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  1. Top Fin pH increase is water and baking soda, it is a great temporary solution but will not provide a long lasting effect in your tank. If you age some water with the bubbler in a pail overnight, does that affect the pH at all?
  2. My half sphere pond is 3 ft deep and has a 4 ft radius, it is 270 us gal. If it is an irregular size you can cut it into two shapes and then add the total volume together. Since you are in ecuador, do you know if you're water supply uses chlorine or chloramines in their water? Not all countries do.
  3. Get the carbon out and just stuff it full of filter floss or other good stuff that will keep the beneficial bacteria growing in your filters Where did you get your rocks? were they found or bought? THey're lovely either way
  4. Not a bother at all! I love getting elbow deep into some cycling threads
  5. The good news is the fish will eat frogs eggs easily so hopefully you won't have a boom situation if they reproduce before you can catch them all.
  6. Most people who mock me are doing it to see a specific response from me. Either to see me get angry or flustered. Most males have indicated it's 'cute' when I get angry. I have been struggling with assigning importance to opinions. Most people don't know about goldfishkeeping especially from the viewpoint of keeping them in a thriving healthy environment. I try to remember that they are keeping fish for a different reason than I. I try to dismiss the opinions of those who have little knowledge to base a quality opinion on whatever I'm being mocked at and to accept that most mockery is done as a behavior to supplement an unhealthy ego. By mocking and picking apart another person about their passion they can ignore the insecurities they feel for not having the same passion in their lives about something. Some people even find that people who are different from them are threatening to their ego and will mock them. Needless to say there are many internal reasons why people mock. When you are in the moment and emotions are intense it is hard to take a step back and realize there is more to it than what is being said. It has taken me a long time to accept this.
  7. I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Had you started antibiotics before he passed?
  8. haha found it fast than I thought. I'm half right, legumes are the plants to avoid. http://www.botanical-online.com/english/croprotation.htm According to that website it's the legumes roots that host nitrifying bacteria that releases nitrogen into the soil. I seem to of confused root vegetables with legumes and for that I apologize. I think potatoes release something into the soil which is why all new gardens here are pure potatoes first and then varied veggies the second year. But I cannot find my old pdf's containing that information. I should just stay mute more often on this website as I am too disorganized to display my information effectively.
  9. I will get to searching , that information is from local people as this is a heavy farming and gardening community and nitrogen leaking is something we try hard to prevent in our soil. My theory is if it releases nitrogen into the soil of a garden it would release nitrogen anywhere the roots will be.
  10. Quite nice! Are you planning to use a UV sterilizer? Will you just be collecting pond spawns or handspawning your own? Where will you be culturing your own fry food and what will you start out with? How big is the pump for this set up? What are you using as predator control? Do you also think your kitty is cute? SOOO MANY QUESTIONS
  11. Be careful with the plants you choose as some root vegetables like potatoes release nitrogen into the soil which forms ammonia, nitrate, and nitrites. Beans will readily absorb nitrogen from the water so make sure the ratio is more nitrogen eating than nitrogen releasing. Looks like a dream yard to me.
  12. I clean my pond liner once a year and that is right before I fill it. That slime is great snack food for your goldies and provies the main amount of nitrate absorption and oxygenation into the water. If you really find it unseenly you need to increase the number of plants that are in your pond to compete with those nutrients. Plants also provide shade and hiding places and food for goldies as well. Good luck and I'm sure shakaho queen of the ponds will post soon with a more complete answer
  13. That's common spawning behavior kiara
  14. It's overcast today and the full moon is coming up soon. I got to see some chasing and some butt sniffin Maybe I should hold off on getting a betta for the 10 gal just incase there's any fry that survive. On a happy note I noticed that Fishy the pearl is a boy and likes to linger at the top of the pond and then swoop down on his unsuspecting single tailed females. Sweaters I also suspect is a male as he as been doing the same thing. Anyone else got some frisky business going on in their households?
  15. Since there has been a recent faulty test kit that has shown up I'm wondering if this has shown anything but nitrites. Could it be the test kit? What type of lighting do you have for this tank?
  16. Cool epsom salt absorbs sound in the ocean. And you can use it as a coagulant to make tofu. Epsom Salt acts as a saline laxative which means it attracts and retains water and increases pressure in the intestine which results in softer stools. That's the human explanation, I presume intestines are intestines and the same happens in fish.
  17. Many people on this site make their own gel food and recently a few members have found allen repashy's site which is a form of gel food that seems to be favorable amoungst many. You can find all the info searching through the goldfish food subforum
  18. new tank stuff is always fun. That's the only way I keep from buying new fish is constantly redecorating the tank Think of how many more people would join kokos if you had MORE fish
  19. Lovely good to hear Where are you getting your fishies?
  20. Alternating months with bamboo means you're just slowing the rot of the bamboo. Keeping the leaves out permanently means the plant will be healthier and under the right conditions grow faster. I get nervous with things rotting in a tank unless there is a snail in there. I know goldfish have the stomachs to consume all levels of plantlife, from new to rotted I can imagine though how it affects your cycle or water quality.
  21. First thing I can suggest to you is read. Read some more and then read after that. You can never be too prepared when starting goldies and there is a lot of experience on this site and in the forum as well that are well worth the look. You'll probably be able to pick up what'll work best for you from that
  22. kanamycin is an aminoglycoside and is not in the same class as tetracycline. It binds to susceptible bacteria during protein synthesis and renders the cell membrane defective.
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