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  1. I would just give him a day. Did you rinse the sand really well? The particles from packed sand can irritate the slime coat
  2. No the media should be ok. Anyway you could take a video of the behaviour? Also can you check your params?
  3. I am sorry for your loss. You did everything you could. Sheldon will settle down.
  4. If the pH matches you can do large over 50% water chanes. If the pH doesn't match, you can do 30% water changes safely.
  5. I would just do daily or every other day water changes that are pH and temp matched. Maybe get her to take a pic regularly for you if she can get a good one. Basically just provide clean water and see if the fish will heal itself enough that we can use meds. Meds aren't recommended when a fish is in a c-shape but sinking c isn't as imminent as floating c
  6. I have never had this work before but if he is still going when you come back could you lower the water level? It looks like he is a sinking c and not a floating c right?
  7. I would try to get prazi pro. You can order it online if it is not available at your Lfs.
  8. Yes, dropsy has been around before metromeds and was treated sometimes successfully as is the current case with metromeds.
  9. I am sure someone can come along and answer the majority of your questions but I would urge you to get your set up done first before you acquire your fish. Hobby breeders do way more water changes and feed a different diet than hobby owners. Aside from the tubs you will need to devise your own water changing system, how to grow or gather protein rich food sources, even streamlining your filters and sumps to keep the water pristine. If you admire solid gold's system and want to replicate it I would suggest emailing her and see if she can help you with the specs.
  10. For me the best is just to outright express that I am sharing observations through personal experiences so people know first and foremost. (To answer your question on how to best explain it and I hope that was meant for anyone to answer if not, I am sure Sharon can direct you) I wanted to thank you for providing a warning. It seems you have thought long and hard on it and that it comes from a good place. However it does seem to be a warning that is based on rather extreme circumstances. I am not sure if you are aware of the recommendations as to tank maintenance here but I think the large weekly water change and the regular filter maintenance would help minimize the risks that you are concerned with. We often ask a lot of questions before answering and you may want to adopt that idea as well. Your research is really inconclusive as the conclusion in it stated that the clay both increases and decreases bacterial growth and the only real phytochemical decomposition happened during measure solar radiation levels after being exposed outdoors for 21 days. I think it is safe to assume that solar radiation indoors will be less than outdoors. None of it even states the types of bacteria that were increasing and decreasing during the experiment. It was an interesting read and I did enjoy it though Opposing views to standard care is always welcomed at koko's but you will be asked to back your position with some form of research or scientific backing. I am sure you understand the reason for this as there is a lot of bad information still about goldfish care and koko's tries very hard to provide good solid reasoning for all of the information supplied here.
  11. Metro meds have revolutionized our treatments here at koko's but not all countries have had access to metromeds and we have still been able to coordinate treatments, even I have compounded medicated food before when metromeds weren't available. It will be an adjustment but let's just be happy for rick who is getting a retirement after many long years of service to the goldfish community worldwide. He is a legend and deserves support. I am greatful for everything he has done to so many people.
  12. If it is still progressing slowly then something is attacking it, I would suspect parasites. I reread but can't see if you have treated these fish for flukes before, I suggest getting some prazi and treating for fin flukes.
  13. I have a feeling the baked clay is used more for planted aquariums as from my gathering plants can benefit from the clay. It is mainly mentioned from koi pond owners and I assumed traveled from there to tank aquaculture.
  14. Epsom salt is pretty cheap. I got a huge container for only four dollars. They are in the pharmacy section and the ingredient is magnesium sulfate. Thank you for clarifying
  15. Before you add the Epsom, what is the size of the hospital tank? I only mention this because it looks like you have a ten gallon that has been running for a year but I don't know if that is your hospital or main tank.
  16. Thank you! She has no eyes but it a family favourite
  17. I think pics would be the best source of info here is your phone video any clearer than the camera?
  18. When was the last time you cleaned the filter and is there a medical history for this fish?(by the way welcome back! )
  19. The only previous lengths I have are for Jamm and Big Boy. Big Boy in June 2013 - SL was 6" and Jamm in June 2013 - SL was 5 1/2" Anyways all 23 lengths are done and I am just waiting to buy a new scales to get their weights. This is only a few of the pond fish and I reduced sizes of the pics in hopes that it would help with viewing. I have poor camera skills and even poorer windows paint editing skills Enjoy!
  20. If you do add 0.1% do it with the pantyhose method so that it slowly dissolves over time. That may give your val so e time to adjust. Unless the fish are struggling with the prazi I don't think you will need salt. I think clean water will heal issues over time. Edit: canister cleaning is once a month and make sure to do them at different times.
  21. Yes. The bacteria colony adjusts itself to the amount of waste available. Now that the waste is more diluted from the larger volume the bacteria will have to adjust and that sometimes causes a cycle bump. If it persists then you may need to look into more ways to pack your filter
  22. At those temps your cycle isn't perfect. Growth rate is reduced by 50% so it will take twice as long. Have you tested for nitrites?
  23. Baking into balls is merely for convenience if you are keeping it in your filters and you want it to dissolve slowly over time.
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