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  1. I have 2-55gal. , 1-45gal. , 1-30gal. , 2-10gal. , and a 200gal. pond!!
  2. I agree with LaurieP, i tried the frozen bottle tip and it worked out great!!!
  3. WOW!!! those are some serious goldies, if I had the money, I would get them!!!
  4. That was really cute. also your fishies are beautifull too!!!
  5. I have one, and you will not believe how hard it is to find one, its so cute!!
  6. Wow, thats creepy!!! I have seen one in Ocean County College, nj. They have a pond in the middle of the college with some comets and koi. One day I was walking by and I saw this koi with the human face, I was like woahh.
  7. Well, both my 55gal are in the livingroom (one on each side of the tv. my 10gal is in my room, and the 5gal is in the kitchen.
  8. Phil, I'm so sorry about your brother
  9. Maybe because of the temp. I imagine that in Texas is pretty hot right now.
  10. I turn them on when I get home from work for like an hour and 1/2 so that I can see them when they are eating when I feed them.
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