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  1. My goldie will be a year old in a few weeks
  2. Better not get whiteclouds cause big fish eat small fish...sometimes
  3. Nicetank the background looks great.
  4. Wow nice pond how many fish u got in there and how big is the pond.
  5. They are great very active and can live in different temperatures also cheap and they eat anything.
  6. Thanks Alex better pictures If you cant see them heres the links http://photobucket.com/albums/v203/leopire...cwcmbetter3.jpg http://photobucket.com/albums/v203/leopire...terwcmpics2.jpg
  7. Oh ok thanks i'll go see if my cam has it
  8. I just got bored and took some pics of my white clouds..and stuff in my tank... My pictures Sorry they are blurry but White clouds are really fast.. If you guys have any pics please post them i would really like to see them
  9. Your fish are awsome they look great
  10. leo


    Nice fish you got there i really like your tanks
  11. Hi tinks i havent got a testing kits my lfs dont sell them and the colour of my moor is gone back to normal i'll try and get pics
  12. Yeh i really want to keep him in a few weeks i'll have him for 1 year.My 2 commons and the other moor will have to go with my friends dad..no more space...
  13. Yhe i might keep him in a rubbermaid or give him to my friends dad
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