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  1. Oh no, my cycle crashed! Ammonia: 2.0, Nitrite: 0.25, Nitrate: 5.0 Doing a 100% water change right now. Uggh!
  2. I will post complete water parameters momentarily. My Oranda's fins are not clamped, just red and ragged and they are both still eating well. They are swimming listlessly though.
  3. I just wanted to note-- There has been 0.3% salt since 11/23/09. I'm worried that it's been too long, especially since the treatment has been less than effective. I will be doing a water change later tonight and would really like input on whether to keep the salt going, etc.
  4. Well, I'm in the midst of finals and have yet to do a water change since I found my ammonia at 0.25-- but I'm doing one tonight. Since Tuesday I have stopped the treatment of Melafix/Pimafix/Medigold. I noticed tonight my Orandas fins now have blood visible through them. I'm getting more and more concerned. They look worse now than before I started treating. I've got a tank divider ordered and will be here soon (fingers crossed!). Although I don't suspect my other Oranda of nipping her fins. Also, they are bottom sitting quite a bit more than normal. Help!
  5. Still the same. It's a bit better than it was initially. It's like it healed to a point. I stopped noticing improvement after about a week.
  6. Okay, sounds good! I should add salt to 0.3% too, right?
  7. Oh yuck! I just tested my water and here are the not so pleasant results-- Ammonia: 0.25, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 5, PH: 7.4. On the bright side, they are definitely eating. I just fed them and they jumped up like it was Christmas! As for their poop, I haven't seen much. I try not to overfeed them so I rarely see poop hanging off of them. Am I correct to assume it's water change time?
  8. Tonight I have noticed both of my fish aren't swimming around like they normally do. They seem to be bottom sitting far more than normal-- especially my Calico Oranda. And strangely, my Red Cap Oranda keeps swimming over to my Calico Oranda and essentially sits on him for moments at a time-- like a fish totem pole. I'm getting concerned that maybe there's more going on than just fin rot.
  9. I think you bring up a very valid point about water conservation. We should all be doing our best to be conscious of wasting water. With that said, I think there are costs associated with water filtering and reclamation-- just because we don't directly pay for it, doesn't mean it doesn't affect us and our planet as a whole. Watering houseplants and gardens with fish water are an effective way of reducing wasteful water habits and I would imagine fertilize our plants at the same time. Sounds like a win/win situation to me!
  10. I keep my 30 gallon heated to 72 degrees. Although my apartment's fairly warm, the water would dip well into the 60's without it. Hmmm, maybe I should consider raising the temperature a bit.
  11. I'm so very happy I stumbled upon this thread! I've been wondering this very same question-- even though I only have a 30 gallon. Sue, I miss your posts too! I'm glad to have you back (and be back myself)! Oh man, turning the faucet off while the python is draining is definitely going to save money on my 90% weekly water changes!
  12. If you're referring to Lionhead goldfish, only 1. Each double-tailed goldfish needs a minimum of 10 gallons to grow and thrive.
  13. I agree! I will stop the Melafix/ Pimafix/ Medigold tomorrow. I'll do a large water change and bring the salt level back to 0.03%. Should I run some carbon through my filters? I'm so confused. My water parameters have been consistently perfect for so long. When I purchased her she looked pretty ragged. But she's been living in perfect water for almost a year with little improvement. Not to mention, my Calico Oranda, although he definitely plays a part in this-- I've never seen him nip her fins.
  14. I've been running around trying to come up with a way to divide the tank right now and I'm at a loss. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to buy a divider right now-- hopefully later this week. In the meantime, should I continue to medicate? Tomorrow will be two weeks of using salt/Melafix/Pimafix/ Medigold.
  15. Yeah, I'm really kicking myself for not having a quarantine tank on hand. Lesson learned!
  16. I've definitely seen him swimming really close to her tail and I've definitely seen some head butting. But, I haven't seen any fin nipping. I guess I could try to find a tank divider. Hmmm, not a bad idea! Thanks so much!
  17. I do 90% weekly water changes, just did an extra one last night-- so my water is in top shape! My latest water parameters are consistent with previous readings, with a slight bump in nitrates-- Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 10, PH: 7.4. I'm really getting concerned her fins aren't getting much better, I feel like I've tried everything.
  18. Hey folks! So, Tuesday will mark two weeks of the salt/ Melafix/ Pimafix/ Medigold treatment. So far, my Oranda's fins don't look any better than in the pictures above. I'm curious if I should continue with the treatment for an additional week? Please, please, please let me know what you think! Thanks so very much!
  19. Sorry to hear that you lost little TW! He was awfully cute! I too would like to hear about your white comet. He's beautiful! Also, the dragon you have in the corner is great! Is it hollow or solid? I've been looking for a new dragon for my tank. My old one was hollow and I'm pretty sure it was the cause of many past problems.
  20. Here are some pictures I took tonight to show the progress of recovery. As I've mentioned, things are improving but are by no means better. I hope the pictures aren't too big. Shredded tail I think she's decided to go blond... Notice one of the anal fins is almost completely missing. And because she was so patient with all the picture taking... Thanks!
  21. Tonight marks the half way point of treatment. I'm doing a 90% water change, bringing the salt level back up to 0.3% and continuing with the Melafix and Pimafix. I will also continue feeding Medigold for the next week. So far, so good. Her fins seem to be getting better. They're not as ragged as they were. Should I expect them to clear up completely within the next week? If not, should I continue to treat for fin rot until they do? This problem has been pretty chronic and I'm afraid if I don't treat until she is 100% it will only regress and become ragged again in a matter of weeks. Might I also note, my other Oranda has been periodically chasing her around again. Seems to look like attempted breeding behavior-- or maybe just some flirting. I've been keeping a close eye on this and thankfully nothing has come to pass. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated!
  22. Thanks so very much! Actually we came up with a temporary solution for the snails. They are currently living in large mason jars with algae covered rocks. I've been making sure to change the water in the jars daily. I know it's not ideal, but I don't have a quarantine tank right now and I didn't want to run the risk of killing them with the salt treatment. Thanks again for your encouragement!
  23. Dosing up to 0.3% tonight. So far so good! I haven't noticed any fins healing, but it's still early in the process. Might I mention that my goldfish are wolfing down Medigold like it's some kind of treat! They love that stuff! Hahaha!
  24. Yep, got it! Yeah, I usually wouldn't treat with salt, meds and medicated food-- but it seems to be getting worse rapidly. I appreciate all your help! And, thanks for the reaffirmation! I'll definitely keep you posted!
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