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  1. The bears were more interested in the crab apples than the fish in our yard.
  2. Looking nice! Did you dip them in anything before planting?
  3. I have family over the boarder yes but I'm 3-4 hrs from the border and family is 7 hrs from the border. The healthiest fish I have are the ones that have no air travel time and were born here. I will just keep trying to select the good fry from around here and occasionally search for good fish In the spring/early summer when the trip isn't as taxing on the fish since my Lfs are all 1 hr away. There was a breeder in country that I was going to ask him to ship hatched fry to me but he stopped talking to me lol
  4. I just get to gander at the auctions as well. You aren't the only one.
  5. I think we may need a clearer view of the wen one if you can just to put your worries at ease. So they showed up a few months ago and they've looked like this the whole time?
  6. I'm sorry you are having such an epidemic of illness right now. I can understand how frustrating and helpless that can feel Just to confirm some things. When you mentioned your new fish are in qt, what procedure of qt are you following? Are they getting any type of preventatory treatments? In the main tank, have you ever treated for flukes before? With the dropsy fish in Epsom, how many days has the fish been in Epsom? With the whirling fish, it is a symptom of a pretty much unknown reasons, at one point it was thought to be neurological. I am wondering how long that fish has been in that temp? I am just gathering questions that the mods may need to confirm the path you are to take. Give them some time to confer
  7. Do you have anything against green algae? After a coat of brown you can usually get a nice green coat going if you let it be. If you want you can try to add more plants, even bamboo shoots with just their roots in the water to compete for nutrients.
  8. Two fry. One has reddened lower fins the other i can't see any. One has already decoloured to calico and the other is still wild. No names yet Currently in a 10 gal with prazi and 0.1% salt. Day 1 round 1 prazi Week 1 day 1 salt 0.1%
  9. This may be a silly question but do your goldfish eat snails? I wouldn't add any to the tank unless you knew for sure as you don't want them to spread but you could out some in a container and see if the fish will eat them from there. Mine eat snails, I can never keep them for very long. Luckily I have some in my tropical tank but if I ever get overcrowded with them I know I can always toss them as treats to the fish. I don't think anyone else on the forum have fish that eat snails though so maybe that is a cold pond thing.
  10. I can feel your frustration, I live in a rural area so there are no specialty vets around. I have phoned them before and asked them if they had a powdered form of dewormer (my problem was flukes) that is dissolvable for oral use. Sadly the vet did not have any. She didn't even believe me when I said that fish could get flukes and that those drugs can help them heal. I even offered to bring in slides of the slime coat and comparison photos so she could confirm a diagnosis but she refused. Maybe your vet would be willing to sell you some powdered diflubenzarone and we could help you compound it to a dissolvable form. I think if you can't get meds it is simply a longer or maybe permanent qt. Keep on removing them when they appear and clean the tank regularly. Having two tanks side by side devoted to them may help ease the labour involved, then you can just move the fish from each tank to clean out and refill the empty one. A slide of the slime coat and a microscope would help pinpoint when they are clear, I don't know how handy you are with one of those but they are at least easier to acquire in Denmark. Sorry for all the problems you are having treating your new fish
  11. sorry your fish isn't doing well Just wondering when you added the yearlings and babies a month ago, did you treat them with anything before adding them to the group? I hope your fish feel better.
  12. Thank you for this info and your hard work researching it and thank you again for following up. I hope to test this out with my well water as it uses chlorine tabs and not chloramines.
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss Just wanted to let you know that there is an obituary section to commemorate your loss, sometimes that helps people come to terms. Also all of us here have experienced losses with our fish and you have our sympathy. I was just wondering what temp you keep your tank in. I read through your posts but never directly found a note on it.
  14. What happens to the behaviour when you do a water change?
  15. Do you have a pet store nearby? What are the local meds they usually stock?
  16. This is a wonderful job you've done! I'm jealous at how much you can do with a 2 yr old to chase after.
  17. I have baffled with a dustpan before. Easy to set up and it sprays the flow over a larger area. Another option would be a spray bar. Or halving the flow into a fountain head. Some of those are not very pretty set ups though so hopefully someone else can come along with more pleasing solutions.
  18. Very pretty boy! How is he settling in now?
  19. If you are wanting to have a good solid stock fish for a breeding line, it should not show the extreme traits of the breed. This would be only if you were trying to breed a line that stayed true to the breed. It's not really about the depth of the body type alone but the shape of the tail, double anal fins, height of the dorsal (which I don't know if that is still preferred in ryukins or not).' It should have the minimum requirements of the breed but not the extremes, this is more for the female I believe than the male as I remember Daryl (an old member) grandfathered a champion from a champion via the male. It could also be that spawning can take a toll on females of a more extreme body specifics of the breed so having less extreme characteristics can help prevent exhaustion. Again I haven't looked up the specifics of the breed so I'm sorry I can't help you in that manner. I think you could still ask by emailing a member if the AGA for an up to date standards sheet.
  20. As far as I know the only environmental causes that can affect the gills would be an exposure to flukes. Even then I do not know when during the life cycle or how long untreated would cause this to happen. As you can see reactions to flukes vary fish to fish even within a batch of fry. I second the suggestion of the wild coloured fry. I have some that are recolouring now 2-3 years later and it really is a brilliant and vibrant colour (with help of the pond diet). There is sayings that the longer it takes for a fish to demelanize, the more permanent the final colour is though I do not have any literature to back that up. They both may be too extreme of a body type to use as a base for a breeding line for a ryukin line. I haven't looked at the standards in a while though. If that is what you're going for that is
  21. Thank you all! Her name is Tasmin Anna (or baby Taz for short) and she was born sept 3 at 4:14am. Her big sisters are just in love with her and are huge helpers.
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