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  1. I've kept minnows and now long tailed zebra danios with my single tails, and the goldfish ignore them. bw cupoftea
  2. he's beautiful! How did you get the photo as part of your post? bw cupoftea
  3. I have pics, but can't work out how to upload them. Help? bw cupoftea
  4. a very beautiful shubbie, mainly blue with black spots and streaks in his/her tail and just a little bit of orange behind one gill and a little on the tail. He's out of QT and after a few hours of halfhearted chasing by one fish, seems to be part of the family now. bw cupoftea
  5. you can keep small fish in small tanks. Zebra Dannios are cute little fish and can tolerate a wide temperature range so are fine in cold water. Howsabout 5 or 6 of those? Sorry you had to find out the hard way about goldfish, loads of us made the same mistake, but you have found Kokos, so that's great. Did the shop tell you how to cycle your tank? There's lots of info on that on this site if you search for it. Lots of luck cupoftea
  6. and a closer up pic with two of my kids bw cupoftea
  7. I've got the 60 litre one for my tropicals, just hang a heater in the top, (there's a gap in the lid that the cable fits through). I've got a couple of guppies and neons and some harleqiun rasboras. It's very easy to clean, I siphon the crud out of the bottom and clean round the acrylic with a pad. I have got double the amount of stone things though to create extra good biobug space and keep it understocked. Plus it looks nice! No good for goldies, found that out very quickly. so they are in the 125 gallon tank. bw cupoftea
  8. why are you doing a 100% water change? bw cupoftea
  9. don't take all your gravel out in one go though, you'll remove good bio bugs at the same time. Agree you'll still need a siphon though bw cupoftea
  10. Claire also posted this a while ago Website - http://www.fancygoldfish.org/index.php?mai...c13ed71992eaaef Contact details -Andy Green Star Fisheries 94a Benhill Road Sutton Surrey SM1 3RX Tel 0208 643 8162/3/4/5 Fax 0208 643 8166 E-Mail andy.green@starfisheries.co.uk bw cupoftea
  11. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...&hl=cycling that might help bw cupoftea
  12. hi Chichidongo, welcome to Kokos, you'll find all the info you need here to keep your new found friends happy. Fancy goldfish refers to fantail, moors, pearlscale, ryukins, etc, there's a section on Kokos detailing the different types. Non fancies are the the single tailed, more streamlined fish eg commons, comets, shubunkins. These fish can grow to a foot long and although can be kept in tanks are generally more thought of as pond fish. All goldies produce a lot of waste which is why they need more space, plus the ability to get big. Stunted fish are not happy fish and won't live anywhere near as long as a fish with the appropriate amount of space. 12 gallons is great for one fish and if they are small and you watch your water parameters you may be able to get away with two in there for a while. If your fish have single tails then they'll need at least 20 gallons each once they start to grow. Fish that are overcrowded can get aggressive and kill off their tank mates, give them enough room and they should get along better. Lots of luck with your new found hobby bw cupoftea
  13. I have long-finned zebra danios and they are fine with my single tailed goldfish bw cupoftea
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