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  1. thanks for your replay d_qolum Check this out. its from Sorsha post http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=41521 3 months His length from nose to tip of tail is approximately 1.75?
  2. Hi everyone I got a new Calico Fantail this mornig Its one almost 1" big and was wondering how old are when they're that big. I know it depends on they're conditions and genes but how old are they usually when they're 1". Is it a couple days, couple weeks, couple months, or a year old? Also how big do they get if taken care of really well?
  3. thanks Nenn is it pronounced "Cali co" or "Calii co"?
  4. it looks like a fantail but the color is like the goldfish on the left. theres nothing really special about this fantail the only thing is its mix of colors. -pic is from this forums heading
  5. Hi everyone Im looking into getting a new fish. Ive seen a huge version of is and it looks really cool. Like some ancient fish. I have no idea what the name so its hard to find care advice for the type of goldfish. It looks like a fantail. But its got splotches of orange white and black all over its body. Do any of you know what kind of goldfish I'm talking about?
  6. 10 inches long what size did they start out? how long have you had them? Congratulations on your huge fish
  7. Hi everyone I was just wondering what you all think about common goldfish? they're only 12 cents. Do you have any experience with them? I guess they're nothing fancy. Is it true they get to be larger than the fancy kind? thanks
  8. yeah. it was never on the body or the fins. I was really worried it was ich. It was really starting to cover the head. each day i noticed there were more. When it was under the eyes I thought that was the red flag to start the treatment.
  9. If the light that's in the tank is brighter will the agae be greener?
  10. I cant tell if theres ich in my tank. There are little shiny spots on on the little black tube that sucks up water into the filter and on the greenish brown algae that grows on the bare area of my tank. Do you think they're air bubbles? 2 weeks ago I had an ammonia spike to light green, and a little purple in the nitrite. I used a 3 day feeder over the weekend and it crashed the cycle. now ammonia = 0 nitrite = 0 nitrate = < 20 thanks
  11. Oh no.... I thought that was ich because I found it all around the cheek and under the eyes. I've already set the water to .3% salt and the heater is set to 80 degrees F.
  12. if it isnt on the gill-covers like under the eye's would you think that was ich? When you say it goes a way after a while does that mean after a few weeks or months?
  13. Do breeding stars go away? Also can they form under the eyes?
  14. Its official my whole tank is covered with ich and today I noticed my goldfish had some shiny white dots on some parts on her body. She's in a 10 gallon tank so i just put in my first dose of salt (10tps) at 7pm. tomorrow morning i'll put in another 10 tps. I havent had a heater in the tank before is there a process to raising the temperature in the tank properly? its a 65 degrees F and I need to get it to 80. Do I need to wait for the water to become .3 concentration before i turn on the water heater? at the moment the whater heater is just sitting in the tank not turned on. Today there wer'nt that many ich on the goldfish it looks like 5 at the moment how long does this process take. No lights except for feeding and cleaning .3 salt concentration and daily syphoning. when I do the syphoning how much of a water change will i be doing? How can I clean my cleaning equipment? with soap and hot water? Im sure the ich is in the cleaning equipment - thanks
  15. Hi everyone I was thinking about getting a python because I use the tank water to water my moms plants. I was wondering will the python work if I connect it to the backyard fosset thats meant for a garden hose? thanks
  16. thanks for your reply LaurieP:) its not really on the fish yet, none that I can see. its on the bare area of the tank where I 've started growing green agae, and on the black filter suction tube. It looks like ich but im not sure. They look like little air bubles and they've been there for almost 2 weeks. I wanted to make sure that it was ich before I stessed out the goldfish with medication. It really looks like ich. I was thinking salt causes less stress on the goldfish thats why i wanted to try salt treatment because im not really sure if it is ich. Is there a step be step guide to how to cure ich with aquarium salt on this site? And like how doctors do it, whats the % that this procedure will work How can I get a 0.3% salt solution? how many tsp is that per gallon? thanks
  17. These are the chemical levels in my tank at this moment: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrates <20 Can salt cure Ich? My tank had a 3 day crash Now i think the ich is acting up. Also I was wondering can Ich live on the tank? I was wondering becuase it looks like theres some ich on the bare section of my tank. My tank is half gravel and half bare so the goldfish can find her sinking food easier. Also the grains of salt are on the nosle of the filter suction. Im not sure if its ich. Do you think it could be ich? thanks
  18. hi everyone I was just wondering if I use tank water to water my Mom's plants will it destroy them? Is there a difference between using cycled tank water and uncycled tank water to water the plants? thanks
  19. thanks for you reply Kingyo. thats really interesting information. It sounds really cool. I'm really starting to like science ever since i started taking care of my goldfish. So, let me try and understand this. Nitrite is toxic and it moves through the gills. Nitrite quickly oxidizes hemoglobin. Oxidizing is not good thats why we try and eat foods with antioxidants to prevent cancer. Oxidizing of saturated fat in the body can also cause a heart attack or stroke. Something I dont really understand is hemoglobin getting oxidized. doesnt hemoglobin carry oxygen all over the body through the blood? So then why would hemoglobin have a problem with being oxidized? I really dont understand that part. If a goldfish does survive exposure to nitrite should there be concern in the long term effects? I looked up hypoxia and it means inadequate oxygenation of the blood. I would guess not enough oxygen in the blood could cause lots of problems. Has it been known to cause a goldfish to become become sterile? Can it stop growth. Does it devistate future growth? For example 50% loss of potential growth. Can the goldfish get cancer? Ive been using AmQuel+ its supposed to protect up to 2ppm(mg/1) per dose. Should my goldfish be ok?
  20. I read somewhere that the food should only be in the tank for 2 min. I soak my sinking pellets for 5 min. then I put them into the tank. does this soaking, add to dirtying up the tank?
  21. Thanks for your replys I think my cycle was built in the filter because last Friday i did a 50% water changed an swished the floss from the filter in the old tank water. Then Wednesday I did a water test and i was getting positive tests. Oh yeah, I wasnt going to be at the home all weekend long so i used a topfin 3 day feeder tablet. Maybe that tablet caused a lot of waste and over loaded the cycle. My nitrate has been continuing to climb does that mean my cycle isnt completly gone? The filter came in a set starter package. It was a standard 10 gal topfin set. My goldfish is 4 inches total. there is gravel in the tank I have it all pushed over to half the tank. the bare tank side is where i feed the fish. They were having a hard time finding their sinking food so i set up the tank that way.
  22. I read somewhere that in the nitrogen cycle nitrite is the worst. Its been a while so I havent been able to find it again. my cycle recently crashed and im really worried. what does nitrogen do to the goldfish? I heard it can really do permanent damage. the tests showed up as 0.25 can this does permanent damage.
  23. Ive been doing water changes I have one fantail goldfish in a 10 gallon tank. He's almost 4 inches long and the Nitrates been climbling. Ive been doing water changes 50% water changes w/ a gravel vacum MWF. I think ive cleaned too much today before I did my water change I tested Nitrate it was 40 like normal on water changing days. I checked ammonia and I noticed it was a little green. That was weird I had'nt seen my ammonia turn a bit green a long time. So i tested Nitrite and it was a little purple. please help. should I not feed and clean for a while to allow the nitrates catch up?
  24. I know pee is a waste product. doesnt pee come from the kidneys filtration system. do fish have kidnies?
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