt treatment?

    Or, I have BOTH maracyn one and two.

    (the salt I have is mortons canning and pickling salt. fine grain. For anyone who read my posts the last time my fish was sick, I had loaned somer my make-shift goldfish "research" book I made... I never got it back, and it says how much of the mortons salt constitutes a .3%salt solution.... so IF I use the salt, I'll need help there, cause It has been so long since I have done a .3% i cant remember how much!!!)

    BTW, the waters temp is 78 degrees f..... that is because the only place I honeslty have to sit my fish tank is by the heater.


  11. Oh, see, while my mom has never done a fish tank, she has done windows on house, cars, mirrors etc. When it is done by both chemical or by hand using an engraving drill, neither goes deep into the glass at all.

    Basically, the person does not go in too deeply when doing it by hand. The only reason it looks deep is because the glass looks white once it has been scratched. The only area engraved on glass is just the surface, so it wont break. however, on things like wood, a person can go much deeper.

    Also, this tank was done by hand, so it would have have to been engraved on the outside of the tank with the drill so the artist didn't mess up by cramming his hand inside. IF it had been chemicals, I'd still say the person would have done it (hopefully) on the outside because it would be easier to make sure the chemicals didn't run and make a mess.


  12. I was wondering if a person can silicone rocks on the back wall of a tank. I'm thinking of using a flat tyle of a rock, like slate or something.

    I want a three-D back-ground with out the cost of the synthetic ones I have seen online.

    Also, if I were to find my own unique piece of drift wood, could I disinfect that and use it, in the same exact manner if I were to buy one?

  13. After I wrote that I got the idea to also search for poems on goldfish. It's inspired me to write one for my Vivre (I'll share once I get it done. I haven't started it yet, but have a few ideas).

    Have any of you wrote poems or storeis about your fish???

    Care to share?


  14. On ebay, a person in michigan has up for sale a 29 gallon tank (no hood or anything though :( ) that has etched a LaRgE betta etched on the glass. It's neat! The bidding starts at 75 bucks though. Kinda steep, but still lovely. And if you live close by the seller allows you to pick it up instead of paying hefty shipping.

    My mom used to etch on glass. It was a bit tricky though. You get a stencil and etching chemicals and would then apply it on the OuTsIdE of the tank. That might be a cheaper route to go! She also carved on glass by hand. The tools for this is expensive though (she even carved designs on cars windows).

    anyways, here is the link! neat!


    If anyone buys it let me know! (I'd like to see a pic of the fish in it too!)


    Ooh, he also says a person can let him know if they would like a different design. goldfish anyone?

  15. It also means to get rid of the fish that didn't come out true to the breed, such as a fancy goldfish that came out with a single tail and not two fins, sort of like a comet.

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