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  1. Wow, that dragon oranda is a beautiful fish, and the red cap black moors sound interesting too. Imagine if those oddities didn't slip by every now and then, we probably wouldn't even have developed fantails. Una
  2. There are a lot of points missing here that are needed to determine the differences aside from the size of tank. Are you're filtration systems pumping out at similar rates (oxygen)? Are there live plants (aids in nitrates)? Are feeding rituals similar? How many other fish are sharing the tank? What was the temperature of your tank (cooler temps promote breeding but not linked to growth)? I'm sure there a many other variables that I am missing, but it's an interesting mystery to solve. Remember the basics: In order for a goldfish to reach it's maximum size (single tails 12-14 inches, double tails 10-12") they must be provide 10-15 gallons of space EACH. If any daily needs of your goldfish are not the best they possibly can be the fish will either halt or stunt it's growth until those conditions are provided. Una
  3. I have had snails in the past and unfortunately haven't had very much success with them. First of all, the pet stores where I get them from all seem to only sell the little tiny baby snails which my goldfish tend to munch up in one bite. I don't really have anywhere for them to go until they grow up a bit. What would you say would be a good price and size for a snail if you were to purchase one? Una
  4. My pond fish will jump out of the water to catch the low flying mosquitos in their mouths. Sometimes when the cats are having a drink from the pond a fish'll do this and they'll jump so high, they almost fall in! Una
  5. Whoa, those are awesome goldfish. I'm very jealous and proud that you have enough luck stored up to find them. I can't think of a more rarer, luckier find off the top of me head. Una
  6. bodoba

    New Betta

    I love the little tinge of blue underneath his fin. Very original. Have fun with him! Una
  7. I have two koi (I think or just really large goldfish) and 8 or 9 goldfish, ranging from shubunkins to pond comets and there just may be one red cap oranda. Anyways, my thoughts were to get an old feed or water trough, fill it up with water and a couple hang on back filters probably for a 60-80 gal size tank and stick it in my basement. I don't know when I'm moving and am unsure how long they will be in my care vs. my parents care so there needs to be little maintenance required. This way I figured there's no worry about overcrowding because there's lot of room in a food or water trough (I think they're normally around 400 gallons) I've never had a good look at the two big possibly koi fish that my parents got for free so I'm unsure how safe it will be roomwise for them. How am I doing? Thanks, Una
  8. I have about 8 baby shubunkins and about 3 or 4 other 2 year old fish that need to moved in from our pond this summer. It will be at my parents house and I know that they aren't as adament of fish caregivers as I am so I need a simple system that will require minimal aid seeing as I'll only be able to get down there once a month. My theory is that in our basement I could maybe get an old horse trough or some other large animal feeder, clean it out and stick them in there. I could probably get away with that amount of space being acceptable (usually in the 100s of gallons in size) Can you think off hand of any pump systems I could maybe use, (a hang on back would be the best) Anything that you can think of that I'm missing in this plan please let me know. Thanks, Una
  9. Those are interesting koko. Thanks for sharing! Robyn
  10. Neato koko. I thought that you could only determine the sex when they were getting ready to mate. But it's good to know that you can whenever. I'm guessing as long as it's over the age of three ?? Robyn
  11. bodoba

    Types Of Betta's

    Those are very pretty betta's. Thanks for sharing koko! Robyn
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