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  1. My greatest condolences, its hard to loose a great friend.
  2. Excellent point Shakaho! All of mine from my poat (except Goldie) had short tails, under 2 inches. Goldie was almost all tail it seemed but the length posted was without tail, as her butterfly/comet tail was equal or greater her length
  3. A gal I worked with had a stunted koi/comet hybrid, she was only about 8 inches but lived to be 25. Tough old girl. We assume she was stunted based on the tiny barbels knowing she had koi in her
  4. Thanks for all the great responses!! Im kind of putting together some theories based on personal experience and other peoples actual anecdotes, compared to the facts that spew from us based on what we think we learn as fish keepers and what people blurt out in pet shaming online. There is so much pet shaming going on, and I feel like there has to be a better, more friendly way to approach education. (btw there isnt pet shaming HERE I have found which I why I keep coming back!! I love this place)
  5. So I have been reading the sticky on ages of goldfish and have some questions for single tail owners (commons and comets) 1. What is the oldest singletail you have personally known, through a friend or your self or a parent. 2. What were/are the sizes really of single tails you have known? 3. Pond, tub or tank? And if so what size? For me personally 10-12 years have been the average for my single tails. My longest lived was my first carnival fish Fred who lived to be 16, and had a black mustache the whole time (was also 13-14 inches long may have had koi in him in retrospect) The oldest I knew was Goldie my friend Daniels amazing comet/butterfly koi hybrid. She lived to be 25 years. She had little mini barbels and the longest fina. So amazing All of mine and my friend Daniels were kept in tanks. Mine would phase through a 10, then go to a 20 high then end up in the 55/48 (when the 55s bottom blew out the landlord said no tanks over 50 gallons so I found a 38 and 48 long ha!) Goldie grew up in a 10 gallon alone then was moved into an eclypse 25 alone for the last 10 years of her life. Just curious. I have prolly raised 10 or 12 goldfish to be over 6 inches and over 6 years old with the help of my mom and grandfather over the years. I have long figured that poor genetics especially in "feeder fish" (which at the chain petshops are the ugly siblings of the fancys, you can regularly find wakins and such in those tanks) might be partially responsible. And there are so many koi crosses you never know what you'll end up with.
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