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  1. With no lighting regimen to provide them a direct 'daytime' and a direct 'nighttime' they are probably just acting on instincts. If you've ever been fishing you know they are more active in non direct lighting (ie, rainstorms, foggy days, dawn and dusk) as that is when plants are metabolizing at different rates and the food that fish eat are dependent on the plant schedules. We provide them lighting schedules so that they train to be active during daylight and quiet at night. Normally most adapt to this by the addition of a food schedule provided during the day instead of at night. I've noticed that almost all fish will have a rest period during the day if no stimulus is provided at that time. Depending on how you heat your tank as well the absense of light may be affecting the temperature as well. Average temperature drops or rises of ambient temperature fall within the 2F per hour recommendation. Temperature changes also will affect the mobility of the fish. You have lots of unkown in your fishkeeping that I would need answered to provide a more accurate answer, these are the best estimations based of the knowledge of your set up provided in this thread and in other threads you have started regarding your set up.
  2. To make bad news worse, my CC stuff still isn't sorted, the whole website is down and my card is still getting declined. Even if I wanted to save fishy I can't my hands are tied.
  3. :sad Bad news. QT Fishy isn't doing good. Tested the water last night, ammonia was 0 so I left for the night to go stay at boyfriend's house. I came home, checked on fish, it was perfect, swimming around. So I went on here for an hr and then went back upstairs to study. .... :sad Poor fishy was in a C shape and one gill wasn't functioning eyes were still rotating. Fish had some control but was basically floating in the current. So I tested the water, ammonia was 0.25. I removed the plant, hoping it wasn't decaying that caused this. Did a water change and brought the salt back up to 0.2% Since the water change there is no movement whatsoever, no gill movement, eyes aren't moving. I THINK I can see some movement in one fin on one side but it could be the bubbler and it could be my wishful thinking. I'm giving in an hour with the bubbler on and an hr without the bubbler and see if there is any improvement. I never saw the fish eat. :sad Lesson learned, have prazi on hand first and don't get a sick fish.
  4. I would use a liner and put the flat sheets of foam insulation around the outside for added heat retention. If it does freeze over you will need to add a bubbler or something to make sure that it does not freeze over completely, frozen surface = no gas exchange.
  5. The only thing I've noticed about commons is that they REALLY enjoy rooting through substrate. That can be said for most goldies but I notice that my single tails do it more often than my doubles. Except my princess watonai. She's a little too perfect to do things like rooting
  6. A 20 gal may not have a lot of space, and I know internal filters aren't normally recommended but you have only one fish and perform regular water changes. I think that a sponge filter would be fine in your case as long as you kept a bubbler or powerhead on to provide surface movement.
  7. Just thinking here, if it is your HOB that is leaking, is there anyway you could have an internal filter? Like a sponge filter or an HMF?
  8. I'm glad that you got your ammonia down. How much water are you changing daily?
  9. I have never read that about calicos at all and judging from the calicos that helen has I'd say that would not be accurate. What I HAVE read however (in an old daryl post) is that the second hump is mostly affected by .... ok I can't remember now. It was either that it was a fat deposit or a meat layer and that carbs were good or bad for developing the hump. I'm useless I've also recently read that you have a small window when grooming ryukins humps and it needs to be done fast when they are young or they will never develop to the full potential. (also can't remember where I read that but it makes sense that older fish can't conform to a new body type as easily as younger fish) Either way Kai is a BEAUT
  10. Update time. Ammonia was between 0 and 0.25 yesterday when I went to feed the little fishy so I changed the water. It was a relief to actually see ammonia cause that means she's producing SOME waste so her body must be functioning. Salt is a 0.2% I still haven't seen her eat but I left 1/2 of a shelled pea in the tank just in case she is a night feeder. There are 5 pieces there so it shouldn't be too bad of an ammonia bump before next water change. Not much I can do but salt right now until Monday
  11. Reading up on this article http://www.mpks.org/articles/PetePonzio/Goldfish%20Varieties.pdf It seems to indicate that there are two types of tailing. Lobed or forked. Some breeds are only allowed one or the other and some breeds accept both option. It looks like googles is a ribbontail, which is a description of a forked tail. It has pointed ends and well looks like ribbons. To be a butterfly moor or broadtail moor, forking is not present.
  12. What tests did you do on the tap and what are the tests coming out in the tank. If you type them out for us it's easier to help you out
  13. I have a dozen in the 75-80gal preformed pond and I have a dozen in with the pennywort in the wading pool (45-50 gal) The lights just aren't doing it though, I hear that sunlight is around 5000K and that home depot has plant lights so I'm going to try to get two of those and increase the temp in hopes to get some regrowth. What lighting did you go for with these?
  14. I wasn't asking for a measurement, just a estimate. I couldn't see any way of telling how much the fish had grown without some kind of reference. You can easily determine his size in the first picture from the size of the net. Perhaps there is something in the second picture that you can measure? I know you wouldn't call him Monster if he hadn't grown really fast. I can measure him today! I can even grab the same net for reference if you want He's a gentle monster and doesn't mind being held but hates tiny enclosed places
  15. I think you would need to soak them, I am not too sure if they would cause floating or not but I would use them as a treat and not as a dietary staple.
  16. I would have to measure him, I don't want to win that badly, I kicked his pool recently and I still feel guilty about jarring him about like that. Poor buddy.
  17. Well I plopped in bits of 4 peas today (deshelled of course) and fishy wasn't interested, Wasn't even interested in the dead spider at the bottom of the tank! Never seen a fishy give up a tasty treat like spider! The temp went down to 62 today. I found that bigalspets.ca has the cheapest PRAZIPRO, I will order that on monday when my CC clears up and I will also order a heater for the tank. I am about to change the water and I'm adding the salt so it is at 0.1% I'll offer fishy peas tomorrow again unless you think repashy would be more tasty.
  18. Give monster another summer in the pond and he'll get that big
  19. Shovelnose pleco? What does it look like? I only find shovelnose catfish, but I am not sure if they are even compatible with goldfish. If it is a tiger shovelnose catfish - these guys grow to be 4ft long, and fish of almost double that length are not unheard of I knoooow! I love long finned fish, and these guys were amazingly gorgeous! But as said, I don't want to pay 30 bucks for a tiny little fish... oO You're right it's a shovelnose catfish. It looks really cool, lots of character and is friendly but now where to put the buddy aside from my pond, and then where would my fishies go?
  20. There's a shovelnose pleco at my LFS that the fish guy keeps trying to pawn off on me. But I have a feeling he would kiss my goldies too much
  21. I'm bumping this http://www.canadianpondsonline.com/ this is another website with praziquantel but it's expensive. Gonna try the cheaper options first
  22. Monster june 21 Monster oct 11 I would say that's my largest growth fish.
  23. Gentle cleaning for me is swishes in the water, picking visible gunk or wiping the surfaces. Normally wringing and squeezing sponges shortens the life of them, the stretching seems to cause them to degrade faster causing them to be replaced more. I've notice that swishing in the water does about the same as squeezing. Most 'gunk' is leftover food or poo, that normally doesn't travel to the inside of the sponge. I'd say cleaning the container of the filter is important for the filter to function properly but I wouldn't be deep cleaning your sponges often. I deep clean mine twice a year, before the pond and after the pond, and not all at once either, one each cleaning so that if there is a bump, it's just in one sump and I'm not doing massive water changes on all my 'tanks'
  24. Very cute but what huge eyes!
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