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  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have tried the peas, but not with epsom salt. I'll try that, and adding it to the water. She is still swollen and sitting at the bottom. He belly is round near the back, but on both sides. I'll try and get a picture of her so you can get a better idea of what she looks like.
  2. She is isolated, and I probably can get a heater to raise the temp with. I'm not sure if it is a she. She has never had any breeding stars, and she is definitely old enough to breed. I fed her medigold (I think that is how you spell it) for a week and a half. I stopped due to her not really pooping. I didn't want her to explode. She still does want to eat. Thanks for the encouragement vmlola
  3. Ammonia & Nitrite are 0 Nitrate is 10 Ph is 6.7 My pond (two ponds connected) is around 700 gallons, and has been up and running for many years. I have a huge pool filter that pumps about 1500 an hour ( it think, I haven't checked it in a long time). I also have a 40 watt UV light hooked up. I back wash and drain about 75 gallons every week. I never have any problems with water quality. I have around 25-27 3-6 in fish in the two ponds. Right now since it is winter, my fish aren't being fed. I added some new fish to the pond this summer, and had a few problems with them. I haven't had really any problems with the fish since September. A few of the new fish died this summer, but showed no signs of illness, they just went belly up one day. I have the fish in a 10 gallon quarantine tank, with a fully cycled pump (the small whisperer). I change the water about 50% once a week, and keep the water at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 8-10 nitrates, and a ph of 6.6-6.8. I have nothing else in the tank. I don't have a heater on it, since we keep the wood shop at about 70. I feed all my fish a mixture of fruits, flakes, shrimp pellets, spirulia (not sure how to spell that), freeze dried bloodworms, and shrimp, tropical pellets, and pond pellets. Right now, I have only been feeding my sick fish every other day, since nothing much seems to come out. I only feed her a very small amount of shrimp pellets. I had tried the medicated food, and that didn't seem to help. She also had trouble getting to the top to get it. I have medicated her tank with Jungle parasite tabs, and that didn't work. She has a very swollen belly, and is laying on the bottom of the tank. She has a couple blood streaks in her tail, but its only one at the very top and very bottom of it. Oh, and she is a comet goldfish. She is mostly white. That is about all I can think of. Can anyone help with this?
  4. About 2 weeks ago I noticed one of the goldfish in my pond sitting on the bottom, and not doing much. I scooped her out and put her in a 10 gallon quarantine tank. The tank water has been kept clean with water changes, and filtering. I have tried feeding the fish but she has trouble getting to the surface to get any food. She has clear stringy poo, if any. I have tried peas, medicated food, shrimp, not feeding, and medicating the water. Nothing has worked so far. She is still sitting at the bottom with an enlarged belly. None of the other fish in the pond show any signs of this. Any ideas of what could be wrong? Oh, the pond is about 700 gallons, and the water has continued to test fine. I have a UV light also.
  5. 3 out of 4 of my olive colored gfs turned orange. 1 of my commons didn't change color until he was about 4-5 in. But I have one that is about 7 in. that is still olive. So there is a chance he will stay that color. I think it depends on what you feed them too. Mine didn't change color until they were put in my pond, and started to eat algae.
  6. Here is a link on how I did it. Good luck! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=30285
  7. I had two ducks too, and a similar thing happen to them. After mine got older I kept them in a pen outside. One of them was killed in the night. The other went crazy, and was afraid of the dark, and pretty much everything else. He went to a place that had a small pond with all kinds of ducks.
  8. I have a lot of fish, so they aren't all named yet. The ones that are named, are... Comet-C.J. (Colby Jack) Common-Bait (saved from a bait shop) Common-Chum (also saved from a bait shop) Fantail-P.B. (Pepper Jack) Common-Tipsy Common-Tangerine Comet-Pearl Chinese Algae Eater-Slim Jim Those are the ones that have been named so far.
  9. Are you getting this from a store, or a person. If its a lfs, sometimes they have delivery services. The pet store I work at has a 110 with an oak stand for $399.00. I'm hoping to get one sometime, with my 50% off discount.
  10. I hope you get your tank soon, and resolve your problems with your husband. Don't let it separate you. There are many days when my husband angers me, because he doesn't understand my love and need for animals. He knew how much I loved them when we got married, and seemed pretty supportive, but now doesn't want any. The ones I have have to be outside, or in the workshop. I am allowed to have my 5 gallon, and Chihuahua in the house, and that wasn't easy. So I know how you feel, and how frustrating it can be. I really hope he starts to understand you, and maybe even take an interest in fish too. Sorry you are going through this. Can I ask what his reason is for not wanting to take you to get your tank?
  11. Just a quick tip for those who have to leave there fish, and someone else has to feed them. This will also work if you don't have a lot of time to feed. You can prepare a weeks worth of food all at once. Use one of those weekly pill dispensers (a long container for your pills). They come in all sizes. Some have an am, and pm slot, if you feed your fish twice a day this works really well. Also everyday has its own lid that is labeled with the day. So there isn't any confusion to weather you fed or not, and the days won't get mixed. I plan on setting out several of these for my husband when I go to Africa for 3 weeks. I hope this helps someone else too.
  12. There would be a lot of problems if the water wasn't treated. Don't some of the people who live in the country have their own septic system? I don't think that waste goes to the sea.
  13. This might be a dumb question. But why can't you flush the dead ones, if they are small?
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