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  1. Dude I'm in the EXACT same position! I'm getting a 90 gal and I just can't decide what type of filtration! I'd go all DIY sponge filters if I could but the occurrence of dead spots makes me nervous. I know you gotta sound proof sump and wet/dry fairly extensively cause they can be loud. I'm subbing this, I hope you get some awesome answers! Una
  2. I honestly had never heard of them until I started looking. They seem to be easy to DIY, can attach to UV sterilizers (which I plan on having) Or can act as an extension for a HOB instead of a just an extender pipe. You can pick your own powerhead to which you can decide whether a diffuser is necessary to supplement the minimal agitation for the oxygen supply. They're internal, so they're quiet. Used with a HOB it seems like an awesome set up, but properly done, even alone they seem like they could be used. I know the DIY ones are big and ugly and that's the only con I can think of. Does anyone know of any cons for this type of filtration? Una
  3. I've searched and searched and can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I know sometimes goldfish keepers add salt to their aquariums to help protect slime coats and other such benefits. But can you maintain a 0.1% ratio of salt in your tank without it affecting your plants? My gut says no, but then there are saltwater tanks and I'm sure I've seen some in there before. Thanks in advance, Una
  4. Which brand of biomax are you using, your link didn't work for me. Could it possibly contain zeolite? If it does, then read this. Rick hess does a good job explaining why ammonia might spike when salt is added to systems with zeolite. Now I'm not too sure how this would affect the mini cycle you are having, it is something to check out.
  5. So I was reading this... Goldfish systems and the interesting part that caught my eye was "Undergravel or sub-gravel filters, wet-dry or trickle filters and fluidized bed filters should be avoided as these devices drive nitrification to such a degree that oxygen levels are lowered and alkalinity exhausted too readily for these type of fish." Now that has me intrigued because I was planning on getting a wet/dry filter but couldn't find one that would effectively turn 10X an hr and it isn't fiscally possible for me to buy 2 of them. For those that use wet/dry filters, have you noticed an effect on pH, alkalinity and oxygen levels?
  6. I'm not getting the 75, I am just getting the 90 gal. I agree getting a 75 and a 90 would be nuts right now.
  7. So I have my dream tenecor tank that costs thousands of dollars that I was perfectly willing to slowly save up for and buy. Then I went to the LFS...They had a 75gal and stand just begging for me to take it home. There were even two big strong men there to carry out for me (lol) But alas the temp working didn't know the price. So, I phone back today and then realized that maybe I should inform my hubby about this minor purchase. He told me to wait until payday (he's so smart!). So how do I prevent myself from buying up this beauty and be patient? I ordered a LARGER tank that'll come in next week. So now I'm getting a 90gal with stand, glass cover and the owner (he's pro awesome fish guy) even remembered about my desire for aquatic plants and offered to switched the regular fixture with a T5 one! He's so great, has absolutely no goldfish but he is just so very knowledgeable and his fish are awesome! One more week and I can start cycling my new tank!
  8. Hey, It took some searching but I found what looks like a legit goldfish seller online. Karpfenfish seems to have some gorgeous fish and reasonable prices. But has anyone bought anything from there? How did you find their fish quality overall? Thanks in advance
  9. Yeah I did think about the affect that it would have on the meds and of course you would need to turn off the sterilizer for the duration of the med treatment. But a fish stays in the tank longer than just the meds. There's always that little bit of extra time just to make sure the illness doesn't reoccur. I did a bit of reading about the life cycle of various fish illnesses (flukes, anchor worms, ich, fish lice etc..) A lot of them have a very short free floating aspect of their life. So if you in essence have a hospital tank and treating say...ich. I guess if you were doing 100% water changes daily you'd have the chance to scrub the tank to kill the eggs that have attached to the sides of the tank. But that adds a whole new mess of questions (what would you clean the tank with to kill them?) So in essence I think it's a good idea for the post med administration/observation time of the hospital tank stay
  10. Seeing as a good UV sterilizer will kill parasite eggs that are free floating in the water, would it not be beneficial to have a UV sterilizer in your quar/hospital tank?
  11. I know that many people have kept these two different fancies together but I was just wondering what precautions should be taken. I know that you need to keep your tank "telescope" safe but are there any other considerations? Do these fish have some type of disadvantage to the other fancy breeds? I have never kept them and have only kept fantails but am definitely considering getting one for my eventual tank. Just a note but I am not talking about keeping them with bubbles eyes, frogheads, or celestial eyes goldfish seeing as those fish require very special tanks and care. I'm talking about the regular eyed fancies.
  12. Do you constantly find yourself picking out a poor little goldie to save from a poorly kept store or do you save up buy the best beauties?
  13. I have been searching for 2 days on information about the tenecor simplicity plus internal filtration system. I can't find any specs on it's turn over rate, flow rate, nothing. There isn't anything on the tenecor site either. I've seen set up instructions and explanations on how it works but I can't get any direct info that would help me determine whether I'll have enough flow for goldies. I'm getting a 100 gal tank and am getting this system built-in. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I'm getting an AquaticLife Dual T5 HO Fixtures. They come with 2X 39 W 36" T5's but I don't know if I'll get those. They're apparently roseate and I want at least one of them to be maybe a 50/50 actinic and the other one a natural to even out the colour. I still have to do research on that aspect. That and trying to figure out the turn over rates and flow rates of the simplicity plus
  15. If this is in the wrong section I apologize. I did scour trying to think where this would pertain best. Seeing as I'm getting a super expensive set-up I'm trying to figure everything out that I want to do before hand. Now I do know that having live plants in a 100 gallon aquarium would take a significant amount of CO2 to keep the pH and KH stable and of course to prevent the plants from dying off so it may not even be feasible for me to do such a thing. That being said, if the plant life was already established in a tank before adding the goldfish, would you think that would stave off the devouring of them? For the moment I plan on 5 fancies for this tank and I'm really not to sure how many plants I would get seeing as it's a 4 ft long tank. I do know that I plan on keeping it a plant tank for the first three months so I have a good solid cycle before I add fish. Again that's if the cost of CO2 canisters is feasible and I can find a way to safely keep it in my 2 children 3 cat home. I'm just in the planning stage now but I've always wanted a nice big show tank and I am hoping to make it look nice. Opinions are welcome.
  16. Yeah I've only ever used gems, I'm getting a 100 gal acrylic bowfront with a simplicity plus dry/wet filter. Two overflows on the back corners. Filtration DEFINITELY isn't a worry LOL. But it will take forever to cycle. I think I'm just too cautious to try gravel but thanks for the comments! Una
  17. I've heard many conflicting issues about gravel. Now that I'm finally getting a tank again after 8 LONG years of being without fishies I'm looking into everything I can so I'm prepared. I remember a few saying that small bits of gravel would get stuck in goldies mouths when they got bigger. I can stick to gem stones or larger rocks but I like the look of gravel. Can you mix a bit of both or is it a major no-no? Again I should know all these things but for some reason I need to relearn all this. Thanks in advance. Una
  18. I did try craigs list and there was nothing in my area that was available. A local pet store had a sale on a use 210 gal glass tank that was $1000 marked down from 1200. That included that stand and hood. That's the same price as I would be paying for just a 90 gal tank. I may wait a bit and see if they'll lower the price further. It'll be insane to get it home and probably take about 6 months to cycle but it would be worth it.
  19. Hey, I haven't been on in a while but I miss my goldfish. I need to get a tank but I want a 90 gal. (So I don't have to spend money upgrading later) I'm going to be looking at yard sales this summer but I doubt anyone will have that large of a tank available. I've been looking online and it's going to cost at least $1000 not to include the shipping and handling. Can't really justify that money when we need a new car. BUT I thought if I just got the parts and made it myself that it would be considerably cheaper. I could go acrylic instead of glass. Build my own stand. I don't think it would be too terribly difficult. Has anyone done this before? Is this something to avoid? Should I just wait a couple years until I can afford the big tank? Kinda miss my goldies.
  20. Thank you thoughts of joy. That was helpful. Now i'm hoping to probe your mind a little more. Do you know of any where online that custom makes aquariums? Possibly with a guarantee thrown in. (moving somewhere that only has a nnnnnn for fish supplies, need a tank bigger than what they sell) Una
  21. Hey, I know someone a little more helpful will be along soon but I was just wondering if you have a cycled quarantine tank that would maybe provide a better way to monitor Buster. Also has Buster ever been sick before or any of the other fish? And (sorry just one more I promise) is this the first illness in your tank since set up? Una
  22. wow, you'll have to let us know how the delivery goes :hehe Una
  23. bow-front, panoramic-angle, half-cylinder, corner, cylinder, piano, 3/4 cylinder and I'm sure many many other varieties. With all these different types of tanks. Some dedicated for marine tanks other better suited for plants only. What type is the best for goldfish? Una
  24. Wow, gorgeous idea for a fish, I hope it works. Maybe they'll re-do the penny and put the canakin on it...oh right they're getting rid of it. I just hope we don't try to get a stars and stripes pattern. That sound impossible. Una
  25. I'd say it's the veiltail. Anyone else? Una
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