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  1. All summer long? I had 5 fish in a 270 gal pond, I normally don't change the water in my pond, just add to it if the rain's late.
  2. I can't say I shake that violently. I also know that hives, urticaria and other skin reactions are accelerated if you are dehydrated. I don't know whether the skin is more sensitive at that time or not, but I know that upping my water and moisturizing everyday lowers my amount of hives I get at work. Even if it doesn't work there's little harm in drinking more water and keeping your skin moisturized
  3. Salicylate in the ammonia HCL in the nitrate HCL in the nitrate That's the only things I could see. If you are allergic to Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) then you can get sensitivities to slicylate anywhere, they are also in some face washes. I would go see your dr, list your allergy situations. For now you can get disposable masks and gloves at most pharmacies (espeically pharmacies attached to medical facilities) I wear them at work occasionally cause of the chemicals we use to clean
  4. FYI this is the msds sheet for it. http://cms.marsfishcare.com/files/msds/ammonia_test_122309.pdf
  5. Which test specifically is this for? Some have different chemicals to test for different things (i.e. ammonia testers vary to GH testers)
  6. I have pH test finally. They aren't drops they api 5 in 1 test strips, I am waiting until these are finished and then I'm ordering a master kit whether they are at the lps or not. A day after the water changes my params were Ammonia 0 (used with the drops) Nitrate and Nitrite 0 pH between 7.0 and 7.5 kH was between 40 and 80 BUT GH was the darkest it could be and the highest count was 180. From what I know these is nothing to worry about. My lighting routine and increased heat from the furnace has my temp fluxuating between 62 to 68F Current changes: 4 babies in the preformed pond (2 commons, 1 watonai, 1 pearlescale) 1 monster in wading pool (large fantail) I also added some more sponges and a second pump to the wading pool and plan on making a new 10 gal bog filter.
  7. It's october! Switch to monster names ALso he is pretty precious
  8. Anyway you could take a video of it? Four eyes are better than two
  9. These are gorgeous! They look like they'll be lots of fun
  10. I hope he gets better and awww he reminds me of puppies playing between a fence
  11. How is the poop? It sounds like you have a good QT set up right now and have taken care of everything in advance, good job
  12. Just wanted to add that most people who add an airstone to drive down the pH normally don't have to keep it in for 72 hrs, normally 5-10 gals with an airstone with have a varied pH overnight. I agree, use a sterilite tub to age the water if you can
  13. What?!? How can post something so monumental and not have pics to accompany it!!! I call for the kokostick!
  14. Since you were having issues with your fish before and you didn't change anything, I suspect you are still having issues with your fish. I think you need to rethink some of your fishkeeping choices so the remainder of your fish will be heathly. There is lots of links to read here and on the main site that can help you make those decisions. Please let us know what you decide, we are glad to help but there is nothing I can personally do to help your fish until you make some changes with your routines and set up. Good luck
  15. The only other thing I can add to the list is to try a surface floating plant like duckweed. That will minimize the light and it will receive the fresh water from the filters so it will have a first hand shot at the phosphorus and any other nutrients. Phosphorus is important in root growth so I would guestimate that if you had a surplus of roots on your plants that it would help indicate that. I hope to hear of your solution
  16. Can you update us on their care, has anything changed in your routine?
  17. His back is rounding out nicely, you've done a great job with him! Can't wait to see how his wen develops
  18. That orascope that someone has is a funky looking fish. I would love to see a pearlescale tosakin but tosakins are so precious and rare and high status, I doubt they ever get crossed.
  19. I'm glad you clarified that the pics were from exotic goldfish, I kept looking at that hand and then looking at your gender The new tele looks adorable
  20. http://www.seachem.com/Products/product_pages/Prime.html The directions for prime on the website state this quote - " For smaller doses, please note each cap thread is approx. 1 mL. May be added to aquarium directly, but better if added to new water first. If adding directly to aquarium, base dose on aquarium volume. Sulfur odor is normal. " Don't know if that helps, in my mind, I always have a bucket of water to go in right after I add the full amount of prime, I can't imagine those few seconds would cause anything.
  21. Because of the high concentration, one capful treats 50 gallons of water, I don't really think there is a gradual way to add it. I do 80-90% water changes weekly and I just add the amount before I add the new water.
  22. You and I are complete opposites haha I always pick a fish for the shortest tail and you pick the longest haha. You're fish are always so beautiful and finny
  23. You really see the girth in the second pic showing off the tail. Very beautiful! How old is she?
  24. How about putting the koi in a preformed liner and picking out a single tail to occupy the 29G. That way you don't have an empty tank and you're koi have room. I think with koi the idea is 10 gal per cm plus 10 gal. That explains the 1000 gal requirement for a 3 ft koi.
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