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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't people normally put a piece of styrofoam under their tank to correct any obscure weight or level issues? Or is that just so that the weight is evenly distributed instead of being on the corners?
  2. It's those rubbermaid storage containers, they range from $5-$30. You can get an 160L one and fill it halfway with water that would be 20 US Gallons. Then you don't have to worry about bowing.
  3. I noticed that your tank doesn't have any live plants in it. Have you tried disinfecting and adding some? Maybe the ability to veg range all day would help with the constipation seeing as sometimes smaller frequent meals can help.
  4. I agree, return 3 of the fish and focus on one. Ask for a larger tank for christmas and in the meantime you can learn about care and water quality. Depending on where you are in canada, there could be lots of local deals for ya. ETA: Feeder fishes are not all sold as feeder fish, you bought four without the intention of using them for feeding. Some people buy their pond fish in the winter so they can fatten them up for the spring. If you focus on one instead of four you have a higher chance of not losing them all.
  5. Yes superglue is safe just make sure it's completely cured before putting it into the aquarium. I don't there for right now there will be a difference between biorings and biofilter. You have what looks like an adequate amount of material for bacteria to grow on to start your process.
  6. Mine are on repashy. They get one ice cube amount for the 5 of them once or twice a week. It takes about an hr or two for them to eat all of it but it does all get eaten. They also have plants and bugs to eat on when I don't feed them as well.
  7. That is amazing! Your girlfiend has a lot of talent. Can't wait to see the pics in progress, it looks great already, can't imagine how you are going to improve it
  8. Another thing that can happen with gravel is that anaerobic bacteria can form, this is bacteria that forms when there is no oxygen around. They produce HSO4-hydrogen sulfate which is not healthy for goldfish and can cause problems. It's hard to keep gravel clean and that is why people keep a thin layer of gravel, you cannot guarantee that oxygen is reaching all the gravel if it is over 1/4" thick. Since golfish root around gravel often for food, that HSO4 can burn their gills if the pocket is disturbed. Rinsing filters in old tank water is normally what is used, I need to do it once a month or less but I do empty the water in my filter. What you are wanting to do is to clean the filters of waste and debris, things like poop and leftover food that get sucked up and gunk it up that prevent the proper water flow. Squeezing normally isn't needed and a simple swish or rinse in used water seems to get most of the debris off. A cycled tank is essentially one that can process that amount of waste that the fish produce and turn it into a non toxic form in a set amount of time. For most a cycled tank means they only need to do one large water change a week. You are overstocked and you have no test kits, there is no way to determine if your tank is cycled or not. If it has been running for a while there are BB's and they are working but too high of ammonia (anything over 8 ppm) will cause the nitrite bacteria to not function, which stalls your cycle. If the nitrite bacteria isn't functioning then they nitrate bacteria are starving off. Your solutions are more frequent water changes, lowering your feeding, reduce your stocking level.
  9. Very cute! I agree with the jikin part for the bottom one. The top one can be both a fantail ribbontail. As ribbontail is a description of the lobes on the tail fin and fantail is a description of body type.
  10. I think the main thing to remember is that the fish WILL have food availalbe for them in a pond setting if they are hungry. You can always winter some plants (water hyacinths should be on sale right now) and they may not thrive but at least it is a little food if the goldies need it. There are always spiders around and in my tank which means I have a healthy supply of bloodworms or someother bug larvae living in there. If you have had the pond running all year then there is algae along the sides. Even if you aren't feeding them and they are adapting/hungry at the temps you are keeping them they will find food. Normally ponds aren't as sterile as tanks are and things we don't enjoy in tanks (bug and algae etc) will show up
  11. I have 2 100W bulbs (old style not CFL's). I think it's a combination between the lights being on and the furnace being used that increases the heat.
  12. See this confuses me, my fish WERE in 50-59F water before I added the lights to help heat it and they would eat up to every other day. They weren't very active aside from food time but did still get active. Now I've managed to get the water in the 62-69F range and I feed them even less but there is evidence that I could feed them more as they are active even when food is not present and more of my plants are getting eaten up.
  13. Awww that's such a asweet story
  14. Depending on how the wen growth develops I'd say you have a lovely lionhead ahead of you. The back isn't smooth but I notice that once you get a bit of growth the back will smooth out. I however, am not too sure whether a tail will tuck over time or not. Beautiful fish either way
  15. If anyone can do it, you can! You are my go to tropical girl so I think you can pull it off. I have no helpful hints though aside from give them lots of observation
  16. It depends on the fish. I have a pearlescale with 2 commons and a watonai (all long bodied fish) and he probably eats more than they do. Observation of the interactions between your two fish will generally give you enough info on what needs to change in your routine to accomodate behaviors. They sound like lovely fish, how big of a tank are they going into?
  17. Congrats on getting your own place to live and wanting to revive an old hobby So sorry I can't be much help locally, did you save everything you need for getting fish or will you be starting from fresh and buying everything? Oh and
  18. I'm kinda into the names, thing 1 and thing 2 for fish now.
  19. Your hyacinth is looking MUCH better than mine, mine is all roots and little leaves. I have just 2 -100 Watt old style bulbs on for them. But I have about 27 hyacinth plants so I'm not too worried about losing them, they're more for food than anything.
  20. Maybe just link your photobucket account and people can view the video through that?
  21. I know that beans have a higher protein and lower sugar amount than peas so that is always an alternative, deshelling those I'm not too sure if they are easier though.
  22. I am purely envious of your beautiful tamasaba
  23. Is your basement finished? My mom just redid all her flooring and naturally I can't have a tank on her brand new floors, but our basement is unfinished so the fish are kept in containers down there. What was the filter accident if you don't mind me asking? Maybe it's something that can be preventable.
  24. Sounds like your dr did everything right. Just because you are hypersensitive now doesn't mean you will be for life, there is a chance that these symptomes will subside. I hope you aren't in too much pain and that you get well soon.
  25. Seeing as I sleep walk/punch/kick/headbutt/scream everything else imaginable, PLUS I sleep with my eyes open occasionally (yes I'm that creepy). I can imagine it would crack or I'd wake up in the morning with over a dozen tiny mouths wanting food staring me down.
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