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  1. kool loaches, and ive never seen a 'glass bead' bottom of a tank look that good!
  2. high 5 for saving your fish, i just saved my youngest fish this morning!
  3. i woke up this morning 2 find my ryukin floating face down. After about 30 min. i fed him softened peas and changed the water and in virtuall no time my fish was swimming aroung bugging his larger tank mates as usual.
  4. luv the pond frog sitting on the lilly pad.
  5. niner83

    New Photos!

    i love the pics especially the color combo on jazzy
  6. wow i love the color combo, the colors are so bold
  7. i have had two stalks of bamboo in a 20g including 5 neon tetras and my fish happy healthy and active.
  8. mine nibble at everything but have never "eaten" leaves or chunks of them
  9. dont know if i would of found him so quick if i hadnt read the post below it
  10. it took my kermit forever to figure out that he didnt need to wait for me to put the food on his nose before he could eat.
  11. i have a 30g tropical community tank and i was wondering if anyone knew how to breed the neon tetras in my tank? i have an extra tank if i need it but i need to know what else i would need to breed neon tetras succesfully.
  12. wow i love your new fish especially the calico up front
  13. where did u get blue he is soo perrty.
  14. thanx ill add the calcium but ill probably leave the snails shell as is.
  15. theyre in a 20g w/ lots of plants, river rocks, and a structure, and i got my dwarf puffers from the vvvv in bonita/chulavista.
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