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  1. We need a bit more information here, how often will you be heating it? what is it's correct wattage? how much does electricity cost per kwh in your area? The formula what I'm finding is kwh per day X 30 days X cost per kwh Though it is in terms of pounds and not the american dollar this is a great article explaining the cost rundown in using a heater.
  2. It'll be interesting to see what develops when the temp is raised properly. I hope nothing seeing as you are having difficulties getting praziquantel. I have no helpful advice that Sarah hasn't already said, she has done a very thorough job. I hope everything goes well.
  3. Lets uh, not get off topic here. It does sound like it will be a long time before the moor is healthy enough to go back. As you said, you are keeping the moor if they don't get rid of the guppy. He may just get USED to it not being there especially since the road to recovery for the poor moor will probably be weeks. So he's eaten a few bloodworms? Hows the poo?
  4. My opinions on filter differ a bit from others so I'll just leave that aside for the moment. Is this the same tank as in This one? The dimensions look more like a 40 litre tank not a 40 gallon. That changes things a bit. Feel like doing a quick LxWxH measurement?
  5. I just finished a MFK topic of a plywood 1500 gal tank. 1500!!! Which made me think, if I had a 1500 gallon tank (yes in magical marshmallow land where I beat unicorns in checkers) of course money, time, life was no issue to work around. Would I stock it with goldfish? Would I switch to something more exotic like eels or rays? I want to say I'd keep to goldfish, I'd have more than enough room for any kind I wanted as long as they were compatible. I'd probably heavily plant it too.... But what would you do? With a tank that big, would you stay goldies?
  6. I used to leave post it notes for care on my tank when I was half living with my parents. They completely ignored them but kids like to read things and the little boy may like the post it notes on care.
  7. My Lfs knows everything in the world about reef tanks and cichlids but know nothing about goldfish. Regardless of that though I get excellent care advice from them. Though...they don't sell prime. I do half my fish shopping online and half in the LFS. While I want to support them I do in the ways I can, luckily they carry API products so I get my water test kits from there, I still have to find other products online. If you want I can look into the online UK market to find out who and what sells prime.
  8. The fact that the genetic deformities in this breed is so severe that some are even lacking fin development does attribute to the small numbers of it. Though, being born without scales would be like....humans born without skin? Or possibly without hair? I don't really know what the human side of that comparison would be but it is definitely possible that these are genetic bred for the sole purpose of scalelessness and that they plan on addressing the other deformities once they have established the scaleless line a little better. They may look really sickly right now but in 15 yrs or so with dedicated breeders it's conceivable that the fins may return and they'll have a stable immune system. That being said, it's not a breed of goldfish that would particularly attract me into a purchase. I tend to look more for viability stabilization than specific looks.
  9. If it truly bothers you then call the company and let them know why their advertising is wrong and inform them that you will no longer be purchasing anything from their company. If you are really adamant you could also boycott the stores that sell it. While I understand this can be frustrating to see, I don't really understand the point of posting it here.
  10. I know that everyone does their best to notice the first symptoms of any issue that arises in the health of their goldfish. But there are illnesses and diseases the stay in the environment and others that can only survive on the goldfish. Without a scope or filter sample can you determine when you need to treat your tank? Yes QT can aid in the issue of introducing these problems into your main cycled tank but they can still creep through. Another thought I had was about the effect of medicine added into your cycled tank. Does it just become inert after it's been used or is it causing harm? Yes the most of it will be taken out with your water changes but it can go through your biomedia and possibly embed itself in there. Then what? Of course with the regular use of quarantine most of these questions are moot. I'm just tossing out thoughts.
  11. One other thing I just want to throw up into mix is plants. Do you have any aquatic plants? Are you using a nutrient enriched substrate to grow them? These things will definitely make the water smell more 'earthy' especially if they are a recent add. I know a lot of old goldfish breeders used to know when to change the water due to the 'smell.' That may not be very scientific or accurate but I do believe that would help clarify that yes, aquarium water has a defined 'good smell' as well as the more recognizable 'warning smell' which is better known as the fishy smell. I apologize if that made no sense to anyone but me, living on 2 pots of coffee and 10 hrs of sleep in 8 days WHEEEE
  12. Well I have an API Nitrate drop kit along with an API ammonia drop kit. The tapwater I've tested 5 times in the past 6 months and it comes out 0 ppm. The nitrates with the tapwater are 5 ppm. The ammonia could be an issue in the future but seeing as it is just going to be for plants at the present moment, if there is always ammonia present then the plants will just grow more. When I move, we'll see what the tapwater is there. I'm sure the fact that we will be switching will show some difference. If in a year after a move and stabilizing plant life in the aquarium the ammonia lvls are still high I guess I will just scrap the cycle and start fresh. My next step though is pH testing and adding the appropriate amount of agitation to stabilize it....but need to deal with expensive back issues first...
  13. Yeah seeing as I'm moving in April I just have the filter finally made and am working on a cycle. My massive sponge will preserve it and will be far easier to move than fish. I wasn't even expecting to be able to get fish before then. I was going to get a few plants and such but to get fish after we move.
  14. Well I was always under the impression that a larger tank required longer to cycle. I expected my 90 gal to take about 6 months to cycle then I wouldn't have to worry about fish before moving. But it's been uh....3 wks? And my ammonia has already spiked to 1. Last week my nitrates were at 0.5. My original theory was that my one cat peed in the tank. But, I figure that would smell and I would probably notice. I was hoping to establish nitrates before introducing a few plants but it looks like I can add plants already. Still need to make a pump cage before I add any fish though, don't want to lose any. Anyone else have a 90 gal tank or higher? If you didn't seed it, how long did it take you? (if this should be moved to water quality I apologize)
  15. Oh hun I am so sorry that all this crap is happening to you right now. I haven't been able to focus very well so I haven't been to D&D in a while. I don't have much to add. You're doing everything you can and more for poor Fuu and I really hope she pulls through.
  16. I'm curious to find out what your water levels are. Does the pH vary from tank to tap? Can you test for gh or kh? If they are varying then your fish will have to work to adjust to the flux in water params which means it has less ability to heal itself. All I know about fins is that they take perfect water and lots and lots of patience to go away on their own.
  17. The current idea is to breed a fused tail butterfly telescope. I'll be selecting telescopes with slight fuses and breeding them until I get the shape I want. It'll probably take about a decade or so to get what I'm looking for while maintaining a good health and heartiness. I'm not too sure if it's doable but I'll find out along the way. But gathering a breeding stock will probably take me a few years (show fish are expensive!). I do plan on planting my tank though so while it's cycling I do have the option of getting the plants in there so it won't be too boring doing a fishless cycle.
  18. My husband has a saying, "A happy wife is a happy house." I have to keep my stress levels down to function properly. I'm working through a lot of emotional damage right now so when I said I wanted a fish tank he was fine with it. I would keep it simple and say, "This makes me happy and less stressed." It's hard to argue with that logic cause he loves so of course he'll understand that. As for money, it doesn't have to cost a lot. There are awesome second hand tanks you can buy on CL if you know what to look for. You can DIY a lot of stuff. Heck today I saw a kids pool at a garage sale and my first thought was...Tosakin tank!
  19. It's been I think 3 wks since I got my tank? I can't remember. All I know is it's empty. The only major thing it's had done is it's been filled for a leak test. I think there are few things more depressing than an empty fish tank. It's empty due to funds, once we get the switching bank issue sorted I'll be able to at least buy and start up my filter and work on my cycle. So right now I have an empty 90 gal tank. With muffin hand smudges on one side of the tank. *pouts* (I"m just whining to my koko friends)
  20. If you're looking for something rare Tommy can probably find it for you no prob. As Daryl said though it'll be a cool looking fish but it may not conform to show standards. That doesn't really bother people who aren't showing though. I would request a video to make sure there aren't any swim issues. Paul @ !!! is good for providing videos.
  21. I am kinda bitter to people who chose to remain ignorant so that they're life doesn't require more work. It makes them weak. I'd tell them flat out not to get anymore fish cause they refuse to treat them properly and just provide them an environment to suffer in until they die a horrible and untimely death. Tell them that it sounds like pond plants are more their pace since they aren't willing to care for a fish properly. But I wouldn't steal the fish. Not worth the hassle if they decide to press charges. Maybe buy some pond plants and offer a trade?
  22. Talk about frustrating! Can you order the silicone online and get a one day rush? Like amazon? (space bar is sticky hence the funky spacing) First thing I thought of when I saw your 'canyon' for sale is, "wow I could fit a little sponge filter back there."
  23. When you let the water sit out over night, do you have a bubbler in it? Is the pH of the water in the bucket different than the tank pH? New water shouldn't make a fish feel worse unless the params are a drastic change. Try testing the bucket before pouring it in to see if theres a difference.
  24. This is all just information, take it as you will but I'm not a MOD so all I'm doing is guessing... Internal parasites can cause a swollen vent, that would be treated with metromeds or some other way of getting her to eat metronidazole. (I presume your talking about the anal vent right? I don't think there's another vent to be confused with) There could be a cyst blocking it which is why the poo coming out is so thin. Some parasites use a cyst under the gills to proliferate which can cause flashing, I presume that the same occurrence can happen with internal parasites but haven't looked that up to support that notion. (I've been really REALLY sick and now have a sick baby to deal with) Could be some type of chasing injury though I think you would notice that. You said that it was unlikely she was eggbound so I'm going to presume that this is also unlikely. There's nothing new.....is it about time for some of the chemicals to be leaching in your ornaments? (this is a stretch I know) Could she have scraped her bum on the ornament and the leached chemical been exposed directly through to gap of the slime cover (from the scrape by). That one seems VERY unlikely. I guess...fast and peas? That probably wouldn't harm her no matter what it is... This is a tough one! Good luck and HUGS! Don't forget how awesome of a fish mommy you are!
  25. Hmm almost like there's something stuck inside? And you said it was dark colored? Are any of your gel food dark colored? As for things falling in the tank...bugs? My previous fish have eaten just about any bug that falls in the tank be it mosquito, fly, spider, etc... Though in the summertime they lived in a pond so I'm sure they ate way more bugs out there. Right now the spiders are around the house here and they are black, some are small enough that they would be able to eat it. I hope the pea/fast situation heals her up. Maybe this 'blockage' has been the issue all along and it's just now working it's way out ?? I remember seeing a goldfish necropsy once and the GI tract stretched out was pretty long, Something big could theoretically take a while to go out. Internal parasites are treated by feeding metronidazole, like metromeds which you have done. Too bad you could grab a hold of her and get a pic of this thing stuck inside. Though it's very hard to hold a wriggly fish to pic the rear end.
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