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  1. I found this great reference http://www.austinglass.com.au/aquariums.html that has more to do with building your own aquarium but it does explain the importance of the center brace. The height will affect the necessary thickness needed of the glass. Whether there is a full brace around the whole aquarium or not will affect how much it bows. It doesn't sound like it would be too difficult to make a new center brace if you are concerned or the aquarium is bowing enough to make you nervous.
  2. Unfortunately the only minnows I can get from this area are feeder minnows. I am expecting their health level will be low and they are a seasonal fish they keep on stock that is something for me to consider when I get to the fish picking stage. I still have yet to get into the city to buy a smaller pump so it's just the one snail in there dubbed 'fishy' and a few smaller nameless snails.
  3. It really isn't that bad, really. If you smell the bottle directly of course, then it is like OMG WTH??!!! But when you just normally use it, it's fine. That said, I once managed to spill quite a bit on myself (don't ask). When Steven came home from work, he told me I smelled like fart I use it in my goldfish tank but TD says it smells to much and doesnt want it in his guppy tank... Your right he says it smells like a fart/ sewer smell You people mustn't work in health care. You get used to that smell after a while. I can't even smell my prime, or me after a long shift
  4. I think he meant the nitrites have whittled down 4ppm of ammonia to 0.5ppm I'm just as hot and confuzzled. With einstein hair from the humidity Edit: I'm a spelling genius
  5. This would be a good article to pin in this forum. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already. I will let the more experienced betta owners answer so. Glad you are thinking of getting one I love looking at the photos online
  6. I would bump it up to 3ppm at the 24 hr mark. That keeps you on schedule and too much ammonia can prevent the nitrites eating bacteria from creating nitrates. This is why we are lowering the ammonia put into the tank now. Keep up the good work, glad the buffer arrived
  7. I put some ground cover in the top of my bucket filter, since it's a ground cover the root don't go really deep. The problem is that is grows slower in water since most ground covers here are hens and chickens and other succulent varieties. But in this case that also seems to be a benefit. My flow valve I have to adjust once a month due to buildup. I don't have a speed coming from my pump that lets me leave it and forget it but once a month seems fine to me.
  8. I will try to get a smaller pump but that doesn't look optional for a while, I will get a pic of the set up once I jigger around with it some more, need to stab my outflow pipe a little more and put a sponge on the end of the pipe so that the flow isn't so strong. The boyfriend something about drilling it so I don't stab my hands as much using the knife and hold method. He's a worrier as I'm quite clutzy I think basically from you recommendations obera I will hold off on getting fish until I fix my overpowered situation.
  9. Plants don't really get stressed over pH swings I think unless there is another thing happening. Losing minerals is more stressful to a plant than the water turning acidic. Remember that plants thrive in much nastier water like bogs that the ones we provide.
  10. My only reservation with the betta is the currently overpowered filter in it. It's a 1000 GPH pond pump that I've softened the flow for the best I can. I know that snails and brine shrimp could handle the current until the vegetation grows enough to lower the current. I thought you needed 2 gals/tetra as they get to the 1.5 - 2" length, that would leave me with the option of 5 instead of the recommended 6. That makes me nervous. My other thought is possibly minnows as they will eat baby snails and keep that population in check.
  11. It is rinsed and scrubbed and rinsed and scrubbed. I fiddled with a pump that is waay too strong for it and got the plant brackings up. Right now it is half full with a snail in it and a bit of planting stolen from the pond. (so probably more than one snail) What should I put in a tiny tank? My only thought was brine shrimp hatchery and of course the snail.
  12. Until the buff it up arrives should he be experimenting with adding baking soda? Or would that quick fix be only recommended if there were fish in it seeing as he is still in the pH range to keep his nitrobacterum alive?
  13. My daughter wanted to proudly carry the new goldfish to the acclimation area and walked it across the yard and all I hear is SPLAT. She dropped the bag. Fish was fine seeing as she was practically dragging it. Lesson learned, no bag carrying for clutzy 5 yr olds.
  14. I may have to break down and switch to coffee. Tea just isn't cutting it.
  15. This may be morning stupid but I was just wondering. Do they always have to be in groups in multiples of 6? Or can you choose to have 8 instead of 12? No wait... I think I know the answer .. .nvm
  16. Oooh very nice fish, do you have a better shot of the tail?
  17. I normally do the 'give it a month' thing. I only drive to the city maybe once a month if that so if the fish I want is still there then I'm in the clear to get it (if it's healthy looking). A month is a long time for a fish in a fish store so needless to say it doesn't happen often.
  18. Yay so glad you're at the nitrites stage!!!
  19. They are very very nice looking. You have done an excellent job! How many fry do you have now?
  20. http://www.janrigter.nl/mattenfilter/ I have used this to make HMF's over the years. I find that they work well but you do need to depend on other ways to promote surface movement and to help prevent dead spots from forming in your tank. I've bought various ppi levels of sponge mats from swisstropicals before and they are used often in HMF's. You can also find some generalized sponge material at home reno stores that are made for areas other than cleaning so they are not chemically treated. I have also though, found that the cheapest brands of sponges are not chemically treated but I can't remember where I read that so don't quote me on it. Also, using a powerhead AND a pump connected behind the HMF seems to give the water enough boost through a self-made spray bar to correct surface movement issues.
  21. Looks like you need to inhale 80% concentration of mecury in a long term basis for it to affect you or over 0.1 mg/m3 acutely in order for it to adversly affect your body. I don't think the amount in a thermometer would have that or it would have to come with more warnings in case of accidental breakage. I agree that if you are not feeling well to see a dr.
  22. For me it's too juvenile to tell. With the development of the stomach from the second pic there is a chance it could be a ryukin as it is still conforming to the diamond shape body while progressing in growth. The only way to know for sure is to give it time to see if that hump develops or if further growth will give it a less sharp and softer (rounder) body shape. It is a stunning fish no less and I do enjoy the short lobed tail on it
  23. Worms are awesome! I love shoving my hands in compost pickingout all the worms. Maybe I'm the only 5 yr old boy here
  24. What's your new secret project shakaho?
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