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  1. I just did a search for aquarium pharmaceuticals drops (commonly called API on here) and found everything you needed. They have ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, high and low pH, GH and KH test kits. They also have a freshwater kit which is nice but you'll be doing a lot of tests and will run out soon with it. the search results Good luck! una
  2. bodoba


    So I was looking at the frozen food sale- at DFS and they said that cyclops were high in protein and on the list of fish you can feed it to there's goldfish listed. Does anyone feed these? Any pros and cons to them? una
  3. Whew! I'm so glad your little Clementine is doing better! I'd been following your posts and was hoping the little gal pulled through. How long do you think you'll QT her? Una
  4. Have you tested your tap water to see how fast the pH lowers in it? Test an hr later to see if it's fallen, once you find that out you could try to keep up with water changes so the pH doesn't dip while you're waiting for the crushed coral to work. Una And as ryukin girl said, using crushed coral AND buff-it-up is the best way.
  5. So I've read quite a few times that plants can be introduced while cycling and it has no effect on them. I'm curious it that's true. I know ammonia does little to plants but what about the nitrIte spike? Una
  6. The term 'nicest' can mean a lot of things. Are you breeding them for showing standards? To be hearty? Are you looking for the 'easiest' fry to raise? As for which ones look the nicest, that's really personal preference. Una
  7. See the double 0's? I called him 007. He's #38 on the auction. I decided not to get him because if I'm this in love with him now then I would just be heartbroken if anything happened to him due to the fact that I'm not prepared. But on a positive note I noticed that these things do happen and I've started getting supplies ready. Now have a QT and some salt. Una
  8. I'm just imagining your 'attractive caretaker' and I keep coming up with someone with fishy lips
  9. Your dream tank is as big as you want, perfectly maintained and money is no option. What do you stock it with? Mine would have a Philadelphia Veiltail Daryl Ryukin Calico Pearlscale Butterfly Moor Black Tosakin Una
  10. Just reading up on them and thought I'd ask him some questions about the linneage but cannot find a link to him what-so-ever. If he still around? Una
  11. So I was looking at the GC auction last night and absolutely fell in love! My jaw dropped and I immediately came up with a name. Ever have that? Instant connection with a fish? The only trouble is I have no tank. It's coming in friday. I have no QT or salt or prazi or anything but I am sooooo in love! Fortunately my hubby talked me out of it but here I am today back on the fence. Convince me it's a bad idea! Una
  12. Thank you for clearing that up! I really wasn't sure on it, how is fishy doing today spillie? Una
  13. Can you hide the bubbler so it isn't so obvious? Maybe move it so it's in the middle of a plant or hide it under an ornament? You could could also jigger around with the speed so that there isn't as many (maybe less appealing then) but I depends how stocked you are and how nervous you are about the dissolved oxygen level in your tank. Hopefully a mod can help you further. If you want to get rid of it but still need increase water agitation at the surface for the gas exchange benefits, may I suggest getting a powerhead set towards the top of the tank to compensate. Una
  14. With the fish being really squirmy is there any way you could calm it down? I know some people use clove oil but check with a MOD on that. That would calm your fears about the bio bandage. Depending on what your using (powder or liquid) you could get a really REALLY small pipette that would help you apply really really tiny manageable amounts so that if your fish DID squirm there's no fear of a huge amount going into the eye. It would probably take longer doing it that way. As for salt and metro I don't know trinket knows loads about med interactions. Una
  15. Right now the more filtration you can get is the best. Now the UV filter is awesome at removing free floating parasite eggs and algae the more biomedia you can get there the best. I would personally switch out the UV for some other type of filtration system. Good luck. Una
  16. That thing is developing fairly rapidly, I have no clue what it is but just wanting to say hang in there, a mod will see this soon. When was your last water change and how much? Una
  17. Okay I actually got a bit of this figured out which is AWESOME! After coming up with a week of nothing I found a site design pond bio filter which explains partly what I needed. Came up with the specs I'll need and such and now I have one flaw. I've been scouring the internet and just CANNOT find it! What is the water capacity of 10 PPI sponge media? It such a simple snag! I may just have to do my own experiments when I get my sponge but I just am flabbergasted that I cannot find a chart for such a simple thing. Una
  18. So say you're goldies lay a carp-load of eggs (carp - get it ) But you have a limited amount of space to raise these fry. It is wrong to just pick out the amount that you can handle so that the ones you do save grow up healthy? Una
  19. If they are closed what about some sort of internal filtration system to supplement your current filtration set up. Sponge filters are easy to make and the most expensive part is the air stone or pump depending on which type you want to use. UGF's are also a way to go but they are hard to maintain with the amount of waste that goldfish produce. That way the top is only dealing with the one cord. You could even hook it up to your UV filter if you want. Una
  20. Hey I need some help. I'm going to be making my own sponge filters for my 90gal set up. Because of the goldies I'll be putting in there, I'll need a GPH of 900. Because of this I'm using a powerhead. So of course I have a few questions. With sponge filters you can't have the current too strong or it won't filter properly. For this I'm hoping to use LONG tubes and maybe make 2 filters out of 500 GPH powerheads. Now this is still a lot of power. The sponge I'm using is a 10 PPI due to the amount of waste produced so I can prevent clogging. 1) How big of a sponge do I need? 2) Is there any GPH loss from the powerhead when fitted with the sponge filter? 3) Aside from longer tubes, how else can I compensate so that the power from the powerhead doesn't prevent proper filtration? Thanks for any help! Una
  21. You need a Mr. (or Ms) Fix It. I wish I knew macguyver, he'd fix that up with a rubber band and a paper clip! ( Just aged myself again) Una
  22. Daryl you gave some great and valuable info there. So many people (like me) live in the middle of nowhere and the only healthy fish around are cichlids. So you do the responsible thing and look for a reputable online dealer. While the death of a newcomer is not normally the case I think this is excellent info and I hope it gets pinned. (plz koko??) Una
  23. Do you have a fave? What breed are you a sucker for everytime? Why do you love them so? (I.e. the pearlie wobble, the brainy wen...etc) Una
  24. bodoba

    R/o Water

    That is really kind of you! I'm sure the reef keepers in your area will thank you tons! Una
  25. If I DIY a sponge filter I can use a powerhead instead of a pump which means I can get a powerhead that will have a diffuser in it to compensate for oxygenation benefits from a HOB. I'm thinking if I make two on either end with a min 600GPH flow I should be able to get all the dead spots. Though I'm going to stick paper under rocks all over the bottom of the tank when I test them out to find out where the dead spots are. (Probably won't be getting fish for this tank for at least 6 months while I set it up for them LOL) Una
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