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  1. Honestly, I'd just go with the car battery idea. Small generators are actually pretty cheap and are a good idea for any power outage situation (not just fish related).
  2. In your previous post 'How come...' daryl gave you some great information on prepping goldfish to breed. Another good thred on breed If your water conditions aren't perfect then it is hard to get the prepped for breeding. Older fish are harder to breed consistently. Under good water conditions and ample space they SHOULD breed the first spring after spawning. There is no fool proof way to get goldfish to breed, sometimes you can do everything right to prep them and they still don't breed. The only other method of spawning goldfish is hand spawning but that's not recommended for beginners. And it won't work if your female isn't full of eggs and your male doesn't have breeding stars showing.
  3. Do you have this thread subscribed? I think even if it is your own thread you still have to subscribe to it in order to get the email notification. I'm really wondering what the levels were in your tank. In order for a plant root to grow inside a fish it would need ample ammonia, nitrates and nitrites to sustain it. The roots would grow into the gills because that's where the gas exchanges take place and it would be looking for oxygen and CO2. I agree with calling this a freak accident.
  4. bodoba


    Okay I know that a few of you make your own ornaments or modify ornaments for your fish tanks so I got a question. What glue do you use? I know you can use the aquarium sealant, but what if you don't need it water proofed? Is glue from a hot glue gun safe? I am modifying and HMF to use for my filter, which means I'll be cutting a sponge and gluing it together. I don't need the seal water proofed cause the water is supposed to flow through it. I did a quick google but didn't come up with anything.
  5. Filtration of that power is really expensive which is why I'm making my own from powerheads (glorified water pumps basically). I'm using a modified version of the hamburg mattenfilter. If you're a DIY guy this could be an option seeing as you'll already have the powerheads provided to you all you would need to get is the PVC pipe (cheap) and the filter sponge (can be cheap even the good stuff is fairly cheap). Another note on the scratches is that it will scratch on the inside too, which means once a year cleaning it out and drying it and using the scratch kit on the INSIDE of the tank as well as the outside. Use a professional scratch kit BTW. Honestly, as long as it's a cell cast tank (molecularly bonded corners) I would get it. Anything over a height of 18" should be 1/2" think acrylic to help prevent bowing. Also check the crossbars at the top, there should be one for every 2 feet of tank. Acrylic tanks need to be completely supported at the bottom, not just the corners like in glass tanks. Make sure the stand is built to support an acrylic tank. That's all I have on acrylic tanks, good luck! Post a pic if you get it
  6. You stole my fish! lol I had my eye on that broadtail tele for a while now. Lol oh well, at least I know it's going to a good home!
  7. I'm not too sure about a co-op but I know that steve down in hawaii sells them. Rain Garden Watonai They have a huge variety and some of the cheapest shipping available in the biz.
  8. I don't know about you but for me I treat a fish just like treating any other pet I own. I do a LOT of research before buying any pet so I know the basics and know where to go to get knowledgeable advice. I was lucky, found kokos while my mom made a pond and then used a large rubber maid for them when it was winter. They lived until an unfortunate pond draining incident during a storm.
  9. I have two theories. 1-the food change 2- the salt change. The one thing on her that is taking the slowest to heal is those darn ammonia burns right? Salt helps stimulate slime growth which would help with the burns. I'm thinking (but not sure) that food affects the slime coats too and that veggies and gel food probably help more than pellets. When fish have scale burns they either flash due to itchiness or they don't want to move cause it hurts. Maybe the floating is due to pain and she just doesn't want to work to right herself cause of the pain. These are theories, I have done no research to support this, just talking out loud.
  10. Let me preface this by saying-- I am not a MOD so take my info with a grain of salt. Alright I did a thorough search and I couldn't find anything linking a red sore bum to egg but I did find a LOT mentioning internal parasites. As you may know another sign of internal parasites is long white stringy poo. If she is on the mend I would continue what you are doing and if these symptoms show they're ugly head again look to see if parasites could be an option. The last thing you want to do is do too many medical treatments at once, so continue with what's working.
  11. Look up a search on goldfish close up on google. I looked at quite a few and a lot have those there, it's just there tummies are a bit more filled out that penelope's. I really think this is natural and it just seems out of place on her because she was doing so poorly and hasn't had time to fill out yet. Don't freak out about liver disease (geez I shouldn't of mentioned anything) If the fish is doing well I can almost guarantee it isn't that. She'll get better soon and listen to caitie. I am not a mod! Wait for trinket before medicating. Medicating too much and too often is one of the fastest ways to kill a fish. Hang in there dearie. Having a sick fish is no fun ordeal.
  12. Oh man what a mess! Trying to figure out what happened while living in the fear that there may not be anything you can do sounds paralyzing. There are only two things that I can think of that would give you a bit more information about the situation. 1- phone the water company and get a complete report of everything they use in their water treatments, pH balance, amounts of chlorine and chloramine used. Are the pipes leading to your house new or could they be leaching rust and ground soil into your source? Ground soil means anything from pesticides to herbicides flowing into your tank. If they have the ability to test your tap water, get them to check (may have to go to a university for that) 2- get a scope. Look at everything, look in the filter, look in the gravel, look at the fish, gill and slime coats. I hope the nuking is going alright that it'll be done soon. you are an AWESOME fish mommy and have done everything and more for them already! You are an inspiration to many on this board including myself.
  13. One rather harsh way of checking is to take it out of the tank, if he falls out of the shell he's most likely dead. I read that if they have a steady supply of food they will move less and sometimes for days. As long as they are kept in a temperature of 65-83 they should live for 2-3 yrs or so (provided the other water conditions are maintained). http://www.applesnail.net/content/care.php I tried to get the chart up here seeing as it's not encrypted so if it doesn't work that link will show ya the chart.
  14. Hey can you take another video of the bump for comparison. I watched your first one very slowly a couple of times and I'm not sure whether this is regular growth or not. Another video to compare side would be beneficial. Internally that is where the goldfish' liver is located. Liver failure would definitely cause a loss in color and the energy level would drop. Since she seems to be getting healthier I would just continue the epsom treatment until you've gotten 5-8 days out of it and go from there. It is an interesting bump but it could very well be just normal growth, she looks like she's been through quite a bit recently and maybe she's just fattening up a bit.
  15. If she's really REALLY worried about the bad luck issues then she could bind the fish so that the luck didn't immerse through the rest of the house. She could also put a filter around it so whatever bad luck it gives out is reversed into good luck. Or she could direct the bad luck on an enemy or something that feeds on bad luck. Luck is like any other type of energy. Convince her she can take control of the luck situation for herself and <enabler alert> GET THE FISH!
  16. Okay so I have two answers for this question. Yes and No. The swim bladder is designed to compensate for various pressures. It will decrease in size, switch air from one side to the other in order to compensate for the varying depths. In the wild, carp live in a wide variety of depths and situations. Through genetic breeding we have made alterations from that original carp to today's goldfish but the swim bladder has pretty much stayed the same. The swim bladder itself makes up 7% of the total volume of most freshwater species. In a healthy goldfish the swim bladder can function normally and has no issues with the depths normally found in a tank. However the modern goldfish is one with a compromised immune system that ends up causing weakened swim bladders. It's my personal opinion that floating issues and a longer response time to right itself after flipping is due to a compromised swim bladder. Genetics could be an issue, we've seen it happen with age and disease but the main culprit is probably poor water conditions. Everyone looks back on tthe poor fish we had or have that endured our learning curve. In an unhealthy goldfish the swim bladder has to work harder to maintain balance in changing conditions. There are also instances where pressure changes are natural to affect a goldfish. Breeders often try to breed there fish where there is a storm approaching. The sudden change in pressure can kick start spawning into place. In this case the pressure should affect the goldfish. As I said before, this is such a complex issues to look at. There are so many factors and the information is hard to find. This is probably the best I can find about this issues. Though finding out whether altering water depths will aid an unhealthy goldfish is something I didn't look at.
  17. I talked to a few more breeders (told you they were the best resource) and I think health wise it'll be better to work with butterfly moores and select the fused tails. Combining the two different breeds will just have too many issues to figure out. This is a much simpler plan and I think the simpler plan to start out will work out better.
  18. I know during breeding bouts a lot of people using a plastic colander to give the female a rest. Is there anyway you could put your abused fish in there for a rest each day so the stress won't cause infection? I haven't looked into it (but probably will) I'm not too sure how territorial fish are when they are going through mating behaviors. If your fish is showing breeding stars it's probably more obsessed with breeding than territory.
  19. I did a search on UK ebay for your price range and came up with a LOT of different options for you. Some were even 80L tanks! Now depending on whether or not you can do pick up or want new vs used it might be worth mulling over. The options for the biorb and biube are very limited compared to a nice rectangular tank. I understand that you don't have a lot of space but sometimes you can find a nice tall tank for cheap. My search results
  20. I'm presuming that the medicated food would make them constipated. Otherwise how would the medication stay in their system long enough to do any good. Goldfish don't have a very rudimentary digestive system that's designed for high quantity consumption. Medication takes time to work in there system so they would have to add binders to their formula so that it would stay in there system long enough for the medication to be released. I read this recently which you may find interesting about oxygen levels in water. Oxygen is much more plentiful in our air than it is in water, and even though the oxygen content of the atmosphere has varied over the millenia this was also the situation when these fish were first evolving. On average, in our modern atmosphere, there are about 210 cubic centimetres of O2 in one litre of air, as compared with 10 cubic centimetres in one litre of water (keeping in mind that this is an average figure, the amount of oxygen water holds is dependant on its temperature and its surface area to volume ratio, cold water holds more oxygen than warm water, and white water, because of its greater surface area to volume ration holds more oxygen than blue water). Really makes you realize the importance of understocking and ample space doesn't it?
  21. Yeah after reading that I realized it was a little confuzzling. Here's a more clear way. The pressure exerted by the water on a fish increases by one atmosphere (14.7 psi) for every ten metres of depth, this means that while the pressure a fish experiences is 1atmosphere at the surface, it is doubled to 2 atmospheres just ten metres down, and doubled again to 4 atmospheres at 30 metres down. This increase in pressure compresses the gas in the fish's swim bladder so that at 10 metres it is only half as big as it was at the surface, and at 30 metres it is only one quarter as big. Therefore to maintain neutral buoyancy a fish must have twice as much gas in its swim bladder at ten metres depth as it has at the surface, and four times as much at 30 metres and so on. quoted from here It's an interesting read. From my previous statement, this one is comparing it in meters and the other one is in feet if you're noticing the difference. At sea level it's 14.7psi and for every 2,343 ft above sea level the atmospheric pressure decreases approximately 1.0 psi. Also started reading on ionic balance and osmoregulation just incase there are any more clues to be found.
  22. I've been a little busy so I've only been able to half research this but I'll share with you what I've found so far and what else I'm looking into. Talk about an uneasy subject to look into! There are so many things to take into consideration. While I may be using an extreme example to start out with, deep sea fish don't have air bladders, if they did, the pressure would crush them. (hopefully chrissy can give you more info into that if you're interested). The theory would be that the larger the swim bladder in a fish the more prone it is to feel the affects of the change in water pressue. For freshwater, change per feet is 0.43 psi (pounds per square inch) and atmosphere is 14.7 psi. Since the goldfish breathe the atmosphere as a young fry to fill their air bladder that would be the pressure in their air bladder. So now I'm looking into the average size of the goldfish air bladder, the preferance water pressure level for goldfish, the natural water pressure of their native carp (even though the rest of the goldfish has changed significantly the air bladder is basically the same since it is such a vital organ for survival) Fat floats. The wen is basically made of fat. The hump of ryukins is a deposit of carbohydrates. These are two things that I think would natrually cause them to float more so maybe the extra pressure at the bottom of the tank helps them stay stable for fish with large deposits of either of these. ???? I'm not sure about that though. Let the research continue!
  23. Yeah I know eh? I was planning on draining it once I get the syphon before I add the pump so I can start with fresh water. (Plus that water wasn't conditioned, just leak test water)
  24. I have no pump yet, just filled the water to see if it leaked and left it there. That was two weeks ago. (I buy stuff each paycheck for my tank seeing as I don't have fish it isn't a huge concern to get everything set up quickly). So today I went to the lfs and they had ammoniia and nitrate API 2 drop test kits (they were out of nitrite), so bought that and some more hairball meds but that's neither here nor there. Ammonia from tank - 1 ppm! Nitrate from tank- Somewhere between 0 and 5 ppm Ammonia from tap - 0.5 ppm Nitrate from tap - Somewhere between 0 and 5ppm There's nothing in the tank yet just an empty tank with water in it. I'll just on on record to say that having ammonia in my tap water is probably gonna suck loads but I'll get used to it I suppose. Maybe my mind is just playing tricks with me. I should be getting the pump in a couple of weeks and then I'll have my filter and see how everything changes then. Any insights?
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