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  1. Ah see that they won't order for me. I'll have to get it online then
  2. So my lps has the api saltwater master kit but not the freshwater one. It's got a layer of dust on it so I didn't check the expiry dates on the bottles but from what I saw it was just ammonia, nitrtie, nitrate low and high pH tests. Isn't that the same as the freshwater kit? Could I buy this and use it or is it not advised?
  3. Probably with lots of stars in the sky at night.
  4. I have one place in the nearest city an hour away. I am too far away from any airport nor do I live in an area that gets mail on a regular basis so online is not an option. Maybe it's a mixed blessing, I'm never tempted too much because I can't afford the gas to vist the pet store more than once a month. I can view the online auctions with ease because it will never be a reality to buy fish from that area. Maybe you have a mixed blessing with the rude service you get since it probably hinders your desire to buy their fish
  5. You have more than one place to purchase fish. For that alone I am envious of you. It has taken me a year to get my fish, two were carefully selected, two were a surprise at the store and one was a rescue
  6. I've always wondered with people who have high feeding regimens for their fish. How does that change your water maintenance schedule. I know most people here change their water twice a week and I know most tosakin breeders keep 2 bowls per fish and do 100% changes daily if not twice daily. How was the water schedule beforehand vs the water schedule now?
  7. I erred on the side of caution when it came to gallonage. I was thinking that the wading pool would be good for the commons since they could zoom around in an uninterrupted circle. The preformed pond is only 4 1/2 ft long. Once I get the pool set up I'll further with details.
  8. Well my fish have come inside, they were very hard to catch. We were able to save 2 snails as well to which my daughter named Fisherman and Princess. I'm just wanting to make sure what the accomodations are alright. I have about half of my water hyacinths (12 of 24) in the preformed pond in the basement. From filling it with 5 gallons buckets it is between 75-80 gallons and has a bucket filter from a 5 gal bucket that was used in the pond. I have 1 fantail (3-4" body), 1 pearlescale (maybe 1 1/2") , 2 commons (one 2" and one 2 1/2") and 1 watonai (2" body). For a second set up I have the girls wading pool. I calculated it to be about 30 gals. (40" diameter and I'll fill it around 6.5-7 inches, the height is 8 inches) I plan on wintering the rest of the hyacinths, the pennywort and I have the fountain pump to use until I set up a second bucket filter. So my question IS.... Where should who go?
  9. Seeing as this is hitting a few nerves among the members, is this being addressed in the form of a rule addition or possible consequences or warnings?
  10. Ach Mein Gott!!! She's waving hai and has propeller fins! She looks like a fishy plane! So cute!
  11. No, at my max. I'm even tearing down my 10 gal and just leaving it as a qt tank. Until I get another stock tank I have my 85 gal preformed pond which JUST fits my 5 fishies.
  12. Guess who bought a bag of repashy soilent green from the LFS today? It was me! I was so excited to see it there. I shouldn't be shocked because they sell the repashy reptile food. But what I was also shocked to find was calico pearlescales. CALICO. Pearlescales with black on them! I was so shocked. I'm at max but they were very healthy looking, so were the red caps and moors. Ranchus were very long bodied which was nice to see but they were clamped, they were down at the bottom row in the corner which I've deducted is the QT tank from the hob filter and from that being the tank that I always see ich or clamped fish in.
  13. http://www.mankysanke.co.uk/html/understanding_buffering.html This is a great article! Never have I ever put the connection together that carbonic acid is water and cabon dioxide combined, I knew that but it never 'clicked.' I also didn't know that baking soda will only buffer up to a pH of 8.4. However they did not have a suggestion on the amount of oyster shells to use and also it is an article for koi so keep that they are using items for large quantities of water.
  14. If you take a look at the sub forum : Goldfish Food there are a lot of wonderful recipes and information pinned and through the threads that can help you make your own food
  15. I'm confused, you started the video showing the spray bars but at the end you showed the intake tubes, which one were you hoping to be moving? I also could only see the 2 AC spray bars and not the home made ones, anyway you could take a still shot and circle it with a paint program. Maybe it's just my eyes though, hopefully someone sharper comes along.
  16. Sachi would be a globe eyed telescope, they both have ribbon tails. From what I remember a single anal is not considered a fault in showing however depending on where you are showing the telescope, the globe eyed may be a fault, http://www.bristol-aquarists.org.uk/goldfish/globe/globe.htm (despite the name the globe eyed is not considered good quality in the UK)
  17. It is really hard to say what causes goldfish aggression, sometimes it's a reaction to water quality or internal parasites or some other type of illness that is affection the fish and causing abherrant behavior. Some fish are bullies their whole life and that is their personality. I believe answering the questions at the top as detailed as you can will help the mods and experts in this area determine what is the origin of this behavior and then can conclude on a adjustment in care. From what I can tell, buying an extra large breeder box if the fish cannot fit in a colander may help as those normally can't be thrashed about by the fish. A divider as chrissy suggested. 10 gal tanks are quite cheap and could you use that as an alternative time out if you have trepidations about the rubbermaid container? If you use the search function there are quite a lot of topics already covering this. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 Good luck
  18. Normally in a house the temperature is considered stable. Since there are humans living there as well, normally it's at a comfortable temperature for goldfish as well. It's when they are in a pond, especially in our province that there would be cause for concern. Being a long bodied single tailed fish they can handle a greater range of temperatures than their compact twin tailed cousins. I think you will be at a good temperature, if you are worried about inactivity due to low temps (normally happens with fish kept in the 50-60F range) you can always add a heater
  19. Is it worth getting a license to receive stock? Sometimes those things are a fraction of the cost and well worth the hassle.
  20. Just wanted to say that if the little girl/guy is still bottom sitting to keep an eye on the belly for sores from lying and moving about on the gravel in the qt. Last thing you want is to have to deal with both internal and external infections/infestations. Was there a pH change when you moved the fish to qt?
  21. Are these going in a pond or in a tank?
  22. I use a strainer as a cover, that way I can put plants in it that can reach the water That is if you are talking about a cover for your filtration system.
  23. YAY!!!!! What was your secret? Patience or a secret nitrate dance?
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