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  1. Hello everyone, So, I'm currently in my 7th day of a fishless cycle utilizing Stability in lieu of pure Ammonia. Anyway, I've been keeping a water quality journal and my ammonia has been slowly but surely increasing as the days go by. Well, today I did my usual strip test and the reading for Ammonia showed up BLUE. But, the chart provided only reads varying levels of ammonia from yellow (lowest-0) to green (highest 6.0). Should I assume my ammonia is off the charts? Based on this assumption, my ammonia levels would be well over 6.0, and you would think my nitrites would have kicked in by now... Anyone else have similar experiences with this? Am I reading the strip correctly?
  2. Kerry- Any update on how your fish is doing? Also, if you haven't yet, I would test the water again...
  3. Wow, your fish are all so beautiful! I especially like that last picture, the contrasting colors are awesome!!!
  4. Cool, thanks Daryl and Chrissy Bee! I have been flipping it over every day when I get home... that way it doesn't get too bent out of shape, seems to be working. Thanks for the great suggestions. Happy to see it wasn't the heat that was the problem...
  5. Good luck with the treatment, your fish are really beautiful!
  6. Liz, your fish look great! Especially considering all they've gone through... what little troopers!
  7. I have had Penguin 350's and love them! They are a no fuss filter that has sufficient gph...
  8. Sorry to hear about your fish. Is he normally that 'round'? I know alot of us have very 'well nourished' (aka chubby) fish... but he appears to be somewhat bloated. I am no expert, but I think your fish may have 'dropsy'. It looks like he has excessive slime coat, due to illness, which is shedding. I think that is 'normal' when they are sick. Here is a link about 'dropsy': http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/Dropsy.html On another note, how big is your pleco? Is it a common pleco? I know from experience (unfortunately) that plecos tend to become more aggressive as they get bigger. My old pleco grew 9-10 inches and I had to give him away because he sucked on my goldfish, resulting in an almost oval shaped ulcer on my fish's side. Seems they are only docile with the lights on (they're sneaky!)Ironically enough, he chose someone his size to pick on, but that's besides the point. From what I remember reading, plecos tend to suck on the slime coat of goldfish. This may be why your fish's slime coat is shedding as well. Hope that helps! I am confident that someone with more insight and information will come along soon.
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your lil' Billy. I know it can be hard when you feel like you have done everything and then a new symptom comes up. Please answer the questions above so someone will be able to come along and see the big picture a little clearer. I'm afraid I'm not the best person to help, but I am sure someone will come along.
  10. Your tank looks great! I really like the plant you have in there! Great picture quality too! I wish I could take pictures like that! One thing though, I'm kinda concerned about your orange Oranda. His eyes look like he may have popeye, a bacterial infection (I think). Also, in the first picture, he looks a bit 'pineconed', but that may just be the picture. Has he been like that for long? You may want to look into that... better safe than sorry, right?
  11. I think some tanks are designed so you can't fill them up all the way. My new acrylic is about a half inch shorter in the back than in the front. I didn't notice till I set it up, so the water in the back is up to the top, but in the front has a visible water line. I'm not sure why it's designed that way, but it might be as mentioned before, to ensure co2 exchange and to prevent overflow... Hmmm.
  12. I have set up my new tank. It's my first acrylic tank (always had glass before) and I have made a seemingly HUGE mistake all ready. I have a Coralife T-5 on the tank, suggested by the really knowledgeable (for once!) clerk at my lfs... Well, he forgot to mention something, and I'm used to glass tanks so this problem didn't even dawn on me. Turns out, I should have had the light mounted on something (?!) because it has warped the top lid of my new SeaClear aquarium. Thankfully, I'm only at the fishless cycle stage and really have only had my light on for a few hours at a time.... but, the lid is pretty warped, it won't lay flat anymore, even with the light on it. I'm really not to sure why I didn't think about this... heat+plastic=melt!!! Apparently, I was too excited in setting up my new tank to use my brain. Thankfully, this sort of oversight didn't occur in any other areas of the tank (yet). So, my question(s) are: Has this happened to anyone before? Know how to fix the warped lid? Or... know where to buy a replacement lid? (I don't expect to find one at my lfs) Are there "legs" to put on the light so this doesn't happen? Any suggestions or comments (even "Nice one, ha!) would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Liz, your tank looks great! I love hexagon tanks, but have never had one before... Oh, and... am I blind, or are there no fish in the picture? I want to see the babies!
  14. I agree, bronze is really pretty! I have seen Chocolate(y) colored fish too. I wonder if they stay that way? Or if they turn orange... Hmm, maybe someone with more info will come along... **crosses fingers**
  15. Hmm, I've seen Moors like that too. Actually, the Moor I had a few years ago was jet black when I bought him and as he got older his belly turned bronze, and then a fiery red/orange. You may have seen this Moore mid-transition? I think this is pretty common with Moors. I remember reading somewhere on here that it is hard to maintain the color black in goldfish. If fed color enhancing food (which I sure as heck did!) fish with black pigment will tend to loose some of their black, as with some calico's, or will bronze over time, for Moors.
  16. Cool! Thanks for the input! I did a search and it looks like a few people on here have used them and it turned out really good. I'll put this on my list of things to get later. Yay!
  17. Yeah, I know they are not needed... Definitely not a necessity. But, I'm thinking it would be a pretty cool addition to the tank, as long as it doesn't cause any harm somehow. That's why I'm curious if anyone has used these before...
  18. Your pond was beautiful! I am so sorry to hear your loss. It's hard to make decisions like this, but I agree this is probably the best option. Sometimes racoons will try to get into windows. I had a group of them try to get into my apartment in the middle of the night when my cat had kittens. It was a quite traumatizing situation.
  19. I guess they were originally developed for corals that grow at night (?) and to view nocturnal fish. From what I have read, there can be used in FW tanks too. Hmmm. Here it is: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...mp;pcatid=12110
  20. I am really intrigued by these Lunar LED lights. Has anyone tried them on their GF tanks?
  21. My old apple snail, Fu, used to do that. I would always run to the tank to see if he was okay; find he was still alive and let him be. I imagine it's not a problem. But I hope someone with a bit more info will come around to let you know for sure. Good luck with your snail!
  22. Okay... the more I think about it, I think I do need to do a fishless cycle. When I first started fishkeeping a few years ago, I was really ignorant and set up my 30 gallon tank the same day as I got my fish. To make matters worse, I was ridiculously overstocked. I'm not going to make that mistake again... I sufferred from a really bad 'new tank syndrome' and lost almost every single fish within a very short period of time. It was tragic. Even though I now understand water quality and proper equipment and stocking levels, I do not want to lose my fish again... So, I probably should do a fishless cycle. Thanks for the suggestion!!! Sorry to get off topic of tanks & equipment!
  23. Thanks! What kind of light do you have? I just bought a T-5 at the suggestion of the guy at my LFS... he is really knowledgeable (even about GF!) and he said this type of light is good for bringing out colors in GF.
  24. Thanks for the link! Gosh, it's like Snail Prohibition... Can't there be a snail speakeasy in Seattle... Hahah!
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