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  1. I made it into the city today and got 4 Cory's (sterbai's) and 7 scissor tail rasboras.
  2. I was planning on getting four cats so that would make my total 7. I know I can get danios and tetras but I am unsure of rasorva a or rainbow fish. If I get them I will remember to float a plant on top (always try to buy two of their plants when I go)
  3. The move of my tropical tank went great but I lost one Cory cat so I am down to three I thought I would take the opportunity to get another school of fish when I buy some more cats. Right now I have 9 hifin blood tetras and 3 panda Cory cats (and snails) in a @ 70 gal tank. I plan in getting another school of 9 of something. Any suggestions? thanks!
  4. Moved the fish into their winter pond here are a sample of the 9 fish and 7 1/2 dozen fry we moved Black Fishy No Tail Big Boy Some fry Enjoy! Hope you like them
  5. I use a pool skimmer to catch my pond fish to transfer them to buckets. It's only done twice a year to change ponds. We don't seem to have an issue doing it this way. The bigger ones I transfer with hands but the bucket is in the water so if they do thrash out the just land in water. It's only the juveniles that get excited out of water. I'm also transferring in rather cold water so maybe that helps prevent it
  6. They do look very neat! Thank you for sharing
  7. Thanks and sorry about your Goldies I've lost my stocking in all one go as well before, it can be quite disheartening.
  8. the tank! I'm just curious, how does cichlid behaviour differ from your Goldie's?
  9. Is the fish in clean water or salted water? Do you have a pic of the wound?
  10. You have a beautiful and wonderful tank! Thank you so much for taking the time to show us pictures and explain your lovely set up, we love to learn here! I admire your ability to keep things simple so you can enjoy the fish keeping experience, with such an addicting hobby it can be hard to do so.
  11. Wow crazy! You know you're doing something right when you run out of fry tubs spring is almost over...
  12. I see slight growth in length, mainly the tails and I definitely can see growth in depth. good job!
  13. Very nice! do you have only telescopes?
  14. How is your female doing with all the spawning? Is she starting to tire out?
  15. Sorry I thought I had responded on this! Until the fish is showing some sign of distress or there are changes in them (rapid growth, red around the rim, it visibly pops) just keep in clean water. I can't really tell you whether it is a cyst or a growth or a blister but either way there is no real treatment yet aside from keeping the water clean.
  16. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/114643-euthanizing-a-video-demonstration/ Sorry to hear things are getting worse
  17. My research into it stated that stainless steel submerged underwater can get rust if it is in a low oxygen, low current, high waste environment. I doubt that your guppy tank provides those conditions as those are the same conditions that cause anaerobic bacteria to grow which can potentially be far worse than rust on the stainless steel.
  18. That is a really cool shot of your Pleco!
  19. I think I would do the same, I don't really see anything that needs attention. Just clean water, if it is fluid filled with something and the. It bursts you will want to do a large water change to get that gunk out of the water. Let us know in a few days if it gets any worse. (But if anyone on the mod team advises you differently please heed their advice)
  20. Very beautiful fish! You do a great job at grooming
  21. Since you have a sponge and a sump, how does your water circulate?
  22. If the Pleco is affected you may wanted to wipe down your walls so nothing is growing on the biofilm. How often do you disturb your substrate?
  23. Finished round 1 of prazi and now on the 3 day break. Still at 0.1% salt. They are in a 1/2 tablespoon for reference
  24. Another year another pond. I honestly have no clue on my count of fish. I've counted at least 10 adults and I just put in 150 fry. This'll be the last year for this pond as we are moving to another house. Tried to take a pic of the fish...
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