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  1. Congratulations on your new tank .. I hope you post pics soon
  2. Thanks everyone. Sandy, I will stay here, you have all really helped me alot and you are my friends. I dont know if we will get more fish, I miss mine alot. I dont like the tank empty. I dont know?
  3. Thanks for thinking of us, and of our fish. Goldie, Bert, Bill and Jenson were all great fish. I miss them I'm glad your Fred was saved.
  4. Thanks everyone, I dont know what to say really. It doesn't seem real and i hate looking at the tank. My poor fish
  5. Thanks everyone. I still cant believe they are gone. :crp The tank looks a bit spooky almost, I dont know what we will do
  6. Sandy, Toothless and Captk, I want to say thank you for trying to help my fish, I wish we could have saved them, but we couldn't
  7. Ok, just had to tell you all that I am in agreement with you all and my no longer called 'common' fish are now all officially 'HEART TAILS' .... See my signature! Mario (and heartail) CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY
  8. That's wonderful news!! Bet you cant wait for Wednesday now I'm with everyone else, really wanting to see pictures of this VIF (very important fish ) when they arrive.
  9. congratulations Lillypetal, dont forget to post pics as soon as you can
  10. I've got to stop doing that! That was me! Mariocrazy
  11. No, the Fish hasent been fed since last night. But it just come on all of a sudden! Mums cleaning the Algea in the tank and they are all eating it and goldie hasn't touched the others!! Just seems to be normal again now.... I will keep watching and posting. I hope they are OK cos they have all been great freinds since we got them!
  12. Rain! Hope everything goes ok.
  13. ok we'll try later. Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi Sandy It's not Biting the Fins, It's like Bumbing and biting them from behind. I dont know whether Goldie Is Male of Female. I just call them all she. All the fish are about 2 inches except bill who is 1 and a half inches. Mariocrazy
  15. My 30G looked HUGE but Now I see i needed it But it is your choice.
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