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  1. I think I may have seen them at vvvv ...but I can't be certain.... I'm getting ready to purchase a 10 gal. tank and hood... lol... so I been looking at that stuff...and I think i remember seeing just the hood without the light, but again I can't be certain... I have a memory bout as long as my pinky nail...lol
  2. ok... just tested it this orning... from tap and got 120 ppm...Yesterday I tested it and got 180.... and the day before I got 300....apparetnly they buffer it at the water treatment center every so often or something.... but it's still lots higher than the 2003 average...hummmmm
  3. I just looked online for my water companies annual report for water quality.... and here is 2003 report... Parameter Average Units Alkalinity 54 ppm Aluminum <0.005 ppm Ammonia 0.09 ppm Calcium 35 ppm Chloride 20 ppm Copper <0.005 ppm Hardness, Total 150 ppm (as CaCo3) Iron <0.005 ppm Manganese <0.005 ppm pH 7.2 pH units Orthophosphate 1.2 ppm Sodium 13 ppm Sulfate 96 ppm Total Dissolved Solids 216 ppm Zinc 0.168 ppm Chlorine and Chloramines are used... Ok...so The alkalinity ... is that KH...cause I am getting vastly different on my tests than they have listed... I also realise that is last years average and it may be lots different this year.... I am getting the same exact reading on the Total hardness though... the GH.... and that being 150....and the same on the PH.... and I realise that can flucuate a bit I got 7.4 once and 7.2 the rest of the time out of the tap.. Anyway interestng to know....
  4. OK... Todays readings.... Tank PH 7.4 KH 300 ppm GH 150 ppm Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 5 ppm (highest me test kit tests to) Nitrate 20 ppm This is overnight...My cycle is pretty much bang on at getting the ammonia cleared out of the tank but boy those nitrites scare me....My fish however seem to be extremely happy. Tank was conditioned with prime yesterday to remove Chlorine and all the other nasties from the tap and it is helping a bit with the nitrite toxicity and I also salted a 20g long with 2 tsp of aquarium salt...I do not intend on changing the water out today.... will wait till tomorrow to take approx. 30% out and add fresh back to give the bacterias a bit of time to settle in... if you think I shold chage before that let me know... or even if you think I should wait a little longer... like I said my fish seem very happy and healthy...
  5. ohhh wow... I couldn;t leave it on the tank... it's a 20gal.long ... has a pengin 330 for filtration that really cause just enough if not a little more current that is needed for the tank... with the smaller, Penguin 175, filter on there the fish would never be able to get any rest... I took it off initially to create a section of the tank that was fairly current free for a resting area...
  6. Ok...am in the temprature stabilsing phase.... shouldn't take long at all as I tried to match it pretty close to what it was and I have a heater on the tank for stability for the winter here (electric heat never gets me warm enough) I had it set to 76 and it should pick the tank back up to that in no time at all... during the fishless cycle process I hung a smaller penguin filter on the tank as well as the perminant filter... I took it off a few days before I put the fish in..I did this so I would have a cycled filter for a 10 gal I plan on setting up soon for a hospital quarentine tank... when I took it off I stored it in a small rubbermaid tub with some tank water as well as a couple of extra ornaments I had in the tank for the same reason.... I got those out and placed them in the tank to help this process along..I don't know why I didn't think of it before... Thanks for your help... If I have anymore issues I'll be certain to ask....
  7. Ok.... From what I have read on here... I I learned I am having a problem with my KH, and PH most definaltey and would like some help solving the problem and how I should go about fixing it.... Ok... I set my tank up and completely cycled it...took over a month for a fishless cycle but i got it after much confusion on my part...when i first set the tank up i used a product called ProQuatics Water conditioner for aquariums... I also was using a bacteria Starter by proquatics that the only thing it did was bind ammonia... after stopping the use of the bacteria starter I also thought it would be a good idea to stop use of the conditioner made by the same company... and bought some amquel.....My tank not needing any changes during the fishless cycle never had the amquel added to it... tank tested for PH and KH same as my tap every test...after having completed the cycle I changed 50% of the water out as per instructions on the fishless cycle page, before purchasing and adding my new goldies. This new change I used the Amquel for conditioner....not thinking about the ph or KH again i didn't pay attention to the reading on the test strip for them....was just worried about a slight learch in my cycle that I thought was caused by adding two fish to the tank instead of one at first... I have done daily water changes to keep the nitites down in the tank and to keep it from harming the fish... after using up al the amquel I had I found and purchased prime because it is suppose to detoxify the nitrites and nitrates in the tank... hopefully easy the stress on the fish in my thoughts and allowing the cycle to catch back up by not having to change the water religiously every day.... seemed to ease the fish ... so I went looking for aquarium salt to also ease the stress for them during this rough period (while at the lfs I found that they have Bio Spira in stock and purchase a packet of it to bump this process along a bit faster)...still not paying any attention to the KH or PH... now I read some where on here that Sometimes Amquel will cause a crash in your PH and yout KH and thus can cause a cycle crash so I tested my tap for base readings and got... Tap PH 7.2 KH 300 ppm GH 150 ppm so I then tested my tank for comparison.... Tank PH 6.2 or lower that is bottom test score KH 0 GH 150 so somewhere along ther way it crashed and crashed big time... how to fix....and now am wondering if the bio spira I paid 12 bucks for was a waste of money die to bio bugs not living in the low PH KH tanks.... Anyone got any ideas cause my tap water is ideal.... oe pretty close to ideal... should I pull out the goldies put them in someting else and revamp my tanks water with the tap water being ideal and find a good conditioner that won't crash everything??? or should I do something different.... my poor goldies are living in horrible conditions and I want to change that before the get sick...I can get more bio spira... my fish dude at the lfs has plently more.. so he says.... Help!!!!
  8. Thanks I am sooo hoping this evens everthing out and gets it all settled for my fishies sake.... I bought some aquariam salt while I was there too in case things don't straighten out sooon so it might help ease the stress on them a bit...I am not sure if I should go ahead and add some now or if it will mess the BioSira up... that little packet was 12 bucks...but hopefully well worth it...we shall see....
  9. BioSpira.. Yay!!!! It was refidgerated!!!! I went looking and asked!!! vvvvv doesn't carry it or even know what it is ,but my LFS Incredipet had it!!!! I've been struggling with my tank since putting my fish in it...It was cycled fine or so I thought and boom it crashed after putting my fish in.... have been having to do water changes almost daily to keep nitrites to a safe level... in some instances I have had to change twice in one day...it's been horendous... so i wnet looking to, at least, get some more cycle if they didn't have the bio spira. Boy I hope this kicks it in gear these poor fish don't need all this stress....
  10. That would problably be a good idea... to keep your newly cycled tank from being exposed to the nasites that can be brought home with a fish. After a few weeks of normal healthy activity and no signs of sickness you can place your new buddy in the tank.... sounds pretty good to me....very cautious and caring IMO...trying to make sure your fish has the best enviroment possible in the long term!
  11. I saw an automatic feeder at nooppee of all places.... it looked like the kind that you couls put a preset amount of food in and it would release it at specific set itme... Found it of course in the pet departments fish section...didn't check it out closely, cust thought it was a neat idea....
  12. Wow...tahnks everyone... will head to my LFS and see what I can find.... I have seen ome of the ones that change colorsand I think I have seen some that change colors and have bubbles... My fish seem to love the bubbles and was thinking about adding a new bubbling ornament to make them a bit happier...I also want to head to my lfs to see what I can find that I might want to ask for for the winter Gift exchange.... I'm thinking of joining in!!! Yay!!!
  13. Well the fish in question passed away last night while I was sleeping... other than hertummy being a bit bigger than when i got her nothing else seemed to be wrong with her... I took her back to the store where I got her and they replaced her for free... I hadn't had her 7 days....She was the one I fell in love with at the store too.... it about broke my heart in two....
  14. light stays on about 8 hours ...no more.... just because my tank wanter stays sooo warm.... even on really cold evenings late at night the tank only drops to 74..... I think I amy cut back on the feedings a bit and make it just the gelfood...so they are still getting the peas in thier diet... thanks...
  15. I was wondering... Is there a way you can hook more than one ornament to the same airpump.. Ok... I have a bubblewand in my tank currently... but say I wanted to purchase an ornament that also has bubbles and needs and air pump... could I feasibly have them on the same pump???? Just curious... thoguht they might make something that you put one airline into and the oher end makes split into two lines once for each device... Ohhh yeah and Has anyone every seen the ornament like in the nemo tank... Mount wannahockalougie???? Curious aobut theat one.... my Husband of all people wants to know that part...hehehe
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