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  1. This is what is currently in my tank. 9 hi fin blood tetras and 5 panda Cory cats and who knows probably a dozen snails. And my new baby!
  2. They are heated electrical rings that farmers use to keep their water troughs from icing over in the fall and spring.
  3. First of all, I have no problem with diatoms, I like my dirty dirty tanks There is really is no proof saying that carbon can harbour bad bacteria or that they leach toxins back into the water. If you are replacing it regularly (even that there is no time frame if you are rinsing it during changes) the I would not be concerned with the dangers of using it. Since it happens in all your tanks I would imagine the silicates are coming from your water. If you tough it out, it will turn into green algae. I always like to keep a green algae wall in my tanks as there are many benefits to it. I will leave the rest of the advice to the experts but just wanted to assure you of the carbon use
  4. To add to the already great advice. I think climates are quite different in different regions. Being knowledgable about your winters can help you adjust your care routine. In manitoba, without o-rings Or a very large (over 100,000 gal) pond, I would not keep fish outdoors. I have had three to five ft depth ponds and they have both froze solid. Right now I have them insulated in a pond in a garage. Keeping them out of the elements seems to be the best bet for this region. Though I have heard of people in southern saskatchewan just tossing o rings in their slough ponds and the fish stayed fine for the winter (again those are large ponds) southern sask is also quite warmer than where I am as they have winter pastures for their cows. We can't keep our livestock out for the winter.
  5. Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful tanks.
  6. Great finds Angie! Can't wait to see them grow into beautiful goldfish
  7. I see there are bubbles attached to the wall of the container that you took the pics in. Is that common in the water you are keeping them in? How long has the bubble been there? Bubbles do tend to dissolve over time and since you have an air stone in there, if it was irritating the fish you would see the fish swimming through the bubbles to alleviate. Considering all of the other treatments that you are doing I would not be concerned with one bubble until some of the other treatments have been completed as you won't be positive that it is the bubble irritating as opposed to the med baths. Worse case scenario, there is a bubble under some thickened slime coat which should dissipate over time. As long as the water is being ruled out as a causation I would just give it time.
  8. Yay! Looking forward to the progress pics
  9. Good job with the quarantine! Can't wait to see updates as she fattens up.
  10. Whew! I forgot I was on the fish forum, racy mouths.
  11. Now it is just looking for anymore and keeping the water clean so the fish can heal.
  12. Is that just missing scales or is there blisters forming behind the scales?
  13. I don't think the outside fish will be susceptible to any internal bacteria fish had as nothing has burst or bled near them. Unless of course they were eating said fish' poop. If you take a pic of the side lying/ red spots on belly that would help make a discernable guess as to what is happening.
  14. What's the temp and you may need to get a better pic unless someone has better eyes than I. Try taking a pic of the fish in a smaller container to restrict movement
  15. You always think that you're fish aren't that big cause of how big your plants are but. Then you put the weights down and you realize how massive those plants must be
  16. That is interesting on the gram staining. Thank you for that. Yes, you did explain why the two meds are started together. I was wanting to know,... Is this something new? To start with two meds together. I thought when I first came on Koko's it was just one medicine that was started then if there was a problem that would occur, a secondary infection, then a new med would be started. Maybe I'm wrong in my thinking. I try not to post here because in all essence your case is being handled quite well between the many helpers who have already aided but I can say in my ten years of being here that yes, the ways that D&D cases have been treated have been different with each moderating team that crops up. If you read back from the start on the D&D forum, (which for some would be considered mind boggling but I quite enjoy it) you can see the evolution of care of goldfish and how the moderating teams addressed situations. EVery mod team functions in a different way but they work hard to help each other and provide the best information for each case. In the past ten years we have more than one goldfish book now, the availability of meds and the use of safer meds, the continental breeders, the advancement of testing supplies and water treatments. There also has been the availability now of research steady at our finger tips instead of having to belong to a university to access data. It has been a fine tuning process but there has always been support and kindness and gentleness on koko's and that has separated it from the other forums out there and why our help provided is so far advanced. It is all due to the love and respect that koko and her members foster.
  17. An hmf is a hamburg mattenfilter, it is essentially a large internal sponge filter. While it is not suitable to run on it's own in the case of Goldie's, it is an okay supplement combined with another filter like a canister or hob.
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