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  1. I have tried peas and fasting Im thinking that maybe it is a long term SB problem I feel so sorry for the little guy... I have changed his diet a million times to see if that would help but no luck so far... Cheers for the help guys
  2. hey guys! long time no speak! I have a slight problem with one of my ryukins occasionally he will turn upside down and stay like that for a few hours. The res of the time he just sits at the bottom of the tank... all stats are fine, except for *slightly* high PH, which i am working on... Any ideas? I really have tried everything i can think of Cheers, Alice xxx
  3. gosh, tey have grown what are you feeding them on?
  4. have you transferred any ornaments fro one tank to another?
  5. As Jen said, be careful when putting anything dyed or with any chemical in it into the tank. it can be seriously harmful.
  6. that might not be such a good idea. Do you have any buckets you could put them into overnight? perhaps an air pump as well?
  7. what a lovely set-up. keep an eye on those axies...
  8. Carol, they are *gorgeous*! i love the little white one
  9. it looks fab and thats a very lucky ryukin
  10. they are little beautys Imogen!! i love satin
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