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  1. i don't think 3 teaspoons of salt is enough, don't do this before anyone else makes sure i'm right, i believe its 10 teaspoons to get the salt up to .1% then in12 hours another 10 for .2% and another 10 12 hours later for .3% low salt can be worse because a lot of bugs and virus' can strengthen themselves against it much like antibiotics in humans can cause super bugs. Or you can add 2 tabel spoons every 12 hours
  2. I actually have it in my long term plans to own a pet store that will have a decent sized fish department. I'll just train my staff properly so that they don't just sell for the sake of making a sale. Make sure they ask all the right questions etc etc. you can only do so much and hope for the best
  3. i had a yellow common (my oldest fish) but he has turned a regular golden colour over the years
  4. the biggest worry about power outages is low oxygen in the tank from lack of filtration/no air pumps. The good bacteria in you filter can also die from the low oxygen, i'm not sure of how this can be helped other then perhaps switching out the water every hour or so to replenish the oxygen. but that can't be done now. sorry i cant be more help
  5. when i qt a fish i always add melafix to help aid in the healing of any wounds it may have. When I recently got a new fish i did 3 salt baths on it to insure that most parasites were dead, then salted the tank to .3% for two weeks. more information on salt and salt baths can be found here : salt info good luck!
  6. i think i'm a full member, if not feel free to remove me #25
  7. thanks for the info, i'm glad its nothing incredibly bad I will try to feed him peas for a little while and keep them in his diet and see if it helps any (i'll have to steal some from work, i'm that broke lol) thanks again
  8. hmmm not drastic but they did change... ziggy, my past panda oranda <img src="http://fish.eve-web.co.uk/ziggy2.jpg"> <img src="http://fish.eve-web.co.uk/ziggy.jpg"> after <img src="http://fish.eve-web.co.uk/ziggyafter.jpg"> and my oldest fish, a common female, she used to look BEAUTIFUL <img src="http://fish.eve-web.co.uk/fubar3.jpg"> <img src="http://fish.eve-web.co.uk/fubarafter.jpg">
  9. yea i was thinking about putting a large amount of the gravel into the sump but then i would have to be cleaning it in the sump all time.
  10. my boyfriend accuses me of over mothering my fish all the time, i try to let them do what they want to do and if i'm going to treat them I always do the most minimal natural things i can before i start adding medications and such. truely a touching story though.
  11. now I just want to be sure I'm going about this in the correct manner. I'm doing a 16ish gallon water change today and i'm removing about 1/4th of the gravel over the next 4 weeks, should that be slow enough? or should i take more time? I'm mainly doing it because my common keeps picking up the stones and is constantly choking one them, plus it'll be easier to keep clean. I have 20lbs of gravelin it so removign 1/4 should be 5 pounds/week.
  12. thats exactly whjat it looks like but its the same colour as his body instead of that bright red. what is that a picture of?
  13. about the water - the nitrates out of the tap is 0ppm and my other tank is tested all the time and is much lower. as for the real problem, it looks as though a part of his intestines is coming out of his bum. its the same colour as his body and it doesn't look like any pictures of fish i've ever seen. I hope its not a tumour
  14. my little blue oranda that i've had since around november has developed a strange problem. It looks as if its colon has come out of its anus (much like a hemroid in a human) Now the fish is acting normally, eatting, swimming and pooping properly. I would assume ift would do nothing more then cause a certain degree of discomfort but I would like to be sure. Any advice on this? Ammonia Level - 0 Nitrite Level? - 0 Nitrate level? - god knows, i've been batteling it for months, after a 99% waterchange it was still coming in at over 100ppm Ph Level? 8 Ph Level out of the Tap? 7.5 Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 55 us gallons plus a 10gallon sump thats normally got 7 gallons in it, since around october. What kind of Filtration? Sump, two homemade filters and filter floss. How often do you change the water and how much? 8 gallons 2x/week What kind of Water additives or conditioners? aqua plus tap conditioner. Sometimes a dose of melafix but not lately. Any Medications add to the tank? no How many fish in the tank and there size? 6, one around 4" the rest are around 3" Add any new fish to the tank? yes, but i just moved it into the tank today so it probably has nothing to do with the problem. What do you feed your fish? Hiraki (i think thats the name, japanese i believe) lionhead sinking pellets. Any unusual findings on the fish? his bum is coming out of his bum Any unusual behavior? Like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? nope If you can what is the chloramines Level from the Tap? not sure
  15. thanks for all the great advice in this thread guys (i have ich on a new fish and instead of posting a new thread i'll just follow this one!) *goes to put salt into tank*
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