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  1. Will have to check pH when I can buy the drops. I had that thought as I was heading for bed last night that I don't even have a cycle with that temp. What is a safe way to raise the temp. Heaters are not meant for heating at that range... If the next step is pH I will get that test next and focus on keeping ammonia at 0 cause that's never a bad thing. ETA: Should read more thoroughly. They get fed every day once a day except on water change day. Repashy and not a lot, 1-2 ice cubes for the 5 of them. They don't seem to be active enough for peas or veggies.
  2. Well the fish store was closed by the time I got to it and GOOD THING! I went home and tested my water and I had a wee bit of a cycle bump. Ammonia was at 0.5ppm! Finally bought a thermometer and the water is sitting at 50F which yes is cold but these are pond fish kept in the basement, the water temp should rise to 60 over the winter as we turn on the furnace more. The plants get some light but obviously not enough to metabolize more ammonia. Water changes are every 4 days. I remove till about half of the pond pump is showing. So maybe 2-3inches of water left and then refill. Right now I don't have a siphon since you can't siphon floor ground to floor ground. I do it with a empty container and try to 'catch' the debris as it swirls. I need to buy a utility pump, I don't have a strong enough drill to work my drill pump. Solutions: get a utility pump to help siphon the debris, redistribute fish so some are in the wading pool (currently all 5 are in the preformed pond), get stronger light on a timer to keep the plants going Solutions I don't know how to do: increase temperature safely, As for the nitrate and nitrite, it was by pure fluke I found this one tiny api ammonia drops in wally world that wasn't expired. I am waiting until my lfs switches to api solely and there will be drops available to me again. The wading pool need all the debris siphoned out, they have the majority of the plants and therefore the majority of the dirt. The pump need more sponges for biomedia. I expect there may be a cycle bump with that one too but since I'm hauling dirty water up the basement stairs and then outside to dump and I'm filling up water upstairs and hauling it downstairs to fill I'm only doing one pond at a time. also wisdom teeth are coming out in 2 wks and cost $1000 for me so don't have money to purchase all this extra stuff for right now Any help would be greatly appreciated, but I wanted to get this all down in writing as it was getting confusing in my head
  3. A ten gallon QT tank with an airstone should suffice, I would personally skip the gravel because it just makes the frequent water changes that much harder. You don't have to worry about a cycle in a QT tank because you are providing 100% water changes a day or more (since you will have 3 in there) There is a link in my sig about salt and I believe dnalex has one as well if he stops by. Flukes are internal parasites that abound in almost all goldfish. They are treated with either prazipro (a brand name of praziquantel) or generic praziquantel. There is a treatment regimen and I highly suggest you start up a D&D thread to help keep track of your QT process. You will need to test your ammonia several times a day as any amount of ammonia will cause medications to not work properly and will react with the salt. Be prepared to do more than one water change a day and have lots of prime on hand or whatever water conditioner you have. Having all the necessary water testing equipment will also help you keep track of any issues with your water you need to address. What is your main tank? Is there room for 3 more fish there? Edit: I'm a dyslexic dysmorph
  4. I love DIY filters, if you want a cheap sponge filter, try looking up the hamburg mattenfilter. I find this a lovely set up that is easy to make for any beginner.
  5. A good quality breeder will always reduce the chances of you having parasites, fungus and other issues that show up from extended periods in poor quality water. It is still recommended that you QT on your own though and further observe just incase the stress from the delivery has compromised the immunity and some issue lying dormant has now become and active concern. Some breeders used to email you a gill and scale scope video so that you knew either the fish was clean or what you might need to prepare when the fish comes home. If you had a clean gill and scale scope from the breeder and another one to compare to after it has acclimated I would say that would be the only time to shorten a QT.
  6. Wow those babies have GROWN! How old are they now?
  7. Check your tank on a regular basis (every 12 or 24 hrs) so you can find out how much is getting consumed in a set period of time. Nitrite is quite toxic, try to keep that as low as possible. With borrowed media it makes sense that your tank is showing signs of a cycle in all areas of nitrobacter.
  8. I'm thinking we need a sousant more info. Specifically, tank size, is there fish in it, when did you start your cycle. We change water during cycles if there are fish in it OR if you are getting a high reading on your ammonia during a certain part of your cycle.
  9. I think it's just one of those 'wait and see' QT's. Just keep them separate for a month and see if anything crops up.
  10. I see you are in michigan this makes a lot of difference. I am in canada and so far north that I would need a depth of over three feet since my pond freezes solid. My other option is to run a heater in the winter and that's not practical either. You will want to check to see the depth at which ice freezes in your area, you will need a part of the surface that stays unfrozen for gas exchange. Lots of people add bubblers to ensure that as well. Shakaho I believe has touched on this before so I hope she chimes in
  11. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/95667-super-glue/page__p__1129520__hl__glue__fromsearch__1#entry1129520 I wrote up a rather confusing post about this awhile ago if anyone is interested in the science behind it. Thanks for adding this to the tips obera
  12. Yuki, she saw the picture and went WOW THAT"S AN AMAZING GOLDFISH!!!!
  13. One of the benefits of being poor is it takes about 3 months to convince yourself to spend money on a hobby.
  14. What's worse is my mom said I could get the fish and then we'll get a larger stock tank for next winter :S Talk about your enablers. Oh also, for those of you that know my issues with my mother she who hates everything that breathes. She saw lovelychaos' betta and DEMANDS I get one for her! She didn't even believe me it was a betta cause the ones she's seen didn't look that pretty, I explained that that's cause they aren't healthy. Could've gotten a similar colouring but I'm not looking for a betta yet.
  15. This topic is a month old and I believe the issues has already been addressed and resolved.
  16. Ooooh hunt list! That sounds exciting, what's on your hunt list?
  17. Their previous photos from july and monster from june
  18. At the lfs I put things on wait lists, if they are still there after 3 visits (which is normally 3 months for me) I will get them. Right now there is a beautiful calico pearlescale there. It was there last month but I noticed it's getting a little head growth so it's a crown pearlie!!! If it's there next time I will get it and make the accomodations. (lucky me I havea 10 gal qt) I just saw a fantail calico with only one tailfin, it has a high humpy back so it may develop into a ryukin which would mean it would be close to a tamasaba (except that it's a calico coloration) Anyone else have a wait list?
  19. Yeah he's a monster but very gentle, likes being handled, makes sure the others get food when it's feeding time.
  20. I only got 4 out of 5 of the fish, couldn't catch that fast little common/hibuna/whatever it turns into. And just cause I did so much work setting this up
  21. Update: I manage to clean the filter sponges out a bit so the water is looking clearer. I also broke my back doing most of the deadheading and leaf removal that I could. It's looking a little cleaner but the fish are looking hungry, can't decide whether I should feed them peas or repashy first.
  22. Like...with a condom? In a QT tank you would treat a fish with salt for external parasites like ich and prazipro for internal parasites like flukes. A very high amount of fish have parasites so this is a preventative measure. A QT tank is a smaller amount of water seeing as the fish will normally need 100% water changes during the time of the quarantine. It is easier to perform these in a smaller volume. As you observe the fish through the QT other illnesses or concerns may pop up, it's nice to be able to observe these without the worry of exposure to your other fish.
  23. I was just going by what is on the main website. http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/cycle.html
  24. This site promotes 40 gallons per single tail and 20 gallons per double tail. That is if you are providing adequate oxygenation with either a bubbler, or something that increases surface movement. A filter or filters with 10X filtration is a recommended minimum. A fishless cycle is definitely the smartest way to start out in goldfish and helps prevent some common illnesses from cropping up later. Even with all of this, you still need to perform a partial or total water change every week to keep the nitrates down. I recommend reading the articles on the site associated with this forum as they are excellent at explaining the beginning process. ETA: that darn dnalex is such a fast and fancy typer!
  25. Ok picture time That is the whole set up. Monster the biggest fish The pearlescale, don't mind the water colour it's from the leaves, I haven't deadheaded the plants, cleaned the roots or de mudded the filter. Working on getting th epumps working first. Don't know if that one works, doesn't on my comp. All my plants in desperate need of deadheading. Where all the fish currently are. I'd say I have more than 50 gals in the wading pool. It's filled almost to the brim to cover the pump and I was hauling a LOT of 5 gal buckets down the stairs. So who do you think should go where?
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