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  1. That is a very cute oranda, I like how the wen bubbles are JUUUUST starting to form. It'll be interesting to compare the growth in a couple of months.
  2. Very nice long bodied pearlies! I much prefer the depth to them than the rotundness. Don't worry, he'll grow into that, mine did
  3. I feed my 5 fish 2 ice cubes of repashy (I make them in an ice cube tray) BUT my fish are in 62F water and have a lowered metabolism. I've read that they feed fish on farms, 1-4% of their body weight, I'd say that would be the most accurate amount to aim for.
  4. I love them but I still love tamasabas more.
  5. It got easier as i got along but some I cannot find them.
  6. A little update. I haven't been to the city so I haven't gotten a pH test kit yet (no kokostick please alex ) but I've been checking my ammonia daily. I've changed to twice a week feedings and my ammonia has been at zero the passed 6 days (will change it tomorrow regardless) I HAVE added 2 100 watt light bulbs (the old kind not CFL's) and have them on for 8 hrs a day. They have warmed up my water to 62F. I have seen new growth on all my plants with this minor change so I'm presuming that's where the ammonia is going. I am worried about the plants in the wading pool with no fish in it. I plan on moving monster over, or if my wisdom teeth procedure goes really bad I may get a new fish for my 10 gal QT. Regardless of the wisdom teeth (the next time I'm in the city) I will be getting at minimum a pH test kit and a nitrate test kit since I know the store has them in api drops. I'm not too confident about them having the nitrite one or the GH/KH testers.
  7. haha, the only way I would think of getting a scrape is plunking him in a really tiny container for a few secs to get a slime scrape. Just figured with it going on for so long that the more data we can get the better
  8. Just wondering koko if you had a microscope or felt comfortable getting a scrape from your fish?
  9. I found out why! http://www.raingarden.us/color.htm In this article: However, white usually suffers in an outdoor pond and may take on a yellowish tinge. This seems to be a result of consumption of algae, duckweed or other plant life which contains large amounts of xanthophill, a yellow pigment. I bet ya soilent green has a lot of this I'm such a detective today
  10. That is so cute! I also audibly screamed cause I thought there was a spider on my screen
  11. I was going to type up a huge long post explaining this but yet again I have been beaten to it. http://www.raingarden.us/color.htm Metallic blue goldfish look more grey than blue to most people. Bluish grey may be a better description. This is not to be confused with the jay blue or sky blue found in calico nacreous-scale goldfish. There are several shades of metallic blue and many metallic blue individuals also have brown patches here and there on the body. The metallic blue is created by scattered melanophores. The melanophores and black pigment are identical to those found on solid black goldfish, but the melanophores are spread out rather than being densely packed together. This “dusting” of black pigment in the absence of any red or yellow pigment gives the fish a bluish grey appearance. If there are patches of red and yellow pigment, these appear brown when combined with the dusting of black. As mentioned above, black can be unstable in metallic-scale goldfish and this includes the dusting of black which creates metallic blue. If the black fades away a metallic blue goldfish becomes a white goldfish. If the metallic blue individual has some brown patches before the black faded away, the metallic blue fish becomes white with red patches. Even though the black is unstable, the red and yellow pigments do not usually disappear. -Above is quote from article
  12. What size of tank do you think you need?
  13. How big is the new tank you are getting?
  14. I could try that but to be honest, I'll just haul the water until I find a utility pump with an outtake pump. I'm a big fan of extra work and suffering haha
  15. Hey Una, I have bought this EcoPlus brand and am pleased with it: http://www.amazon.co...s=ecoplus+pumps To go from my aging tank to the aquarium I use a standard 1/2" garden hose cut off on one end, it comes with a variety of attachments. Depending on how far you have to go with the hose and how far up would determine the strength you need. Because I go up 5' from the floor to the tank, it pumps about 1.5 gallons a minute I would say, it says it pumps 264gph but depending on those factors it slows down. A decent rate but not too fast for the fish. You will see they are fairly inexpensive. Here is a link to their specs showing all their pumps, maybe one of these would work for you. http://sunlightsuppl...nstructions.pdf FYI I tried the 132 and 185 and they just were not powerful enough, but again I am going up 5 feet. Also, on the other end, couldn't you go from your upstairs sink with a 50foot water changer to refill? or is that still too far? I think they sell a coupling so you could go 100 feet etc to refill your ponds in the basement. Thank you so much for your help! Unfortunately you can't attach an intake hose into a submersible pump, I would have to stick the pump in and woft the debris around it to suck it in for a water change. (the hose is an external outtake hose) http://www.google.ca/imgres?num=10&hl=en&biw=1920&bih=892&tbm=isch&tbnid=kKFMgLDpziuj4M:&imgrefurl=http://www.unitedfaucets.com/&docid=08lPolXh-EgwwM&imgurl=http://www.unitedfaucets.com/images/Kitchen-Faucets.jpg&w=250&h=250&ei=tKljUJjbNKbDygGgmoGYBw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=360&vpy=367&dur=1744&hovh=200&hovw=200&tx=109&ty=224&sig=105672121967939412759&page=2&tbnh=126&tbnw=126&start=63&ndsp=67&ved=1t:429,r:12,s:63,i:374 That is what my faucet looks like, the bulb on the end is larger so there is no way to attach a hose to it. My option for hauling water down would be to put a submersible pump in the sink, fill the sink and attach a hose all the way to the basement for refills. We don't have an external spout on our house so I hauled buckets to fill the pond all summer, I'm kinda used to it, just wish I had a better method for ridding the debris. PLEASE don't suggest manual siphoning, since it's going from ground to ground I have to suck the water and quickly shove it in a bucket or I get a mouthful. I refuse to try that again.
  16. Some of us don't have the option of a water changer. I change water from my basement pond tubs on the floor to a 5 gal bucket on the same floor. The nearest sink is one the next floor (main floor) For me I'm trying to find a utility pump that pumps under 200 GPH (most or 2,000 or 20,000 GPH and expensive) where I can attach an intake hose. Basically I swish up most debris I can and hope that's good enough. It is basically doing a 80-90% water change everytime. I haul the buckets up the stairs to the main floor and haul them outside, afterwards, I fill up 5 gal buckets at the sink and carry them down the stairs to fill the pond tubs. ARMS- the original water changers
  17. As with any part of a goldfish,wen colour is not consistent. Any goldfish can lose or change colour for natural reasons. There are also environmental reasons why a goldfish can lose colour and some goldfish can lose colour in response to a illness or treatment. Without a picture it is hard to determine what aspect it is. sorry I'm not much help.
  18. I love it! Can't wait to see it when it grows a bit more
  19. bodoba


    And my youngest wonders why I don't want her to lick walls in public places.... (she's 3)
  20. It is but remember to keep a barrier between the roots and the mechanical part of the filter or you may get a mess and a non working filter. Too much bamboo in the filter would displace room for biomedia but I don't see an issue with just a stalk or two Good luck, would love to see pics of it
  21. bodoba


    I can feel that thing undulating in my mouth....sometimes a large imagination is a curse. I gotta go clean something...
  22. if there is subfloor in place you just need to reinforce the area underneath it. REVIVE this thread with a renewed project interest
  23. plastic 50 watt heater, I will attempt to get this. As I was thinking about this I figured maybe I am overfeeding them and should change to an every other day feeding. There is still duckweed and algae from the pond in there for them to eat and the water in the basement attracts the spiders so they have a steady supply of protein. The piping in this house is probably from the 60s and the basement isn't finished or insulated. I don't think there is any vents to the basement but I will check. Thanks for helping me figure this out, semi dormant pond stasis is hard to correct and figure out. There's lost of info on wintering your fish but not much for converting into an active stasis.
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